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Tree Tuesday News  - 
Do you know about the ongoing campaign to cut down hundreds of thousands (!) of healthy, mature trees in the SF Bay Area? If you agree this is going too far in our era of human-caused climate change — even if you hate eucs — would share this link?:
Dear friends of trees & forests everywhere, A huge, devastating plan to cut down over 100,000 healthy, mature trees in the East Bay hills of San Francisco starts this summer, 2015. (This estimate is conservative — it’s as many as 450,000 trees depending on how they're counted.) In our era of hu...
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Considering that this year's rainfall was pretty close to normal in most of the state it is time for the politicians to shut-up about the #drought and start talking about #California's chronic Water Shortage ! While #conservation is generally a good thing, clearly we can not conserve our way out of this problem, contrary to the lying politicians and water Nazi extremists.  
Here are some ideas on how to relieve the shortage of water --
Gardeners! Are you as confused as I was over whether we should just completely stop watering our gardens because of California's "worst drought in history?” Even as I was seeing the greenest grass,...
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A graft from just two years ago, this #LouiseBonne branch is now flowering and setting #fruit nicely on my espaliered #pear tree. I'll thin out all but the most robust two or three fruit from this cluster of eight in a week or two. Pruned off two other clusters today that were showing signs of fire blight, probably a gift from our plentiful bees. <G>
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Just two degrees of separation from a terrorist ! #AdamPearlman, the bizarrely cringe-worthy #Asperger poster child and spokesperson for #AlQaeda (who ironically had Jewish roots), was the nephew of my former client Nancy Pearlman (Executive Producer and Host of EcoNews) back when I was living and working in  Los Angeles and Hollywood. Glad they finally killed this traitorous nut.
Adam Gadahn, the al Qaeda spokesman killed during a counterterrorism operation, was American-born suburbanite Adam Pearlman who went from heavy metal to Islamic radical.
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Happy Earth Day! My gift to you: Painless Green ebook (111) tips, normally $9.95, free today:, code: earthday
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Happy #EarthDay  2015 ! Today I graduated from the #MasterGardener training program! Learned plenty and made many new friends.  
". . . #UCCE Master Gardeners are volunteers trained and certified by the University of California (UC) to provide UC research-based information about home horticulture and pest management that helps home gardeners and community organizations garden sustainably and create a healthy environment. In exchange for the training and materials received from the University of California, Master Gardeners perform volunteer services in many ways through community service and educational outreach.  . ."
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Seeded in early February, these #OrangeHabanero babies are ready for my hardening off tray. Sourced from #Johnnys, I got 100% germination of five #pepper seeds in this four inch pot. One seedling damped off after emerging late, I probably sowed it too deeply.
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Very healthy plants. Congrats.
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Cool. This is clearly going on not just at #Google but at all the tech companies in the Bay area. I've faced  #AgeDiscrimination many  times. #HR calls it fitting in to our corporate culture. Facebook's Zuckerberg has brazenly admitted it in the past. Time to make them pay and change.
A 64-year-old Florida tech worker filed an age-discrimination lawsuit against Google on Wednesday, claiming the company passed on him after a job interview because of his age.
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A graft from just two years ago, this #LouiseBonne branch is now flowering and setting #fruit nicely on my espaliered #pear tree. I'll thin out all but the most robust two or three fruit from this cluster of eight in a week or two. Pruned off two other clusters today that were showing signs of fire blight, probably a gift from our plentiful bees. <G>
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Have not mentioned this before but you might be interested to know that back in 2014 I was the #Valedictorian at +Oaksterdam University for the Comprehensive #Horticulture Semester.

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2015 Festival of Fruit in San Diego - Web Site Now Up And Working
The web site for the 2015 Festival of Fruit in San Diego is finally up and running. One can even register and pay online using PayPal (I just did). Sign-ups for sessions, tours and even meals are available. Check it out - 
The 2015 Festival Of Fruit will be held on. Friday, August 7th through Sunday, August 9th, 2015 at the Jacobs Center in San Diego, Ca.
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Bruce Goren

Seed Starting/Planting/Tending  - 
Seeded in early February, these #OrangeHabanero babies are ready for my hardening off tray. Sourced from #Johnnys, I got 100% germination of five #pepper seeds in this four inch pot. One seedling damped off after emerging late, I probably sowed it too deeply.
