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Dog Walking in Melbourne, Healthy Dog treats - MAKING DOGS HAPPY!
Dog Walking in Melbourne, Healthy Dog treats - MAKING DOGS HAPPY!


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Love our clients and their dogs, and especially when they say good things about us. Thank you Kate and Jennifer ... for the latest .. we love making dogs happy but most importantly HEALTHY !

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We assist a lot of dog owners in their quest for the healthiest, most appropriate dog treats for their dogs, and this article is based on one such interaction. I have pulled out the most salient parts of our regular communications on this so if you are interested in low fat treats or feedings dogs with pancreatitis, you may understand what is and isn't good for your dog.

PANCREATITIS and dog treats/ Dog food

When a dog is pre-pancreatitis or has fully been diagnosed with pancreatitis, they are generally put on a low fat diet. It should be noted that there are a few sources around that suggest that over-loading dogs with carbohydrates (grains and the sugars they contain) can be a large contributory factor to the acquiring of such serious organ diseases.

So the diagnosis can sometimes be seen as a wake-up call to increase meat intake in a dog (low fat meat) and reduce carbs.

You don't have to believe in any of that, but we are here to 'fly the flag' for dogs eating as natural (non processed foods as possible, and species appropriate, and for domestic dogs. That means mostly an animal meals (meat, bones and offal based diet). Note if you are staying with commercial dog food, there are HIGH meat component options too. But there are specific requirements for dogs requiring low fat diets.

If you want to view our low fat dog treat range, the first button bolow shows the whole category. The second button shows our high selling Medium Chewer Sampler pack that contains five low fat treats !

Low fat chicken & beef dog treats - NOT ideal.

In keeping with the concept of meat based, but LOW processing, there is no such thing as natural Low fat chicken or beef dog treats. These animals typically contain around 10% animal fat in most of the meat cuts, and the only way to significantly reduce that in a dog treat is harsh, high temperature rendering that can significantly reduce the nutrition of the proteins and enzymes in the treat.

Some sites recommend main dog food meals to be made from 'cooked skinless chicken breast or boiled hamburger' because they say boiling removes most of the fat. This is the hard retendering cooking methods that destroy much of the nutrition of the meat, and a good reason to use slow oven dried meat based dog treats as a supplement, from low fat sources.

Kangaroo dog treats and fish - the Low cost, low fat, high quality dog treat options

Most country have a specific non farmed 'wild' animal that can be used as a healthy resource for dog treats, and in Australia we are blessed by the proliferation of Kangaroos (caught under quota) and Australian Fish also caught under regulations.

Because we have relatively clean land and oceans around Australia these wild animals are essentially organic, more so than any farmed animal should be able to claim. The big thing to note is that these animal products (roo and fish) are Australian origin and NATURALLY 2- 4% fat. And they are the Good fats (non saturated) and higher in Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

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New dog food marketingI was horrified at hearing about a 2018 NEW world beating Ethical/ organic DOG FOOD . 'New and improved' NEVER replaces 'original and natural dog diets' (animal source ONLY).

In many new ultra premium PRICE dog foods they talk about using "raw freeze dried" ingredients. Usually Free range products including chicken and beef and maybe Organic fruit and vegetables. However just because a pellet is 'ethically sourced and have a 10 YEAR shelf life means little to the actual nutrition required by dogs. Cardboard also has a 10 year shelf life.

1 97% of people buy commercial dog food. That means 3% prepare their own dog food, regularly, and less than 3% that prepare mainly raw meat dog food diets that are balanced with appropriate offal and bone sources and amounts.

2 Ethically sourced is a 'nice to have' thing on the check list of things that human and pet food should be. But of course it completely avoids the major issue of dogs being feed as close to 80- 90% meat, offal and bones as they should be to be really healthy.

Who chooses 'how ethically' any source is, and who monitors the company that rubber stamps those companies that pay them money to call them ethically sourced?

3 'Raw freeze dried' is a great buzz word, however as we have documented several times before in this blog, Freezing for too long or not low enough or too high a cold temperatures can damage the essential amino acids and enzymes in meat - which is the whole reason why you are feeding a dog a raw diet.

The best thing is either to feed your dog human grade raw meat, OR healthy dog treats meat treats that are slow oven cooked - the best way to reduce bacteria count, without destroying the nutrition quality of the meat.

Why Healthy Dog Treats BEAT Ethically Sourced commercial Dog Food.
Rather than go on about why the latest dog food offering is just attempting to steal the premium part of the dog pellet market from the majors. Its probably better to understand you may as well keep feeding your dog your regular premium kibble but supplement with 100% dried meat dog treats (like ours).

