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Sigh. If I ever get a job where I have to interview engineers, here's my question: You are driving down a country road and you come upon a line of stopped cars. 52 cars ahead you see that one lane is blocked by fallen boulders and the two directions of traffic are taking turns using the passable section of the road, one car at a time, 6 seconds per car.

After waiting 10.4 minutes, you finally get to the front of the line and must only wait another 6 seconds for the guy in the opposite direction to go. But, the car behind him also goes at the same time, skipping his 6 second wait for you to go. Do you give him the middle finger, or the thumbs up? Discuss.
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Or do you think, "I know my rocket launcher is in here somewhere."

I always liked Adelman's condom question. Two men, two women, two condoms. How can they achieve all possible combinations of safe heterosexual coitus? It's not really all that complicated, but it does at least help you weed out the prudes and most God Squad members.
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