Seeded in early February, these #OrangeHabanero babies are ready for my hardening off tray. Sourced from #Johnnys, I got 100% germination of five #pepper seeds in this four inch pot. One seedling damped off after emerging late, I probably sowed it too deeply.
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Bruce N. Goren, Bruce Neal Goren, brucegoren, HDTVBG
Video Maven, Cat Whisperer, Fruit & Veggie Gardener, Sales & Marketing Tech Writer, Voiceovers, DSLR Photographer.
We boomers are living in the science fiction future of our teenage years.

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California Master Gardener 2015, Lifetime Member California Rare Fruit Growers
I'm actively seeking work, full time or freelance on-site or remote from here in San Francisco. I've worked at TV stations, networks and post facilities in every studio, field and engineering capacity. I make my living as an expert freelance web video editor, sales consultant, voice-over artist and technical marketing writer. I actively share my expertise on several LinkedIn special interest groups and post frequently to my stream on Google+. I've sold and supported consumer and professional video hardware/software/services. In the past I've worked at web casting, computer animation, post-production, broadcast operations and management. Going forward I plan to merge my horticulture training with my tech experience to explore new opportunities. I've had many terrific jobs, often with game changing start-ups. I'm ready for fresh challenges. My sweet spots are with Video, Technical Sales, Technical Marketing Writing, Fruit Tree Grafting, Cannabis.
Q3 & 4 of 2014 saw me editing the back catalog of instructional classroom and laboratory videos for roadshows and a distance learning VOD project with technical trade school client Oaksterdam University. I am proficient with several of the Adobe Creative Suite tools including Premier Pro, Bridge, Camera RAW and Photoshop. The Google NIK Collection is my go-to plug-ins library. In 2013 I temped (through Volt) as a contract E-mail Support Representative at GoPro; handling RMA's, writing helpful tips, suggesting knowledge-base articles and providing troubleshooting guidance focusing on our broadcast and production professional customers. Publishing history - . Video editing demos -- Voice-over demo reel - SmugMug Site - http://www.LobbyArt.Photos
  • Bruce N. Goren
    Freelance, 2007 - present
  • WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids Iowa
    After learning Telecine, VTR operations, and color camera registration I moved on to become responsible for the electronic graphics and animation for the evening newscasts and special events. Also, I occasionally ran audio for taped productions.
  • WQAD-TV, Moline Illinois
    Broadcast Operations Engineer, 1980 - 1981
    On master control I operated the transmitter by computer assisted remote control, aired scheduled materials, switched between video sources, and initiated quality control adjustment and interpretation of the broadcast television signal. With the financial support of the station I completed a 90 hour certificate in Broadcast Electronics at Scott Community College in Bettendorf, Iowa, and at the encouragement of the department, went on to acquire my F.C.C. First Class License.
  • CNN, Atlanta Georgia
    Master Control Engineer, 1981 - 1982
    At CNN network operations I was instrumental in implementing quality control for incoming tapes and live satellite remotes. I also trained new employees as the engineering department expanded its responsibilities into tape operations. The duties of master control engineers include camera shading as well as on-air switching, router and machine delegation, quality control and light maintenance. Engineers keep the daily log and discrepancy report. Additionally, we evaluated and dubbed commercial matter for system playback.
  • WSB-TV, Atlanta Georgia
    TV Engineer, 1982 - 1984
    At WSB-TV my duties were on-air control operations. I switched NET/LOCAL transitions and cut-ins, rolled shows and breaks, operated the transmitter, kept the logs, and prepared quality control reports. During the late night local news cut-ins I doubled as Air-Control/Technical Director.
  • VideoStar Connections, Atlanta Georgia
    With VideoStar I freelanced with west coast satellite uplink operations. Duties included set-up and strike-down of the dish and mobile technical operations center, monitoring broadcast signal quality and interfacing with the client and vendor utilizing both C, and Ku band gear.
