Who is weaving who..?
The entangled web and the weaver...

In a conversation I had a few weeks ago +Michael Bennett noted that many important human discoveries occured simultaneously and independent of each other. Marconi or Tesla, Darwin and so on, pick your poison. His point was more to the idea that in an age of connection, like the one we live in now, these individuals could have perhaps collaborated and benefited each other. It is an incredibly astute observation and a powerful notion and it got me thinking about the nature of information. How it propagates, how it is exchanged, and how it travels. How could unconnected people make the same discovery at the same time? Why not one before, or later building on, another? The likelyhood of this synergy seemed so small to me statistically that I wondered if their was more to it, more at work than what I could see empirically.

The ideas and precepts of quantum entanglements tugged at me from the edges of my mind. This is a scientific theory about particle behavior that has so far been borne out in experiments. This doesn't seem to apply to what I'm talking about until you take a more +David Amerland style semantic approach to it. Essentially, on one metalayer, it is an exchange of information. Information from one becomes entangled with the information of the other such that the state of one particle is totally dependent on the state of the other. No matter how far apart, what's between them, or how fast they travel, one will always know, and be, the opposite state of the other. No one knows how these particles exchange this information, but it is clear that they do. Science is developing quantum computers and communication networks because when someone attempts to access information on a quantum network the information changes the moment they look at it, making the two end points of communication the only two places in the universe to access it. It is freaky, mindbending science, but it is real science. In fact, know it or not, if you are managing to read this is it is only possible because of this effect. Einstein called it spooky action at a distance and it is still not completely understood, it just kind of is.

While we as individuals would not or should not be subject to this spooky action, might our information? It is information after all, and that is the very core of quantum mechanism and theory. Great cerebral wars have been waged about information. Might then our entanglements with our own information backfeed their entanglements to us in some indirect way? Thus effect actual changes in the people involved, not just the information flowing back and forth. I have heard many people profess true change in their everyday lives from having simple conversations, how do we explain this? I have seen and in fact have posted based off of ideas I had in conversations on other threads. The information from one becoming entangled with the information of the other. People riff off each other and the information moves around and spreads to other threads and other people, the whole entangled web coming back to, and sent from, the original weaver. I see patterns in the posts and threads sometimes that make me wonder if they are entangled in some new kind of way I don't quite yet understand. If the web, somehow, was actually weaving the weaver..:-)

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