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Let's see if I can learn how to use these.  Neat little minimalist synths.  PO-12 is sold out at the moment, but PO-14 and PO-16 are available. The design work on these is amazing.  There are JTAG programming port pads on the back.  All the logic circuits are under the LCD display.

Some you tube videos on this, it's impressive to watch someone who knows how to use it make it work.
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Bruce Lowther

Programming & Coding  - 
Problem: How to parse out a column by a delimiter into rows?


Here is my solution to this problem.  
I would appreciate any suggestions on making it faster, less ugly or removing the warning related to rbind_list.

rbind_list is MUCH faster than rbind.

##Generate data set demonstrating the challenge:
keys <- paste('Key', 1:n)
sublist <- paste('Part', LETTERS[1:5])

resample <- function() {return(paste(sublist[,size=1)], 
testset <- as.tbl(data.frame(src=keys, sub.str=replicate(n,resample())))

# Source: local data frame [200 x 2]

# src                            sub.str
# 1   Key 1 Part A;Part B;Part C;Part D;Part E
# 2   Key 2 Part A;Part B;Part C;Part D;Part E
# 3   Key 3                      Part A;Part B
# 4   Key 4 Part A;Part B;Part C;Part D;Part E
# 5   Key 5        Part A;Part B;Part C;Part D
# ...

##function: splode
## passing:
##      x.tbl: a tbl type from dplyr
##     keyrow: string identifying the name of the row containing a key that 
##             will be duplicated for each split.
##   splitrow: string identifying the name of the row containing the string 
##             with an embedded delimiter.
##  splitchar: the delimiter that is contained in splitrow.
##  Both keyrow and splitrow columns can be either string or factor.
##  returning: two column table where keyrow is duplicated for each item delimited
##             in splitrow.
splode.2 <- function(x.tbl, keyrow, splitrow, splitchar)
  splod.df <- NULL
  key.list <- x.tbl[,c(keyrow)]
  split.list <- strsplit(as.character(x.tbl[,c(splitrow)]), splitchar, fixed=TRUE)
  for(rowidx in 1:length(split.list))
    split.item.a <- as.factor(unlist(split.list[rowidx]))
    splod.df <- rbind_list(splod.df, data.frame(key = rep(key.list[rowidx],
                                                split = split.item.a))
  splod.df$split <- as.factor(splod.df$split)

rslt <- testset %>% splode.2('src','sub.str',';')
# str(rslt)
# Classes ‘tbl_df’, ‘tbl’ and 'data.frame':  617 obs. of  2 variables:
#   $ key  : Factor w/ 200 levels "Key 1","Key 10",..: 1 1 1 1 1 112 112 112 112 112 ...
# $ split: Factor w/ 5 levels "Part A","Part B",..: 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 ...

# Source: local data frame [617 x 2]

# key  split
# 1  Key 1 Part A
# 2  Key 1 Part B
# 3  Key 1 Part C
# 4  Key 1 Part D
# 5  Key 1 Part E
# 6  Key 2 Part A
# 7  Key 2 Part B
# ...
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+Forrest Stevens Yes, I think we are in more-or-less furious agreement.  :-)

Many thanks for your generous comments on my contributions.  It's very satisfying for me and I am grateful when it happens.
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Bruce Lowther

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Frogs and blue bells
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Bruce Lowther

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I just backed De La Soul's NEW ALBUM on @Kickstarter

These guys hold a special place in my heart.  Witty music with a little bit of philosophy thrown in.  They gave away digital copies of most of their work last year and I was able to catch up on their work since my favorite album 'Three feet high and rising'.

De La Soul is raising funds for De La Soul's NEW ALBUM on Kickstarter! Welcome 2 making magic. The time has finally come: De La Soul is ready to record a new studio LP.
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looks like their fans are dishing out the Love. I backed exploding kittens a while back. A game collaboration between The Oatmeal (dude) and some game designers. That was fun to watch. Waiting for the (NSFW) deck of cards to arrive.
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Playing around with #Processing tonight...  Thinking of making a two arm plotter and thought I would simulate it in a language I'm learning.  One thing lead to another and I'm building a rudimentary etch-o-sketch.

Fun digression:

some old horse caught another horse taking oats away!
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Bruce Lowther

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Check for service before buying the house. Houses without access to Internet will drop in value.
Only months after moving into his new home in Washington state, Consumerist reader Seth is already looking to sell his house. He didn't lose his job or discover that the property is haunted. No, Se...
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dude! sell it as "Off the grid". There are lots of conspiracy theorists who would want this place. 

lesson learned, if in doubt, get it hooked up before you move in/close.
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Bruce Lowther

Programming & Coding  - 
in #R.
Do you need to build a few data sets quickly with alpha components?I These two arrays are very helpful, but difficult to find in R documentation: 


For example

paste('Part', LETTERS[1:5])
sample(LETTERS, 10)
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I heard about mentioned arrays from coursera's course on R programming. There were another useful discoveries like and =)
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Argh!  My best Mac Book Pro (#macbookpro, #apple) is in the shop.  I've been having video problems -- occasionally the display will shift right and the mouse pointer will explode.  I have to hard reboot to reset.

There is a repair extension out for this kind of thing, but unfortunately,  their diagnostic indicates that I don't have the problem.

I'm having them run a second more thorough test (for a fee) and we'll see if they can pick it up. 

While i'm sitting at the bar wondering if these folks are in fact geniuses, I'm listening in to two sets of conversations between customers and geniuses.  In both of those conversations, the customers had never backed up their computer and were very alarmed to find out that data recovery services are not part of the apple service model.

#backup   #timemachine  

For apple systems, time machine is very easy to use and can save so much pain and anguish.  Please.  Back your system up.  Think of it as a computer oil change.  A little inconvenient, but far better than the alternative.
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Good language coverage.  Pretty accurate summary of why to learn one over another.  I would have included IOT and BigData as motivations to learn programming. 

Some of my favorites are missing -- probably because they are further down the popularity pareto.  (R, Perl)

Infographic: Pick the best computer programming language for beginners and first-time learners with this flowchart. Start coding now!
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Why isn't basic in the list?  :)
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Bruce Lowther

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Who can't appreciate a cat in a box?
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Cat ownz the interwebz. You, human, are under my control.
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Good article to show to upper management in the value of learning #R.

Thanks to one company, the same code that is revolutionizing the scientific community is now moving up the ranks of the business world.
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Bruce Lowther

➥ How-tos & learning  - 
Problem: how to affix twenty #leds to a heat sink? Well maybe epoxy with thermal heat transfer properties! Does such a substance exist?


Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive 5g
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+Michael Horn 
Excellent!  I'll check this out.  Thank you for your comments
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Second floor of a nondescript building. Very nice little restaurant with a nice atmosphere. I saw others visiting this place while in the area and I followed my nose to find it. The wait staff found a hand translated english menu for us. The food was very good. Beef fillet was nicely done and presentation was good. Spiced with some garlic and pepper. Will probably return back there before I leave.
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Very authentic Japanese sushi restaurant. We sat at the counter. The food was very good and very fresh. We made a reservation.
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Excellent food. Very well prepared with wonderful wait staff. I found the food very flavorful but not overly salty.. Much better food that what you will find in the chain restaurants that surround this place. The crab cake appetizer was delicious. Made with large chunks of crab and gently seasoned. It was light enough that you could really taste the crab. I had the halibut broiled and my wife had a small steak. We finished off with the chocolate pecan pie and apple pie ala mode. This was an excellent break for us.
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Yikes. Air fresheners every 2 feet on the wall and still a musty wet dog smell permeates.
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