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Bruce Kuczinski

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This is funny. Let's hear it for clippy!
Now that Steve Ballmer has bought the LA Clippers (for a whopping $2 billion), here is their new logo ;)
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Bruce Kuczinski

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Should be a good event. Never stop investing in yourself
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Bruce Kuczinski

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We don't promise to make it better. We promise to get it back to where it was. LegalShield
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Listening to Ellen Little doing a great presentation on LinkedIn for business. She is an awesome presenter
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If you use Evernote you'll want to know this. If you don't use it  maybe you should
Evernote Service Not Affected By OpenSSL Bug.
On Monday of this week, a group of security researchers discovered and publicly disclosed a vulnerability in OpenSSL, a software package that is widely used to secure online communications. They called the bug “Heartbleed”. Evernote does not use, and has not used, OpenSSL, so we were not vulnerable to this bug. As an Evernote user, you don't need to take any action.
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Bruce Kuczinski

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Car break down? It happens to everyone from time to time. Life events can also be legal events. Here are some simple legal tips to help save you money on vehicle repair and maintenance.
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Bruce Kuczinski

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People talk about multi tasking as if it is some kind cherished goal. It is not.
LegalShield encourages you to educate yourself during #DistractedDrivingAwarenessMonth on the dangers of trying to multitask behind the wheel.

*not LegalShield materials or representatives.
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Thanks to those who paid the ultimate price for what they believed in. 
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Your most important "asset" is your income. Protect it'

Disability Insurance | All My Paychecks -- The Break Up
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Running a small business? We've added a bunch of new business forms to help small businesses run better.
*Available only to small business members.

Small Business Legal Plans - Lawyers Review Your Deals & Contracts
Need a legal plan for your business? Consult with an attorney on your business contracts, deals and more!
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LegalShield has very good customer service
LegalShield members, you don't have to hesitate to call a lawyer about any personal legal matter. Unlimited legal advice comes with every membership. 

Learn what a first time member needs to know about calling LegalShield and speaking directly with an attorney.
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Mark is good mentor. I have heard others who hint at what they do or tell part of it. Then push for the sale. Mark provides actionable business tips.

Live on Saturday! - "17 Secrets To Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet!"

Mark Hoverson (8-figure earner) is sharing
his top secrets on how you and I can have
our best year yet in 2014!

Mark Hoverson sunk 36k in credit card debt,
and managed to pull himself out of the fire
and generate over 10,000,000 online in less
than 5 years... It's AMAZING...

Now he is pressing the $20,000,000 point!

This online event is actually part two of what
many people called the last event, the best
online event of the year!

Here are the details below...

Get registered right here:  It's on Saturday (April 5th): 11am CST

You are about to capture rare & candid
explanations on how to REALLY earn a
GREAT living as an entrepreneur!

You'll discover how Mark Hoverson sunk
$36k in credit card debt, struggled to pay
the bills, and then "accidentally cracked
the code"to generating a massive 8-figure
income through network marketing from the
comfort of home.

If you don't feel like you have received at least
$100 in value from this event... You can find
Vincent Ortega Jr (Mark's Biz Partner) on facebook
and ask him for $20 cash for wasting your time.

You'll discover how to finally get paid what
you're worth... without having to worry about
price being an issue.

You'll discover the final 9 unique secrets that
attract customers and allow you to only attract
motivated prospects who know the value of what
you're offering, and are predisposed to trust you.

You'll discover why it's often more profitable to
do the exact polar opposite of what everyone else
is doing, especially in Internet Marketing. (Part 2)

You'll discover an easy and effective way to make
sales... without having to act "salesy" and without
having to resort to making any hypey claims (like
everyone else does).

You'll discover so, so, so much more than we can
even list here... the "ah ha" moments will be getting
dropped on this online event every second.

Get registered right here:  It's on Saturday (April 5th): 11am CST
You'll discover how Mark Hoverson sunk $36k in credit card debt, struggled to pay the bills, and then "accidentally cracked the code" to generating a massive 8-figure income through network marketing from the comfort of home. If you don't feel like you have received at least $100 in value from ...
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Husband, Father, Grandfather, Older Brother, Did I mention Family? Multi-Talented, Entrepreneur, Spiritual,  Music Lover, Nature Lover
I also happen to help people create tax free income

Helping You Create Tax Free Retirement Income
  • Solutions for Wealth, Inc
    President, 2011 - present
  • Solutions For Wealth, Inc
    Financial Advisor, 2008 - present
  • Solutions For Wealth, Inc
    Helping You Create Tax Free Retirement Income, 2006 - present
  • MetLife Inc
    Financial Advisor, 2003 - 2007
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