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No one of consequence.
No one of consequence.

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"Do not trust the pusher robot.  Please go stand by the stairs so I can
protect you."

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This is soooo cool, for reasons that I can not adequately articulate.

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Now I get it.

"or languorous eyeball kisses migrating. too bad you missed that."

I just randomly stumbled across a posting in some random Internet forum and I read it and thought, "Wow, this guys really knows what he's talking about!"

Then I realized that I was the one who wrote it, last year.

"All of us were stuck to the surface of a ball, incidentally. The planet was ball-shaped. Nobody knew why we didn’t fall off, even though everybody pretended to kind of understand it.

The really smart people understood that one of the best ways to get rich was to own a part of the surface people had to stick to."

"Ok, let me tell you about my new priority system. #1) Get enough sleep that I don't go insane. #2) Get shit done at Google. #3) Try to whip this pathetic body into a reasonable state of fitness. #4) Be nice. You and about 1000 other people are tied for last place."

is a Noogler.

Sigh. If I ever get a job where I have to interview engineers, here's my question: You are driving down a country road and you come upon a line of stopped cars. 52 cars ahead you see that one lane is blocked by fallen boulders and the two directions of traffic are taking turns using the passable section of the road, one car at a time, 6 seconds per car.

After waiting 10.4 minutes, you finally get to the front of the line and must only wait another 6 seconds for the guy in the opposite direction to go. But, the car behind him also goes at the same time, skipping his 6 second wait for you to go. Do you give him the middle finger, or the thumbs up? Discuss.
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