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News: Popular CDN announces AMP pages now available on THEIR platform, not Google's

One of the objections to Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages project is that #AMP pages are served from a Google URL rather than the publisher's domain. And most publishers don't know how to constructe their AMP pages so the reader can navigate to their site.

We've written before about one alternative to AMP, using PWAs (progressive web apps) here:

Now +Cloudflare is rolling out a way for content producers to have their AMP content load from Cloudflare rather than Google. And the article states that they're working to make it possible for the AMP to show the site owner's own domain.

According to our SEO analyst +John Alexander: "_this is pretty big news; because if other CDNs begin enabling AMP (and Cloudflare is very popular, so it’s a safe bet that others will follow their example) then that will further entrench the technology, making it even more important._"

Read the news:

#seo   #mobilespeed
Tadeusz Szewczyk (Tad Chef)'s profile photoPaula Allen's profile photoBruce Clay, Inc.'s profile photoJohn Alexander's profile photo
+Tadeusz Szewczyk The beauty here is that Cloudflare is already hosting your content; that's essentially what CDNs do. As fast as the Internet is, individual webpages require dozens, sometimes hundreds, of requests between your browser and a server, many of which require discrete files & resources to be downloaded (CSS, JavaScript, images, videos, etc.). If I'm in Los Angeles and looking up a site hosted in Amsterdam, that means my browser is having a rapid-fire series of conversations with a server halfway around the world.

What a CDN like Cloudflare does, is they host some of your content (especially heavy files, like images) to their network of servers around the world. That way, if that same site in Amsterdam is using Cloudflare, maybe I'm downloading the basic HTML from Amsterdam, but I'm downloading the images from a Cloudflare server in San Diego; therefore I'm getting a much faster download.

This, as I understand it, is ramping up that process a fair amount by enabling an AMP-style, streamlined version of your pages, that Cloudflare will serve; that means you essentially get to benefit from being hosted across a huge network, rather than just where your hosting company happens to be. So the difference between Google's AMP and Cloudflare's AMP is bigger than it may first seem; and the difference between using Cloudflare just for CDN purposes, and enabling Cloudflare's AMP links, is smaller than it seems.

I'm assuming that this would still require separate analytics/tracking codes, and many of the same AMP best practices would still apply.

Is AMP a perfect solution to a bloated, mobile-hostile Internet? Not by a long shot. But the majority of the internet is built for a patient, desktop-using populace, while we live in an impatient, mobile-leaning world. And somehow webmasters & developers need to take speed seriously; part of that has to be coming up with new ways to monetize websites. Google has attacked ad-heavy sites time and again, and will continue to do so; sites will continue to host lots of ads as long as it makes them money. But I think that if we could come up with a more streamlined way to support the channels we care about most, then important web resources won't HAVE to rely so much on selling ads.

Hope this helps. 
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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The strongest content ideas are those you can do better than anyone else.
Nice guide to brainstorming ideas for #contentmarketing  topics from +CoSchedule. It's a team approach that generates the most creativity.

h/t +Lisa Williams +Casie Gillette 
Learn how to develop a repeatable 30-minute content marketing brainstorming process and keep your content calendar full with less effort. Free templates.
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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How to Build a Culture of Growth

Having trouble getting your organization to embrace #testing  and #optimizing  in its decision-making? +Google Analytics just published a 28-page ebook to help you start trekking on a healthier path of growth for the new year.

Download PDF from Google:
How to build a culture of growth: Optimize the customer experience
#measure #marketing

A culture of growth is a mindset that embraces the use of data, testing, and marketing optimization as a way to improve the customer experience every day. Read our new eBook to learn how to build a culture of growth at your organization:
View original post
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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Why You Won’t Recognize Google Local Listings in a Year: Home Services Ads Explained by +Bruce Clay

Imagine a search engine results page with four paid ads at the top and three more sponsored local listings in the Local Pack. That’s seven ads at the top of every page. That’s where we’re headed with Google Home Service Ads.

Google Home Service Ads (the sponsored listings in the Local Pack) are expanding. Just last year, they were only available to locksmiths and plumbers in the Bay Area. But they're expanding to new industries and rolling out in more cities.

Local businesses need to pay close attention to Google Home Service Ads. Paid inclusion is a reality and it’s only a matter of time before it rolls out to all local businesses.

