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Bruce McGechan
Managing Director of M&P (Queenstown Ad Agency and Marketing Consultancy) and Wine Marketing Pros.
Managing Director of M&P (Queenstown Ad Agency and Marketing Consultancy) and Wine Marketing Pros.

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How can you increase revenue at your cellar door?

Here's the single most important thing you can do (warning: financial analysis galore ;) )

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Many wineries assume that “open to the public” cellar door operations are preferable to “appointment-only” yet there are many advantages to keeping tastings and tours private, this blog post explores the pros and cons.

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Auckland, New Zealand might be #10 but how about Queenstown EIU...
The Best Places To Live.    [How does your city rank?] 

30 factors: Safety, healthcare, educational resources, infrastructure, environment etc. Winners: Adelaide, Zurich, Honolulu (really?), Singapore, Budapest. 

Some of the big movers are interesting. On the positive side: Harare, Bogota (!), Kathmandu, Dubai, Taipei. On the negative side: Damascus, Tripoli, Kiev, Caracas and a veritable who's who of crisis zones.

Personal surprises for me. Bratislava and Noumea (I don't know anything about both, need to!), how low New Delhi, that Kuala Lampur is so much higher than other places I would expect to be there, and that London dropped along with Vienna and Tokyo.

What are your surprises?  Data Source:

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Forget Millennials
- 73% (30-49 years) of Gen X and 57% of Baby Boomers (50-64) use Facebook
Source: Pew Research

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Check out this video on YouTube: that wine menu is going to be changing to iPads quicker than even I thought!

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A Powerful Way to Target Wine Drinkers on Facebook: Graph Search:

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Makes me shiver...
Now those are some survival skills...good thing Prohibition ended 80 years ago today!

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New Wine Marketing Pros Blog post,
The Surest Way of Increasing Facebook Page Engagement: Promoted Posts
How to use Facebook Promoted Post ads to give your posts the best chance of boosting your Wine Facebook Page's engagement

How to Increase your Wine Revenue to $1million
Some wine marketing math:
- Wine Club average per person annual sales = $309
- The average length of a wine club membership is 28 months
A wine club member is worth (Customer Lifetime Value) 2.75 * $309 = $862
Some more math:
- The average number of tasting room visitors per month is 1,125
- On average 6.3% of tasting room visitors sign up for the wine club
The average number of visitors who sign up to wine clubs is 1125 * 6.3% = 71

Tasting room annual sales is 12 * 71 * $862 = $734,424

So how to increase your sales to $1 million? Increase your traffic to your tasting room by 36%:
12 * (71*1.36) * $862 = $1mn
(Data sourced from May 2013 WBM, US only)

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Don’t be Aimless: Facebook Marketing Strategy & the Wine Business Plan, new Wine Marketing Pros blog post
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