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Was that it? From the mind of the guy who brought us Google Earth, we get a walking tour app (albeit a good one)? Didn’t seem like that much of an encore. But then, on November 1st, things started to get weird. Suddenly there was this Web site called the Niantic Project. All it had at first was a deep-voiced conspiracy-movie-style ‘Welcome’ trailer (“There’s more to the world than you can truly see…”). Every day since, the Niantic Project has released more mystery objects: a snippet of chat, a redacted document with reference to a Shaper Study, the entrance of a random white dude named Ben Jackland who posted a video to his Google+ page about a bizarre phone he got via Web auction that was doing all kinds of unbidden augmented reality tricks even with its SIM card removed.
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Good article, Bruce. I appreciate the mention. 
Careful. There's been reports that some of the other truth seekers have been disappearing. This guy had his apartment ransacked. Stay vigilant.   break in at my apartment
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