#DigitalMarketing #SEO #SEM #HomeServiceAds #LocalSEO #LocalBusiness #LocalListings #LocalPack
Google's expanding Home Service Ads. These sponsored listings in the Local Pack are local paid inclusion. Find out how they will affect SEO.
Arthur Morehead's profile photo
If this does happen then what good is SEO if you are paying a premium to be there, I wrote about this years ago about how Google was striving to take over and control of the internet. Will this start happening in as little as a year? According to this article it will if they take over the local listing end and turn it into "Pay to Play" When this happens it's the end of SEO and the fun of competing for a page "One" listing because Google ads and Pay to Play will control  the whole page.....thus monopolizing the internet? The next thing we'll see is Bing and Pinterest selling out to Google just as Yahoo did.
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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😃This is one CYBER MONDAY WEEK deal you don't want to miss: Bruce Clay's critically acclaimed SEOTOOLSET TRAINING is 20% off. This discount expires Wednesday 11/30/16 at midnight. Grab a seat for our Los Angeles training Jan. 16-20 while they're still available!
Register with code "CYBERMONDAY":
#SEO   #DigitalMarketing   #training  
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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Beginner's Guide to UTMs
Need more input? Like Johnny Number 5 eats the Encyclopedia Britannica in the 1986 gem “Short Circuit,” as optimizers we are constantly looking for more input.

Google Analytics tracking codes are one way we can track how recipients are interacting with our content.

Also known as UTM codes, tracking parameters or custom campaigns, Google Analytics tracking codes are custom tracking parameters that communicate granular information about how visitors interacted with your calls to action to arrive at your owned properties.

This guide describes:
• When to use a tracking code
• How to format a tracking code
• Favorite tools for building UTMs
• 7 essential guidelines for formatting tracking codes

Read How to Build a Google Analytics Tracking Code
Learn how to compose a Google Analytics tracking code, how to use Campaign, Source and Medium parameters and 7 essential tips including when and why to use them.
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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Ultimate Guide to Real Estate SEO: 7 Ways to Earn Traffic & Leads 🏡 by +Kristi Kellogg

More than ever, people head online when it comes to looking for homes and finding Realtors®. According to the 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 86 percent of home buyers consider real estate websites the most useful source of information when buying a home. The very first step that 44 percent of home buyers make when house hunting is to look online.

You have to carve out a niche for yourself — think locally, and then expand. It’s advice that applies not only to the real estate industry, but to all businesses.

#DigitalMarketing #SEO #Search #RealEstate #Realtors #Realty

Real estate SEO is critical; 89% of home buyers are using the internet to search for a home. Get 7 tips to capture real estate-related traffic.
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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2017 is all about taking your skills to the next level. Digital marketing conferences are one sure-fire way to achieve that intention. Map out your conference attendance with this handy conference calendar!

The calendar features more than 100 conferences, including:

+Search Marketing Expo (SMX) 
+Affiliate Summit 
+ad:tech North America 
+An Event Apart — Set yourself Apart! 
+Social Media Week 
• and many more!

#DigitalMarketing   #SEO #PPC #SMM  #socialmediamarketing #contentmarketing  
Plan ahead and get the best rates with the Digital Marketing Conference Calendar -- with more than 100 conferences included, it's the ultimate guide.
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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Google agrees to show publisher's URL above AMP results

Google has responded to people's requests to be able to access the direct URL to a post on a publisher's website.

One of the biggest objections to going #AMP  has been that Google hosts AMP content, displaying it from its own prerendered cache rather than directing a reader to the publisher's site.

+Danny Sullivan reports that "in early 2017" Google will begin showing the full URL instead of just the publisher's domain near the top of AMP results. It still won't be clickable, but a savvy reader could highlight the text, copy it, and then paste it for sharing with others. It's a small step, but an important one that shows Google is listening.

Read the full story:
#SEO   #localSEO  
Tadeusz Szewczyk (Tad Chef)'s profile photoDavid Kutcher's profile photo
Coming back to this, but before you make inflammatory statements like "stealing content", "republishing without permission", and "tricking bloggers", do you have any clue how AMP works?

A fundamental aspect of AMP is creating these pages so that they're displayed from the Google cache. That's part of AMP (in the spec). Additionally, Google isn't doing this without consent as, in order to have your content show up in AMP results, you need to specifically enable AMP formatting in your pages (or create AMP pages). Google isn't just indexing your site and republishing it as AMP pages from their search index; you need to create AMP-formatted content which is for this specific purpose.

Don't want it to happen? Then don't create AMP pages.
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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According to Google, progressive web apps are the next big thing for “delivering amazing user experiences on the web.” In the same vein as AMP (accelerated mobile pages), PWAs are causing digital marketers to rethink the way they can design and deliver their sites in a mobile-first world.

