While I was finishing setup of websphere portal remotely for a customer, I started playing with the different ways you can connect. So I tried to see how many different devices and protocols I could go through to reach a Red Hat server terminal session.

The server needs cisco vpn access, so the last device will have to be my XP VM or the Samsung epic phone.

So it will start on my Xoom connecting to a Win7 pc using Splashtop,
Win7 to Win2003 using RDP,
Win2003 to Ubuntu using VNC,
Ubuntu to Samsung Epic phone using airdroid
epic to Win XP VM using teamviewer
Win XP to RHEL using ssh.

So this physically this was from a Starbucks to my office to a hosted server to the RHEL on the customer site.

Now I need to find some more protocols to insert in the stream.

The fun of playing with technology takes away the boredom of installing technology.
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