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In Today's Australian Political News, the Federal Treasurer announced a bold new plan to eliminate poverty. He suggested that people unable to afford a house need merely to find a "good job that pays good money". 

Brilliance, sheer brilliance.

In today's Australian Political News we learn that the Prime Minister plans to sue Australian Universities in order to get them to create a climate-change-denial center. In the business school naturally, we wouldn't want it to have any science.

In Today's Australian Political News, the Prime Minister's chief business advisor has published a long newspaper column in which he claims climate change is a trick used by the UN to achieve world domination and end democracy.

You can't make this stuff up.

It's all very hysterical clickbaity newsworthy for the papers to note that 3 churches linked to child-raping priests have been burned down, but they should probably do a little digging to ensure that the number of churches not linked to child-raping priests can't be easily counted on the fingers of one nose.

Find an anti-vaccination idiot right now and ask them over and over again why they're happy that a four-week-old baby died from whooping cough yesterday until they scream. And then keep on doing it

And don't stop. 

Abbott spends a lot of time talking about Death Cults and almost no time talking about the Rape Cult he trained with. Isn't that remarkable.

In Australian Political News the ISIS Manifesto for girls resonants pretty strongly with that of the LNP. Maybe that will be a future coalition.

I honestly think that the Liberal Party should put Morrison and Brandis on the front line right away. I want to see whether those two can ensure the Liberal Party is unelectable for multiple generations. 

In Today's Australian Political News, the federal opposition leader incomprehensibly suggests that the idiot in charge of the country should have even more power.

In Today's Australian Political News, the federal government announces that the main issue facing the country is that people on the minimum wage are earning too much money. 
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