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Just got the DoubleTwist Pro after using Doubletwist for quite a while. I tried the Cloudplayer but between the look and that I don't have need to store music in the cloud as my phone & tablet both have 128gb.

I really like DoubleTwist and now that it can easily store on the android ssd, it's just perfect.

What I do miss is that ability to change the Device's name in DoubleTwist. Using the phone's model number makes it really difficult when your using the airsync. Either use the device's name or let us change it.

Is there a way to disable the usb sync? I use the airsync for my phone & tablets but doubletwist keeps showing all usb flash drive I have connected to ask if I want to sync them.  They all end up with the .doubletwist folder on them.  

ATT uverse support SUCKS! Can't get someone out nor go pickup a new box, they have to ship it.  May not even be the issue!
Support told me that if I was down for more then 21 days I would get a refund. I told them, that if I'm down for 3 days I would find a new provider.
Everytime they transfer you , you have to go through the same security questions. Can't they just pass the info too?

The thrill of migrating users from Lotus Notes to Exchange. The first question is always, Where is the all documents view? It's great to hear the complaints of slow speed, hard to find how to perform things with the bad ui and they weren't talking about Notes.

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At iamlug, been having some great technical conversations. Looking forward to Chris Toohey's presentation on gaming, now that I understand it's not the badges. 

I have the fun of working on a project that requires me to use MS Team Foundation Server 2012 for the user stories and bugs. This has to be one of the worse web apps that I have had the misfortune to use. It's slow, un-intuitive and poorly designed. Images overflow bounderies. Even the Notes Teamroom is a step up. With all the opensource project management applications out there, why would someone waste good money on

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A community for connection geeks. If your into connections then come join the fun.

Why can't I control my home theater via wifi?
The ps3, blue-ray player, sound system and even the TV support wifi, but I'm stuck with decades old technology to control them.
The IR can only toggle a device on or off, a wifi control could respond to direct commands so I could change sources, turn on or off individual devices and get a response as to what is the current setup.

Even my old pc can be turned on via the network.

I don't need wifi on all my devices if I can't control them with it. I only use it to play movies or watch shows. get with the times companies!

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Have to agree with John

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I've been having fun and getting into shape with the fitbit device. It's a little device you carry with you that tracks your steps and the altitude. At night it tracks your movements when you sleep.
It's easier to use then a pedometer and it uploads the data collected through a wireless connection to your computer where it uploads it to the fitbit site. You can then enter activities such as swimming, exercising and food so you can track everything to keep in shape.

It's been a help to see when I've been active and when I've been just sitting on my butt. I spent a week in Breckenridge CO for vacation and this was the stats:

77497 steps taken
261 floors climbed
35.96 miles traveled
21703 calories burned
8215 calories consumed.
Since it tracks the altitude it can calculate the number of floors (10' floors ) that I would have gone up. Since I was hiking in the mountains this is high for this week.

Monday was my least active day, also it snowed 10 inches.
Friday the most active, a hike up the Boreas Pass.

So far I've been tracking everything for 2 months. I now go for a long walk on the days that I've been busy coding. I'm down 7 pounds and feeling better. Even an afternoon at the art museum can result in 2000 steps!

I use the Runkeeper app to track and map my hikes, then enter the activity in fitbit. Only issue is that it drops it's step count and seems to recalculate based on the mileage entered. This was noticeable only when hiking up the mountain through the snow. The stride for this activity is much shorter then when walking normally. It should have kept it's actual count.
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