11 Technical SEO Elements to Help Your Site Win a SERP Rank Gold Medalhttp://bit.ly/1buiuw7

Like the sizable number of factors that contribute to whether an athlete is able to snag the gold for her home country, there’s a corresponding list of ranking factors that contribute to whether a web page is able to beat out the competition and seize the golden first SERP spot.

At the top of both those lists not to be overlooked is qualifying to compete. For athletes this means training and paper work; for optimizers this means technical SEO. In both cases, you can’t just show up before a series of met requirements deem you eligible to stand at the starting line.

Here are 11 Technical SEO elements we consider critical to making sure your site gets appropriately indexed, crawled, cached and returned. Learn more about each one here: http://bit.ly/1buiuw7

1. Create an HTML Sitemap
2. Create an XML Sitemap
3. Keep Code Clean and Make JavaScript and CSS External
4. Make Your Site Speedy
5. Include a Robots.txt File
6. Be Thoughtful About Your Internal Linking Structure 
7. Check Your Server Configuration for Errors
8. Avoid Flash and Text Contained in Images
9. Use Canonical Tags to ensure Dynamic URLs Aren't Creating Duplicate Content
10. Make Sure Your Site is Optimized for Mobile
11. Consider Using Schema Markup

Your turn. How do you use the above technical SEO elements, or what other elements do you rely on to make sure your website gets discovered, indexed and cached quickly by the Googlebot? 
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