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How to make the most of Google's URL improvements for mobile search results

Google announced two more changes last week, this time to the way URLs are displayed in mobile search results:

•  Mobile search results no longer show the actual page URL, but instead show a breadcrumbs-like format of the URL structure. This is rolling out worldwide.
•  The breadcrumbs-like information can show the site name in place of the domain name. This is rolling out in the U.S. only for now.
You can specifically control how the breadcrumb URL for your search results will appear if you add markup to the HTML on your pages.

But what if you don't have schema markup (yet)? Read more to learn:
1) How to control the way your URLs appear for mobile search.
2) How to specify your site name in place of your domain.
3) What Google looks at to determine the way URLs show up for pages that don't use schema.

Read more:

By +Paula Allen  #mobile    #seotips  
Now that Google displays breadcrumb URLs in mobile search results, you can control how your URL structure & site name appear using markup & more.
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If you haven't watched this powerful #SMTPowerTalk  with +David Amerland and +Bruce Clay yet, it's time. Via Amerland:

"For the third #SMTPowerTalk we held this year, we invited SEO industry pioneer and arguably one of the first men to use the words SEO to describe what it is that he did, Bruce Clay [...]

The “SEO is Dead” issue for instance is brought up again and again by those who fail to apply SEO properly, do not really understand its value and hope that whatever it is they do will provide a quick fix. Much of what Bruce revealed in the HOA centered around the need for education both for SEO professionals and their clients and time. Time to make the difference necessary, time to develop convincing search marketing strategies that deliver solid value and time, of course, to establish a baseline for results to be compared against. 

Bruce Clay frequently says that SEO is a Marathon rather than a sprint. Once successful thing will not get you there in a landscape that is constantly changing."

Click through for the full video full of insights from these masters of making a difference through business and marketing.
David Amerland originally shared:
SEO, Bruce Clay and Engagement Broadcasting

There's a lot to pack in one post: Our #SMTPowerTalk  with +Bruce Clay of +Bruce Clay, Inc. on SEO and social meida for +Social Media Today led to over 2 million people seeing the brand and mentions about it. 

When the reach is that wide there has to be a method to it and +John Dietrich of +NOD3x helped us understand the mechanics that drove it. 

Bruce Clay, of course, is synonymous to SEO. His perspective was critical in showing just what a fluid environment we're in and how there is no longer a 'simple' applied solution you can buy in and forget. 

+John Ellis and +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales were key, as always. Dive into the post and the videos, for the rest. :) 
When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) misinformation, prejudices and misconceptions are the norm rather than the exception. Since we started out the #SMTPowerTalk series we’ve tal
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Honored to have Bruce on the show and to meet some of the amazing people behind the brand. 
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15 Content Writer Interview Questions You Need to Ask

The Internet runs on content. One of the best investments a business can make is hiring an in-house writer tasked with being the voice of the brand online. Content is critical to successful digital marketing, and with algorithm updates like Panda and Hummingbird, it's clear Google agrees. That's why many brands and businesses hire full-time, in-house content writers.

Think of everything that could be made better with refinement by a professional writer. There’s the website and blog, email marketing, everything #socialmedia from posts and profiles to customer service and reputation management, marketing collateral including white papers, downloads, press releases, and the kinds of creative content marketing pieces that are the currency of social media today.

Here are 15 questions to ask during your content writer interview, pulled directly from Bruce Clay, Inc. interviews. These will lead to the information you need to find an in-house writer that fits your business.

15 Content Writer Interview Questions

1. What are your current writing projects?
2. How do you manage deadlines and priorities?
3. How much do you write about our industry?
4. How do you handle writing about "boring" topics?
5. How do you capture a brand's voice?
6. What is your experience with community management and social media?
7. What are some of your favorite social media tools?
8. What is your experience with analytics, metrics and tracking content success?
9. How do you make content SEO-friendly?
10. What is your approach to keyword research?
11. What is your experience in technical writing?
12. How do you research a target audience?
13. What is your experience with non-text content (images, infographics, etc.)?
14. Are you familiar with the Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm updates? How did they affect your content strategy?
15. What do you know about our company?

Any interview questions you'd add?

Read the full article here:
Hire an SEO-savvy content writer who can speak for your brand online. Ask these important interview questions to find the in-house writer for your business.
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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An informative read from +Singularity University on the four leading efforts (by Facebook, Google, Virgin/Qualcomm and SpaceX) to bring the whole world online.

"on a planet with a population of 7+ billion people, 4+ billion still don't have access to the Internet. But by 2020, I expect the entire world will be connected."