  • Cable Music Channel / The Post Group, Hollywood California
    Responsible for the "day-to-day" on-air technical operation of the CABLE MUSIC CHANNEL. Brought on-board to create and implement operational procedures and supporting documentation. Conducted interviews, trained and supervised on-air operators. Worked with software contractors during ongoing systems development. Wrote the operations manual, designed forms, and developed database using IBM PC. Worked in tandem with the Supervising Production Coordinator. Interfaced with Cable Music Channel Traffic, Production Group Stage, Post Group Engineering and Personnel. Reported directly to the Senior Vice President, Post Group. After Turner Broadcasting ceased operations of CMC, I returned to KLCS.
  • KLCS-TV, Los Angeles California
    TELEVISION ENGINEER, 1984 - 1995
    At KLCS-TV I rotated between several staff duty positions including field camera, A/B roll videotape editing , and live studio technical directing. I also operated Chyron and electronic graphics, master control, studio camera, video control, and audio. Frequent remote assignments, a daily live studio presentation, as well as extensive in-house instructional program production made KLCS a busy facility. Over the years, I personally trained dozens of young professionals who have gone on to successful production and engineering careers at TV stations and Post facilities throughout Southern California.
  • TV Technology Magazine
    Computer Graphics Columnist, 1992 - 1995
    From my computer animation studio in Val Verde I wrote about using computers in production and post-production for TV Technology. As the west coast news correspondent for TV Technology I traveled to trade shows and user sites to report on new developments and practical applications. As a technology analyst, I reviewed and tested new hardware and software provided to me on loan by major manufacturers.
  • CSI Digital, Los Angeles California
    My responsibilities at CSI Digital included configuring, demonstrating, installation, and support of Silicon Graphics workstations running high end solutions such as Discreet Logic FLINT and Alias|wavefront PowerAnimator. Pre-sales, I accompanied account executives as a demo artist and technical resource in the field. During the sales cycle I performed technical reviews of system quotations. Post sales I was the customer's first line of tech support and training after completing turnkey installation.
  • The Museum of Television and Radio, Beverly Hills California
    TECHNICAL MANAGER, 1996 - 1997
    During the construction phase I helped supervise audio/video/data sub-contractors in liaison with a project manager and our New York based executives. Having hired and trained an engineering staff of five I managed all daily technical operations. My responsibilities encompassed technical staff development, daily audio/video/computer operations, facilitating A/V requirements of rental activities and broadcasting/taping museum presentations. It was my job to evaluate, purchase, maintain and install broadcast or computer equipment and I implemented changes to our phone switch and voice mail systems. I worked with the database contractor to analyze the library software and develop new features. Reporting to the Vice President, I was responsible for senior management decisions and museum operations nights and weekends. MT&R is a state of the art television master control, theater, and radio studio for transmission, production, individualized listening, video on demand & exhibition.
  • Preferred Video Products, Burbank California
    I was invited by PVP to participate in a challenging turn-around situation for one year. PVP represents and distributes high-end professional video equipment to major market broadcasters, telecommunications common carriers, film and video post facilities, and networks. Under the guidance of President/CEO Richard Lyons I developed sales & marketing tools, wrote ad copy, web pages, and white papers in support of the NAB’98 rollout of MTI’s IntelliDeck and Digital Restoration Services SGI software. Overseeing five regional sales representatives I generated quotations, reviewed contracts and set up technology demonstrations. After the first year I stayed on in a consulting role for PVP, performing business development, technical writing, and website maintenance on a contract basis.
  • Enron Broadband Services, Burbank California
    SENIOR SALES ENGINEER, 2000 - 2000
    Championing customer causes with Engineering, Implementation, Network Operations, and Product Development, I supported the Media and Content vertical market Deal Originators. We promoted and prescribed our MediaCast service for streaming live or on-demand video, bypassing the congested and over-subscribed Internet via the Enron Intelligent Network. An in-house resource/evangelist for high quality encoding and digital pre-mastering/restoration, I’ve demonstrated EBS products at industry trade shows such as NAB, Sun Digital Media Universe, and Real Conference2000. Traveling with the Venture Capital group, I contributed technical reality-checks to our due diligence process. Evaluating technical requirements or feasibility of deals for Strategic Alliance and New Product Deal Originators, I participated in exploratory and negotiating sessions with first to market innovators and ePower partners leading to millions of total contract value dollars.
