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isn't that already the case? You can just hit enter. 

EDIT: Yeah, just tested. Go to and type:

'Game of thrones torren'

Notice it doesn't give you the autocomplete
This has been the case for a while.
But it's idiotic. Specially a court being able to do this, and the fact that it did.

When will these people know they can only "fight" piracy by making it obsolete (better prices, better availability, less copyright BS)? Never?

This is not gonna stop or even reduce piracy, but it's wasting resources (courts, development to patch it, etc.).
It is not going to stop piracy NOR reduce it. If you go to Google to look for torrents of Game of Thrones, will Google not auto completing "torrent" really stop you? No. 

Yes it is stupid, and it does nothing. But what do you expect of a bunch of old people? Let them think that they are doing something. 

As for "when will they learn"? When all the old people die and young people take over the music/video industry. 
I realized I forgot a "not" when I started reading your comment. I was like "that' s what I said!", and then I read my comment and was like "oooohh, stupid typo", but after that I was like "if he read it like that, he must've thought I was being self-contradictory", and finally I just edited the code and started writing this so you know I agree with you and that I'm not schizophrenic, and what you're saying is basically what I said, without the typo that is now fixed :)

So you think it's a matter of old people in the industry? I think it's much deeper than that. I think it's education, but I hope you're right, as that means it'll only be a matter of time.

Pulls a chair. Sits and waits patiently.

I do think it is the old not understanding that the internet is the new radio; back in the days, the music industry was saying that Radio was going to be the death of the Industry! (and tried to ban it). Also, the movie industry said that VCR was going to destroy them. 

As the old die, and the young come into power, they will figure out a way to win back the people (probably some better service. Pandora, for example, was an amazing idea).
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