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is a Noogler.
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How would you know, have you been there, yet?
And remind me to update my resume and send you a copy!
I'm on the Platforms Team. We build hydraulic lifts that REALLY scale.
My 20% project, I suspect, will be finishing up all the other stuff I couldn't accomplish in 80% of the time.

I don't think most engineers actually do a 20% project, unless they have a really good idea and even then it's a 120% project. I have a few ideas about FPGA cellular autonoma string recognition, but they will have to wait. I think I'll just be writing Python scripts at first. If I'm lucky, I'd like to try adding zero-buffer copy networking to the kernel, like we did at TGV.
Oh, I'm a SWE. or else they are DRASTICALLY overpaying me!
My bad, then. (Are SREs better paid?)
SREs and SWEs at the same level are equally paid. Believe me, people would be crying murder if that weren't the case.
Ah, well that explains a lot. All I knew when I started looking at Google was the salaries and interview reports that I saw on the web. I was hoping they wouldn't pick me for SRE because the interviews seemed much harder and the reported salaries much lower. In retrospect, the higher SWE salaries probably had to do with the seniority of SWEs at Google when those web sites were started.
+Bruce R'. Miller I suggest going to glassdoor and explicitly comparing Site Reliability Engineer II vs. Software Engineer II to avoid confounding different ranks :)

SRE isn't harder per se, just draws upon a different set of skills...
I meant harder for me. I've mostly worked on internals in the past.
Congrats on the new job! But do I HAVE to call you Broogle?
I don't know about Broogle. Soon, I suppose, I will find out how hard it will be to get
Maybe the more exotic Brueghel. Then you could go around quoting Auden's "Musee des Beaux Arts" about your amazing painting skills.
If you can't get vagrant@, maybe flagrant@ or fragrant@?
… or flagrantfragrantvagrant@ while you're at it. Seems unlikely to be taken. :-P
You guys are soooo helpful, but "flagrantfragrantvagrant" sure seems like a lot to type.
I remember a shop with sandwiches named after famous people where, when I ordered a Bruegel, the owner was impressed. Never quite figured that out, and don't recall if it was with or without the 'h'...
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