Grateful for the summary, +NOD3x
The Rising Billions and Dramatic (Positive) Change

This change is about to begin in a real way between 2016 and 2020, and represents billions of newly connected people in markets like Africa, India and China.

Disruptive technology

Not only are these newly connected people coming online, but they are coming online with:

"access to the world's information on Google, cloud 3D printing, Amazon Web Services, artificial intelligence with Watson, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and more."

Projects bringing new access

The four major projects that are underway bringing online access to these rising billions are:

Facebook &

A few weeks ago, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg announced, "As part of our effort to connect the world, we've designed unmanned aircraft that can beam Internet access down to people from the sky."

SpaceX Global Constellation

Google, along with Fidelity, just invested $1 billion in Elon Musk's SpaceX with the aim of bringing satellite Internet to remote corners of the world. And, given SpaceX's dominance in launch technology, such a system could be extremely affordable to launch and maintain.

Google's Project Loon

Project Loon is a network of thousands of balloons traveling on the edge of space (high in the stratosphere, twice as high as airplanes and the weather), designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill coverage gaps, and bring people back online after disasters.

OneWeb – Virgin Group & Qualcomm

The OneWeb Satellite network design calls for 650 satellites weighing in at 125 kg each, operating at 1,200 km in altitude. Each satellite is capable of delivering at least 8 gigabits per second of throughput to provide Internet access to homes and mobile platforms.

What do these rising billions represent in dollars to a globally connected economy? "the Rising Billion represent tens of trillions of dollars flowing into the global economy."


#positivechange   #connectivity   #datavisualization   #NOD3x  
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Let's hope as companies like Google begin offering more connectivity in markets like Nigeria, they'll also begin making deals with your phone companies too! 

The Android One project springs to mind :)
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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We have new SEO tools!

Need tools? We’ve been busy updating and expanding our SEOToolSet suite of professional tools. Learn more about SEOToolSet 6 Pro (, or try the Lite version for free (no credit card required, no strings attached): 

#SEO   #SEOTools  
SEO software with a singular goal: Give SEOs the tools they need to increase a website’s visibility in search. Competitively priced by Bruce Clay, Inc.
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What's the #ROI of an #HOA ?

There's a challenge for community managers and digital marketers to quantify the value of a conversation. What's the ROI of a Twitter Chat? How can I measure branding impact? Today we learned, there's a tool for that.

The need: Social media technologies give businesses today the means to build personal relationships, engage in real-time and reap long-term benefits. But how does a business know that their social media and branding activity is giving return on investment? What branding metrics matter? And how can marketers capture them?

The solution: Enter +NOD3x social semantic network analysis. In this +Social Media Today  #SMTPowerTalk with NOD3x's +John Dietrich, you'll see the social media semantic analysis tool in action analyzing a previous HOA conversation with +David Amerland and +Bruce Clay. This event was analyzed by its hashtag to show reach, influence and sentiment. Getting data that quantifies the value of Bruce's participation in an branding and engagement event is like Christmas for us BCI community managers!

^ Watch the HOA for BCI Director of Training +Mindy Weinstein and BCI content manager +Virginia Nussey's reactions and questions about NOD3x. The show's hosts Amerland and +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales  also highlight lessons about event marketing (before, during and after an event) and offer action-driving insights about human relationships at the center of all marketing.
What is an Engagement Broadcast?
+NOD3x helps us understand.

Before even getting into the what, we have to ask why: Why an Engagement Broadcast?

Because consumers want a conversation. Your audience demands it and simply broadcasting no longer works the way that it used to. Already don't believe us? This event is our way of showing you, by the numbers, how much more powerful engagement broadcasting is!

What is it?

If you ever watched a televised wedding you know what it is not. In a mobile, connected web consumer opinion and sentiment drive brand values and perception. Telling someone what to think about you no longer works. Audience engagement is a metric associated with the semantic web, Google engagement ads, semantic search and mobile reach. It become the key to making content worth producing.

An SEOWiSE Engagement Broadcast is a mutually beneficial real-time conversation between brands and their audience that anyone with access to the internet can participate in. 

Using a blend of cutting edge technology and engagement strategy we create a powerful, semantically relevant conversation and a trackable content plume around the event. All of this deep context engagement is focused on your brand and indexed by Google.

Efficient Content Creation

After the live event, the video is cut into segments and processed for strategically placed short video clips, blog posts, and podcasts with transcripts. This content is also indexed by Google when published, creating an immediate ontology, or "knowledge base" of relevant information around your brand.