We see that some of the owners of these new businesses might have a genuine care for their dogs, even if they dont walk them regularly, and even if they are really just a marketing business sub-contracting out all of the creation and logistics of their product. That was the blackhawk model that so successfully made their management team rich (before selling to a bigger corporate) and what every new guy is now trying to emulate. Marketing campaigns, PR campaigns, sub-contract out, sell the business for big profit. But don't believe the hype. Be geminately informed about what is missing - ie enough quality meat.

What they constantly fail to inform you is the PERCENTAGE of quality meat in their products and what their exact method of freeze drying involves (and what science papers back up their methods).

It is HIGHLY LIKELY that the new products have around 30% meat in them. The current ultra premium have up to 40% and one or two from NZ have 50% but they are very expensive per kg . Right now, about 90% of commercial dog food has 30% meat or less, usually of low grade (non human quality). You will also notice that all a company providing "ethically sourced" meat is doing is assuaging the owner guilt - NOT actually helping the dogs. After all, the meat isn't even organic meat.

NOTE - We don't provide an organic dog meat treat range either, because we know that most people struggle to buy meat dog treats for their dog, let alone adding the organic surcharge to that. But instead we provide the PRIMARY thing a dog needs - 100% meat (not 30%) !

You would not feed your rabbit (herbivore) a meat diet - don't feed your dog (carnivore) a herbivore diet.

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As a pro dog walker, we get to see some amazing sites each week. This was some lovely play between young wolf hound Tiny and Am staff Chops.
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If you haven't read about this concerning trend already, its because its very 'hip' to sell cannabis in the form of CBD dog treats to dog owners in America and now Australia. With the relaxation of marijuana drug laws in the USA, the signal has been sent that its a harmless recreation drug - that clearly impairs rational thinking, work performance and driving ability ... but now its considered a new wonder drug able to cure almost all - but dont believe the hype

In the dog world we at Healthy Dog Treats strive to provide our loyal clients with the best advice and products, and CBD oil is definitely NOT on the agenda. For every reason that another blog or snake oil salesmen will give you, we can give you many more real reason why not.

Whether OR NOT all of the appropriate testing and clinical trials have been done for humans, dog physiology is often quite different and requires just as rigorous testing before it is used for dogs. And one of our major issues with this opiod replacement is that if it does have less side effects for extreme pain relief, and less addiction, then in extreme cases it might be useful prescribing it.

However we suggest it should be reserved for chronic pain relief and diagnosed physological issues in dogs NOT dog behavioural issues. When that happens it will just be an easy way to over medicate and drug dogs into submission, rather than treat the behaviour issue or take the dog for a walk, give it what it actually needs and what might be causing the issues (lack of exercise and socialisation).

Part two of the issue is that like many medication cheats, the amount of CBD in dog biscuits is likely to be so minor that all you are doing is feeding a dog more KJ and giving it a slight 'buzz' - that is taking away the option to feed your dog more meat (with protein and enzymes benefits), and to have it work on correcting behaviour issues through intensive training.

Here are the claims by OTHERS (like people making profit off your dog) and here are the counter claims that explain why this is so risky and unnecessary.

The reason most dogs are anxious is not a neurological disease, but lack of socialisation and effort on the owner's behalf. Lack of dog walking also reduces mental and physical stimulation and removal of waste from the dog's body. If you have an anxious dog, and you are unable to walk the dog yourself, consider getting a dog walker specialist OR a dog behaviourist to teach your dog to be social.

Giving ANY form of drug to an anxious dog, tends to mask the issue, doesn't give the benefits of the dog walking and usually makes the dog more unstable. If society is happy to placate people who should also learn natural ways to release tension and stress and lower anxiety with pharmaceuticals so be it, THEIR OWN CHOICE. IN any honest dog loving blog that understands dogs, this would be the last benefit that anyone would offer up to the critical reason for using CBD on a dog.

If this is true, and its more effective than long term medical studies suggest that specific crafted pharmaceutical through your vet are, then with your vets agreement I can see a benefit for using CBD for this specific reason.

However as with humans, we often find that dogs are treated for one thing, when really the human wants its secondary benefit, a stoned human or dog, cocooned from real world problems. Make sure that your vet prescribes CBD just for acute conditions of seizures and epilepsy. that other drugs are not as effective at treating.

