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Bruce Clay, Inc.
SEO training, SEO tools, SEO books, and services including search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, Web design/architecture, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization and analytics.
SEO training, SEO tools, SEO books, and services including search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, Web design/architecture, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization and analytics.

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Guide to Nurturing Relationships with Industry Experts to Craft High-Quality SEO Content

There are several SEO content writing tactics that make your content more “valuable and useful” to your readers than your competitors’ sites.

A crucial yet underused method that speaks directly to the E-A-T that search engines love? Expert information.

SEO copywriter +Melanie Saxe shares her step-by-step guide to nurturing relationships with industry experts and leveraging those relationships to boost good content to high-quality heights.

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Infinite 'People Also Ask' Boxes in SERPs Are a Window into Machine Learning and Google's Knowledge Graph

Imagine you're plopped into the middle of the Google Knowledge Graph, the knowledge base of entities on every person, place and thing Google can get its hands on.

You're standing in a corridor and you can see long hallways and plentiful doors at every turn. Each hallway connects rooms to other rooms. When you enter one doorway, you see the room is filled with doors connecting it to other hallways and rooms. The maze goes on. Standing inside any room, it's hard to see the full blueprint of how rooms are connected. From inside the maze, you can only follow one pathway as far down the rabbit hole as you have patience for. Until a new pathway emerged: infinite "People Also Ask" boxes.

From one Google SERP, a black hole of consecutive "People Also Ask" boxes unravels Google's nodes of related entities. Read +Moz zer +Britney Muller's examination of the infinite PAA box phenomenon and how to optimize for Google's #machinelearning and expand your reach in #peoplealsoask boxes.

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Why an Insanely Fast Site Is Your 2017 Priority

+Bruce Clay drives a souped-up black Hennessey Corvett. You just know this man prioritizes high performance. And for good reason.

In today's post he drives home a critical #SEO strategy: why site speed matters in a mobile-first index world.

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Google Testing Longer Text Ads
This would be worth testing to see if an additional 80 characters of text increases or decreases your CTR. Do you have the "Additional description (optional)" field available in your #AdWords account?

+Ginny Marvin reports for +Search Engine Land: #PPC #SEM

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Choose wisely HOW and WHERE you are visible online, to build your brand's trustworthiness. 
New study Shows Importance of Content Tone in Audience Sentiment

A new ECB study shows just how important content tone and style are in generating audience sentiment which, in turn, affects engagement and interaction and impacts on search. Check it out:

YouTube celebrates 1B hours viewed daily & Amit Singhal says premium VR content is in the future

Gotta give it to YouTube for its cool celebration over reaching 1 billion hours of video viewed daily. 🎉 Read the announcement here:

So what does the future of YouTube hold? Immersive virtual reality, of course.

Per +TechCrunch: "Google is pushing the next iteration of its VR efforts with Daydream to hit a wider range of devices and users — Daydream-compatible mobile handsets can be turned into VR headsets (when inserted into an accessory to mount it on your head) ... Well over 50% of all content consumption on Daydream is of YouTube content, (VP of VR Amit) Singh said, and it’s going to put more focus now on providing more premium (professional not necessarily paid) content on the platform in the form of series."


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Have you signed up for Bruce Clay's exclusive advanced #SEO Workshop at +Search Marketing Expo ? Grab your seat now! 🙋🙋🙋 #SMX #DigitalMarketing

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Maile Ohye says farewell to Google
She has been a knowledgeable and always smiling representative for Google within the search industry. A face to be missed! But we look forward to seeing where she goes next and wish her the very best.
Saying farewell to Google... thank you to everyone in the SEO and webmaster community for many wonderful moments! To +John Mueller +Mariya Moeva +Gary Illyes +Brian White +Nathan Johns +Ilya Grigorik +Kazushi Nagayama +Avinash Kaushik and all my other wonderful Google colleagues, keep it up! I'll miss u guys. xoxo
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