Hangouts, YouTube, and LiveStream

We use Google Hangouts as the virtual studio for our engagement event. Anyone can join with a link, no account required. Using LiveStream Studio software, we capture everyone in the hangout, and turn a regular HOA into a network quality production with all the benefits of the hangout interface.This is broadcast in 720P HD via Youtube Live. This way anyone can watch or participate from any device with web access.

A Real-Time Conversation with the World

Your audience joins us via the text and image layers of the social platform they choose. We engage them with you, wherever they are. Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, wherever they are comfortable. We use each social space for what it's best at, bridging the gap between brands and fans by carefully guiding the conversation. 

It's BIG... It does a lot of things. It's new and it’s powerful. 

The best way to understand how it works is to watch a few of the past events. Then look at the data around the shows and the content generated from them. This episode of the SMT PowerTalk NOD3x Recap with +David Amerland +John Dietrich and +Lee Smallwood offers the data to do just that, to see just how powerful an engagement broadcast is.

Join us! As always, make sure to join the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #smtnod3x  @TheSocailBizCo. Let’s start the conversation, we're listening!
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"I was definitely blown away by what +NOD3x can do. It's a game changer!" Couldn't agree more +Mindy Weinstein, when I was first introduced to NOD3x by +Lee Smallwood, those were almost my exact words. It's a game changer! 
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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Tips for Getting the Most out of Google's New Call-Only Ads
Mobile optimized sites are all the rage in the organic search space, and now it's easier for search advertisers to engage smartphone users with call-only ads, as well. Although call-only #SEM campaigns are fairly new to Google AdWords, there are certain steps you can take to get the most out of them.

Click-through for #PPC tips on optimizing the setup, campaign structure, and reporting of call-only ads.
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Why the "Mobile-Friendly" label may be missing in Google SERPs

As the April 21st deadline to make your site mobile-friendly approaches, many sites are checking to see if their pages get the “mobile-friendly” annotation. Those two words are Google’s promise to searchers that a result meets a certain standard of usability that mobile surfers are starting to expect.

What’s concerning is that sometimes the label doesn’t show up — even though Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test declares “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.”

In working with clients and through research, we've uncovered little-discussed reasons why a mobile-friendly annotation may not show up despite a page's being fully optimized for mobile browsing. Read this report by one of our senior SEO analysts, Maryann Robbins.


#mobilefriendly #mobileSEO
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A belated thanks +Bruce Clay, Inc. for sharing this!
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Free SEO Power Tools

Like free professional #SEO tools? Try SEOToolSet Lite. It's 100% free, no credit card required, no software to download, and no strings attached.

SEOToolSet Lite is a sample toolbox that we’re offering for free so that everyone can try the tools and decide whether they like them with no obligation. Included in Lite is the full Single Page Analyzer, the most popular tool in the kit and the most comprehensive content analyzer on the market. Read about the page analyzer and all the free tools in SEOToolSet Lite.

#SEOTools #FreeSEOTools
SEOToolSet Lite is a free SEO tools suite from Bruce Clay, Inc. Here are the tools you'll get with no credit card required and no strings attached.
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+Matt Cutts is NOT Leaving Google for +Globe Runner

On Friday, +Bill Hartzer posted on announcement that Globe Runner was welcoming Matt Cutts as Director of Search, effective April 1. The post earned 70 comments and more than 500 social shares over the weekend. 

Cutts took to Twitter late Sunday, however, to refute the rumor: "Since two different people have emailed me about ( ... Someone is doing an early April Fool's prank."

Well played, Hartzer, well played. 

The audacious April Fool's joke does, however, bring up a question that's been lurking at the back of digital marketers' minds ... what is next for Cutts? Weigh in.

#DigitalMarketing #SEO   #SEM   #Google   #Search  
17 votes  -  votes visible to Public
He remains (in absentia) at Google.
He starts his own search engine.
He runs for President. #Cutts2016
He pens the next Great American novel.
He becomes a private SEO consultant.
Kristi Kellogg's profile photoVirginia Nussey's profile photoJason Channell's profile photoHervé ARNAUD's profile photo
I personnaly know what +Matt Cutts actually do...
He learns CSS to make his website a little less ugly... :D
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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Server talk: How to configure a custom 404 error page

Even if you are a UX minimalist, you need to consider a properly configured custom 404 error page a technical SEO essential. You absolutely can do all the steps outlined in this post, from locating your hidden .htaccess file or creating a new one, to writing a line of code that works. Think of it like baking a cake: this article gives you the recipe, now you just need to put all the ingredients together.

If you're using an Apache server -- read on, this post is for you.

Read: How to Configure a Custom 404 Error Page (Apache Server Edition) >>
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It's International Happiness Day! Make a GIF in under a minute in celebration :) #HappyDay #HappyPlanet
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