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Bruce F. Donnelly

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I have another invitation for a OnePlus One. Just the one. Please leave a comment when you claim it so people aren't disappointed.

Also, if anyone knows Binod Bista's friend Hang Rai, tell him to get in touch please, as B.B. has one for him. 
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Nice! Hope you like it.
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Bruce F. Donnelly

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Welcome new members. I just approved a number of new members whose requests suddenly became visible. I just checked yesterday, but it looks like a lot have been pending so I don't know why v
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Bruce F. Donnelly

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Three invitations to buy a a OnePlus One

I've been using lots of open source stuff, and it should be no surprise my phone uses an open source OS.

I installed Cyanogenmod OS (a modded Android ROM) on my Nexus One in 2010, and have been rooting my phones and using it ever since then.

Meanwhile, I've been using the OnePlus One since July. It's a high-quality GSM (AT&T/T-mobile) phone using Cyanogenmod for its native OS. It's sold by invitation only for now, although they should be taking pre-orders sometime in October. And frankly if you didn't follow the above (or are an iOS user) you won't want it. Also, if you find the review or reviewer below intimidating you won't want it.

However, if you want a higher-end, customizable, phone with an approachable and responsive ROM maker, it's very good. You can get to a lot of settings without rooting, and they half expect you to root. Here's the best review I found:

OnePlus One: 4K Camera Tests & Logan's First Impr…:

I have three sharable invitations for the 64 gigabyte version, which sells for $350 plus shipping, although if you're a very heavy user you may want an external battery pack too, as its battery isn't removable. I sold my Note 3 for this better phone and made a profit.

OnePlus is a Chinese company, by the way -- not just manufactured there but actual Chinese ownership.

Obviously these are first come first serve, and there aren't any more. Let me know if you are able to use them, please.

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All claimed, thanks.
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Bruce F. Donnelly

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This has been a long time coming, and it's dire. Speeding up those who can pay slows down others, relatively speaking.
The future of the open Internet is in your hands. And yet you have proposed rules that would actually break it. Your proposed path would open the door to widespread discrimination online. It would give Internet service providers the green light to implement pay-for-priority schemes that would be ...
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Bruce F. Donnelly

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Lean-ish rehabitation.
Urban Office-steading in Brooklyn

On Monday, I visited O'Reilly Media's small development office in Brooklyn, where Rune Madsen, Zach Schwartz, and Steve Klise are working on our Atlas publishing tools (e.g.  They are holed up on the sixth floor of the old Pfizer Building on Flushing Avenue, with a spectacular view of the NY skyline.

But what is most fun about the building is the way it is being developed. Rather than being a polished office building all ready for new tenants, it is being developed piecemeal in an exciting kind of urban reconstruction. After I had a look at the small office, we went on a tour of the vast undeveloped regions of the sixth floor, where rooms with mysterious purposes still remain, in skeletal form.  (Apparently, this was the area used to film the Green Goblin's lair in one of the Spider Man movies.)  In some areas, there are cinder block walls with holes knocked in them.  (Sadly, I somehow missed pictures of these.)

Up on the eighth floor are a cluster of small food startups - pickles, bakeries, juice companies.  They apparently make the building a delight, because they sell lunch on many days. 

It struck me that this is a very different kind of redevelopment than I've seen in San Francisco.  Grittier, more frontier.

I love it!
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Bruce F. Donnelly

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I have three invitations to the OnePlus One -- a tremendous phone, though I suggest you read reviews first.

Let me know here if you want one. First three only, though, I'm afraid.
OnePlus Tech aims to create the best Android smartphones of the market. Top components and attention to detail is what defines our products. No tradeoffs, we #NeverSettle.
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One down, I believe
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Bruce F. Donnelly

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(US only) Net neutrality is the flip side of campaign finance reform, and the FCC needs to hear from us.
It's time for #RealSurveillanceReform. Join us in asking the Senate to fix the USA FREEDOM Act and end bulk data collection once and for all.
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Bruce F. Donnelly

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Reawakening: David Rau on natural architecture
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Bruce F. Donnelly

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Wow, this is one issue bringing left and right to the same page.
Right now, Obama and other leaders are in closed-door meetings to fast track and finalize the Trans Pacific Partnership. And what they’re talking about will shock you.
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Bruce F. Donnelly

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The Ohio Faith Leaders’ Moral Declaration on Voting Rights

<Bruce> An important step to claiming the high Bruce </>
“Voting is a Civic Sacrament” -The Rev. Theodore Martin Hesburgh This quote expresses the conviction that voting is an act of social responsibility and spiritual consequence. As faith leaders in this state and citizens of this nation, we cherish the liberty that allows us to practice our religious beliefs within our communities. We also esteem…
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Bruce F. Donnelly

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Network Neutrality, choice, worldwide peer-to-peer connectivity. These are good things.

It wasn't long ago that "global citizen" was nonsense.
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Beautiful old building. I was there for a meeting, and didn't get into any rooms, but the meeting areas were great, with a crisp but traditional esthetic.
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Quite friendly and lively at times
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reviewed a year ago
2 reviews