Should your business invest in PWAs? Find out. +Duane Forrester and +Cindy Krum share their expert perspectives.

#SEO #PWA #ProgressiveWebApp #HybridApp #DigitalMarketing 
What is a progressive web app, or PWA? A progressive web app combines the best of a site & the best of a native app. Discover the benefits of PWAs!
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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Here's your SEO news briefing for the month

To put together our just-published #SEO #Newsletter , we sniffed out all the digital marketing news that affects SEOs. You can also find feature articles on mobile SEO preparation for Google's mobile-first indexing and more.

Amazingly, this is BCI's 150th newsletter! Read it here:
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Bruce Clay, Inc.

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+Search Engine Journal's +Brent Csutoras sat down with our VP, +Duane Forrester, at +Pubcon to discuss the future of accelerated mobile pages and progressive web apps. The way to stay ahead of the curve is to be thinking about AMPs and PWAs now. Press play to hear Forrester and Csutoras' thoughts on #AMP and #PWA !

"I'm really excited about PWAs -- they will allow you to build one web existing product and use it everywhere. This is truly an application-style scenario where it just works everywhere in every instance," said Forrester.

Forrester also noted that PWAs could potentially annihilate the app store. Down the road, the reality could be that you don't even have to produce an app.

"Much like you have to redesign an older website to be responsive, you will now have to move to an AMP-friendly scenario, and eventually a PWA-friendly scenario," said Forrester.

#Search #SEO #SEJ #Google #DigitalMarketing #SearchEngineJournal
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John McCarthy's profile photo
John McCarthy
in the last week
Yep, I work here. Smart people and good service.
Yasir Saeed's profile photo
Yasir Saeed
5 months ago
While there is NO Doubt that they are one of the first pioneers in the SEO industry before when nobody even knew what SEO was, they still tended to remain with the same old tactics and charge exorbitantly high prices and sell their services based on reputation, not results. While they have extensive knowledge in this industry, the norms have changed and content marketing is the new king whilst the company still heavily relies on SEO. There is no such thing as content marketing on his blog. It is all SEO, SEO and articles.
• • •
Response from the owner - 5 months ago
Hi Yasir. I'm the content and media manager at Bruce Clay, Inc. We take our reviews very seriously and take all critiques to heart. Reviews are learning opportunities, so thank you for your feedback! I see from your profile that you are located in Pakistan. Are your interactions with Bruce Clay, Inc. with our office in India? If that's the case, you're reviewing our Bruce Clay, Inc. U.S. location despite our never having done business with you. #forwhatitsworth To your point about our resources on content marketing, you may be interested to know that we highly value the role of content in digital marketing. Bruce is the co-author of "Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals" ( As for our blog, your feedback does highlight a lack of content-focused posts. Looks like the last time we categorized a blog post under the content marketing umbrella was nearly a year ago! An oversight, and we appreciate the notice! Sincerely, Virginia Nussey Content & Media Manager
Israeli Rothman's profile photo
Israeli Rothman
9 months ago
Bruce Clay was a pioneer in SEO, before me even, right in the sweet spot many years ago. I have met him many times. Unfortunately, he did not keep up with the changes; and when Panda 3.9 cam around, he all but disappeared. His prices were high, and he did not adjust them. His selling approach is dumb-down, based on reputation, not results, and not current or original techniques. Best practices in SEO is an oxymoron. If you do what-everybody else is doing, it will not work. It is not about SEO anymore, though it is still critically important. It is called content marketing now, a word that did not exist back then, and it is very different.
• • •
Grant Williams's profile photo
Grant Williams
a year ago
The premier SEO Company in the industry with stellar PPC management services, as well. I highly recommend you consider BCI if you are working to maximize your internet marketing efforts.
David Vasquez's profile photo
David Vasquez
5 months ago
Bruce Clay, Inc. is a forward-thinking, industry-leading digital marketing agency that produces next level results for its clients. I have worked here for 3 years and I am extremely proud of the work that we do.
linda smith's profile photo
linda smith
a month ago
all they trying to do is to sell their outdated tool.
Cirque Lodge's profile photo
Cirque Lodge
a year ago
I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to improve traffic to their website. Professional, honest and integrity are the words that best describe this company.
nitika rose's profile photo
nitika rose
2 years ago
Today as the online shopping grows in popularity more people are turning to online shopping for all their needs. Online delivery of best wishes along with this gifts and flowers for your loving mother on Mother’s Day. Send Mother's Day Gifts to Malaysia which is filled with your good wishes.