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Thanks for the post +C.C. Chapman.

For me it's not necessarily "where" I want to be in five years, but what do my wife and children think of me, who have I loved, have I had a positive impact on those in my spheres of influence, what have I accomplished and did I celebrate it with those who helped me, and what character traits define "how" I'm doing what I do regardless of where I'm doing it.

I remember years ago being part of a leadership program at Dell where each of us was asked to define success. I wrote it as a news story looking back on my life after leaving Dell (this was probably five years before I eventually left). It was a very fruitful and worthwhile exercise and one I'll look at again given your post.


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Good stuff, David, and very relevant -thanks for sharing.

Trying to figure out how to get an embed code for a YouTube playlist in the new skin. Can anyone help me?

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Good stuff @Tron!

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This "Boycott SOPA" Android app is absolutely brilliant!!!
It could herald the future of consumer political activism in an incredibly simple but very real way.
Here's how it works: scan an item's barcode, and it tells you if the manufacturer supports SOPA or not. You can then choose, right there at the store, to support them in turn by purchasing their product... or not.
SOPA is where it starts, but as the Extreme Tech article states, it could be developed and enhanced to be used for pretty much any cause you want; the possibilities and implications are endless. This is an absolutely amazing concept, and I can't wait to see what people do with it... Voting with your wallet could become the easiest (and most efficient) thing in the world.

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Good tips.
Happy 2012! Resolve to keep your inbox tidy by being email efficient this year. Here are a few tips:

- If you can reply to a message in a few minutes or less, do it now rather than later.

- When you're done with a message, use Archive to remove it from your inbox. You can always access it later with search or in All Mail.

- Set up filters to automatically label types of incoming messages. Try picking a newsletter. On the message, click the dropdown and choose "filter messages like this."

- Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate Gmail even faster.

What are your tips for mastering your inbox? #GmailTip

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Will have to share this with my wife as she regularly does Skype calls with her mom and sister who are both in other locations.
If you haven't yet, we've just announced a number of reasons why you should try Google+ Hangouts! Happy Holidays!

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Very cool, Rich.
Incredible! You have to watch this time lapse movie of the French country-side. The beauty will blow your mind!

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"I liked the [Honeywell] Prestige quite a bit. The touch screen gives you a general’s view of your home’s climate. The bright blue display and the readings of the temperature and humidity (inside and outside your house) make it look like a screen from the Weather Channel."

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