  • Teranex, Burbank California
    Teranex is a manufacturer of massively parallel SIMD Architecture video processing computer platforms. We provided format conversion, pre-compression processing and encoding software to the Post Production, Broadcast, and Broadband video markets. Presenting our technology story at trade shows and private demonstrations, I supported Teranex sales initiatives and helped close deals working with the Regional Sales Managers. As a first line of liaison in the field, I provided customer feedback to Product Management as well as on-site installation and upgrade assistance for Customer Service. I contributed feature and product ideas to Engineering, sought out and created opportunities for Business Development and generated leads for my territories by researching new and previously targeted verticals.
  • Advanced Video Designs, Burbank California
    Preparing product requirement documents, white papers, web pages, feature descriptions, help files, press releases and business proposals are some of the assignments I completed while freelancing with AVD. The company introduced a high definition digital disk recorder at NAB 2003 to the Telecine and Post Production market, a dual channel HD I/O interface board for OEM’s was to follow later that year.
  • Good Guys!, Valencia / Daly City, California
    Product Specialist, 2003 - 2005
    Starting at store 44 in Valencia and later at store 02 in Daly City - Serramonte I sold Camcorders, Digital Cameras and many types of High Definition Big Screen TVs including Plasma, DLP, LCoS, Direct View and Rear Projection LCD and CRT. In this customer facing retail environment my compensation was commission based and I consistently exceeded my gross profit targets for product, accessories and extended service protection. Repeat customers and referrals sought me out for my friendly, honest and knowledgeable solutions to specific requirements or general technical issues.
  • Pacific Coast Visions, Santa Clara California
    Sales Executive, 2005 - 2006
    Pacific Coast Visions (PCV) is a Manufacturer’s Rep firm in the Broadcast, Industrial and Pro A/V marketplace. Calling on over 100 Northern California channel sales and designer/consultant partners for top flight OEMs including AutoPatch, Winsted and Chyron was my primary responsibility. Traveling within an extensive territory, I demonstrated product and trained dealer sales staff while providing quotation support and manufacturer liaison. Prior to my hire, this territory had gone completely fallow due to illness and neglect. I cleaned up and expanded the account list, sought out new business and built sales back up from zero in short order.
  • Riptopia, San Francisco California
    Sales Account Manager, Western Regional, 2006 - 2007
    Riptopia converted music CDs into digital files for use on an iPod or media server. Reporting to the Director of Business Development and the A/V Partners Pipeline Executive I handled our western states & provinces dealer channel for the US and Canada calling on Tweeter, Bang & Olufsen and hundreds of Custom High-end Home Theater design/build professionals. Representing Riptopia on the phone, in the field and at trade shows such as CEDIA and EHX, I applied a mix of hunter/farmer/teacher techniques and used NetSuite to seek out, sign up and generate revenue from new and existing Riptopia re-sellers.
  • Vsolay / Point Marketing, Brisbane California
    Associate Producer / Video Editor, 2007 - 2007
  • Equilibrium, Sausalito California
    Sales, 2007 - 2007
  • Cheap Computer Graphics (D.B.A.)
    Animator / Consultant, 1986 - 1995
    Freelancing with my own equipment or in a client studio I provided quick turnaround on 3‑D animations, effects, and simulations. Using my TARGA/32, TIPS, and TOPAS system I produced 3‑D animations, computer generated stereo‑pair views of CAD models, and slides of frame grabs from videotape. In August 1990 two of my stereo pairs were displayed at the annual SIGGRAPH convention in Dallas and included as part of the technical slide set. I also conducted Beta site testing and evaluation for OEMs as well as convention demos and end user training for local VARs.
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Two-state solution is not the same anymore

In any possible two-state solution there will need to be a long-term Israeli security presence throughout the West Bank.

Need a Voice in San Francisco? Bruce N. Goren voicesDOTcom/people/brucegoren Listen to my demo on VoicesDOTcom . I've found pay for play marketplaces like VoicesDOTcom to be ineffective if not outright exploitative. I switched to a free "guest" membership and now get more work answering craigslist postings than I ever landed auditioning on VoicesDOTcom .
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Best ice cream on the planet, exotic fruit flavors and your favorite childhood tastes.
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Best bakery on the planet. Next time you are lamenting how nutty and dysfunctional #SanFrancisco is, remember that this is also the home of Schubert's Bakery. I've heard that the secret to their incredible Princess Cake is that they import fresh sheets of light green marzipan icing from Europe by overnight air express! Yum.
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