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Bruce Clay, Inc.
SEO training, SEO tools, SEO books, and services including search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, Web design/architecture, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization and analytics.
SEO training, SEO tools, SEO books, and services including search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, Web design/architecture, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization and analytics.

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Maile Ohye says farewell to Google
She has been a knowledgeable and always smiling representative for Google within the search industry. A face to be missed! But we look forward to seeing where she goes next and wish her the very best.
Saying farewell to Google... thank you to everyone in the SEO and webmaster community for many wonderful moments! To +John Mueller +Mariya Moeva +Gary Illyes +Brian White +Nathan Johns +Ilya Grigorik +Kazushi Nagayama +Avinash Kaushik and all my other wonderful Google colleagues, keep it up! I'll miss u guys. xoxo

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Google Site Search is being discontinued
Does your website use Google Site Search to power your search box for visitors? Well, Google has notified customers that the product will be "winding down over the next year."

If you do nothing, then once your contracted number of searches is used up, your site search will automatically switch from GSS to Google's Custom Search Engine (CSE). That is a free product that's advertising based. In other words, when a site visitor searches for something on your website, above the in-site results will be ads.

What site-search product do you use? Let's talk about options in the comments.

#google #sitesearch #SEO #webdesign

How to Improve Your Social Media Strategy for 2017
A new post by +Bruce Clay:

How can you get more out of your social media efforts?

In a new post, Bruce Clay discusses the power and potential of social media. When used correctly, it's an important tool to increase web traffic, brand reputation and visibility online. But how can you be sure you're using social media correctly?

In this post, Bruce:
- Describes the effects of social media on search engine optimization - two marketing channels with a historically fuzzy relationship.
- Shares valuable tips on how to be where your social audience is.
- Offers 5 ways to integrate data from social media marketing into other marketing channels like SEO and PPC.
- Shares statistics of the impact of cross-channel marketing when organizations embrace integration.

Read the post here:

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Are We Facing Mobilegeddon 2?
We're asking that in a good way ... that for businesses who are prepared for it, Google's coming #mobile-first index could be a big opportunity.

In his first post for our blog, our VP +John McCarthy tells how clients prepared themselves and took advantage of the first "Mobilegeddon" to jump ahead in #SEO organic rankings and #SEM paid advertising for mobile, while others suffered.

Check it out:

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😍😍 Still a few seats left! Find out why the Advanced #SEO Workshop is THE place to be at +Search Marketing Expo (SMX). #SMX #DigitalMarketing

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Google AMP results starting to offer publisher's URL
This is a BIG improvement and fulfills Google's promise to enable searchers to get to the original URL. #AMP still can go further to meet publishers' requests, but let's give credit where it's due. Progress!

News per +Search Engine Land:

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Google News favoring AMP Results
A report compiled by the +Rank Ranger toolset shows mobile searches in +Google News are now showing 70 percent AMP results, compared to just 30 percent #AMP results a week ago. That's a HUGE jump.

It makes sense that Google would increase the priority for faster news content first, though it probably portends a greater emphasis on AMP results in the main Web search, too. Results that are set up in accelerated mobile page (AMP) format let searchers click and see the content nearly instantly.

Read the coverage by +Barry Schwartz on +Search Engine Land: #SEO #mobileSEO

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Google announces new Mobile-Friendly Test API
Google just announced an API that developers can use to help identify whether web pages are mobile friendly:

According to +Aaron Landerkin, our director of software development, this latest release is an update to its mobile-friendliness API. The main difference is that the new version is simpler for developers to implement.

Under the hood of our SEOToolSet, several Google APIs are already at work. Our Single Page Analyzer tool uses a Google API to detect a page's mobile friendliness and then report on many factors (see image below).

SEOs need many types of data, and you don't have to be a developer to get it! See what's available in the low-priced SEOToolSet:

#seotools #google #seo

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35 White Hat Link Earning Ideas

High-quality backlinks are a website’s friend; they help establish a positive reputation about your brand and business to customers and search engines.

Of course, paid or manipulative links that can hold a site back. Search engines value backlinks only when they’re the authentic results of your marketing strategies and not because you opened your wallet and bought them.

We use the term “link magnet” to describe a campaign to attract links as a result of doing something outstanding or offering something exceptional. Like metal attracted to a magnet, people will naturally share and link back to your content or campaign by sheer power of its attraction factor.

Here is a list of 35 natural and safe white hat link magnets that have the potential to produce quality backlinks that support a healthy website and are an honest reflection of your reputable brand.

See all 35 ideas 💡


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Good tips for improving your #socialmedia presence that may stretch you to try some new things.

h/t +Lisa Buyer
Which of these are you already doing? 11 Rituals for the Best Social PR Year Ever:
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