This would be one of the most over used, under studied mistruths used in the CBD industry to date. Sure cannabis gives the munchies to recreational human users, but for years responsible dog owners and industry leaders (not bought by dog food companies or pharmaceutical companies), have been warning against fool hardy and dangerous 'gags' of getting dogs 'stoned'. Dont give dogs alchol, chocolate, nicotine or cannabis. That was always the rule until lately.

If you are a stoner, this might seem a fun thing to do. For most dogs it is very frightening when a dog can't think or walk straight. A dog doesn't give consent to be used as a test subject and there are MANY other ways of getting a dog to have an appetitive, like exercise, play and off lead dog walking. If they are in the final stages of cancer and other drugs do not stimulate appetite, then yes, vet prescribed might be of value, but not randomly self administered.

Show me the white papers on large scale usage of CBD oil in dog cancer wards, with no side effects and I will revise this section. In the meantime, it a dangerous rumour spread to make money for CBD manufactures. A natural meat diet and exercise is FAR more likely to prevent cancers in dogs, than any artificial suppressant such as dope will provide. It is purely companies looking to make profit that feed dogs too much grain and veggies in the first place, which are more likely to cause pancreatitis and some cancers, then masking the issue with CBD. If a dog doesn't want to eat meat, then they are truly sick. Perhaps feeding a dog more meat in the first place would have avoided the need for a cancer fix.


It has been documented that being stoned can dull the senses, and reduce the perceived level of pain that a dog has. Of course they are taken out of reality and should not be taken for off lead dog walks because they won't know how to behave normally and have a socially great time.

If you really want to relieve joint pain and arthritis, This is why we sell shark cartilage and Green Lipped mussels as natural meat products that have been documented to naturally help dogs with bone joint pain. I have articles in the ABOUT section of my website that link to the original studies done with real dogs, showing real improvement in pain and mobility.

If your dog has chronic pain not associated with bone issues, and you prefer using CBD over pharmaceutical narcotics, that is your choice, just make sure you understand the side effects and the ideal dosage levels.

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I didnt know this until last week, so its gratifying to learn something new, that puts into perspective why our dogs are loaded with so many grains and we don't bat an eyelid.

We know that dogs were fed inferior vegetables with their meat by farmers when times got tough centuries ago, and likewise industrialised England didn't always provide good wages or cheap meat for families either. But here is the actual reason why people accept that dog treats should be some kind of inferior confectionary for their dog.

The sad tale of woe for dogs the world over began with American inventor Jack Spratt in the 1850's with a visit to mother England.

Down at the docks Jack Spratt saw sailors throwing old biscuits called “hardtacks” or “molar breakers,” at stray dogs thinking that they were doing the dogs a favour. Yes it kept them alive, but like feeding white bread to birds causes the hideous and obvious debilitating disease called 'angel wing' (a horrible malformation of the wing) ... dogs also are harmed by too much grain and vegetables. In dogs unfortunately the health effects (and diseases) take many more years to appear so owners arent even aware damage is being done. And even when diseases occur in older age, it will never be attributed to commercial dog food - because the who dog industry (and commercial interests) are geared to make profit from cheap grain food.

The sailor's biscuits were made of the cheapest long lasting ingredients around (sound familiar)? Flour, water, a little salt, then baked to be rock hard. They had up to a 50 year shelf life, but when you are a starving dog on the docks you will attempt to eat anything to survive.

Spratt made the astute observation that the 'hardtacks' could be a marketers dream. Something to sell to an untapped population (that could not complain about quality). Though to patent it, he had to add some propriety ingredients such as vegetables and a little meat. They were called "Spratt's Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes" and by the 1870's were sold in America. Other companies soon fought to compete with equally cheap, but high margin fodder, legitimising it as something to feed to dogs..

It is true that 'dog biscuits' were sold in Britain as far back as the 1820's but this was a low cost uninspired dog food replacement, with little marketing behind it. Spratt turbocharged it into the mainstream.

Why non meat dog treats are still popular

Flash forward one hundred years from the Spratt upgrade, and post war America saw many dog owners looking at offering their dog companions the luxuries that a post war consumerism America offered.

Human medicine and research was still in its infancy, as was nutrition information, so it was left to advertisers to convince a willing population of dog owners, that this pack of wheat with a few small additives would prove your canine love. Decade upon decade of making dog food and dog treats more unnaturally irresistible to the dog pallet, and mass advertising making you feel guilty at not feeding your dog more grain based concoctions ensured that the dog biscuit and its many variations were engrained into the dog owner psyche as proper food.

In 2018 you can get grain dog treats or sweet potato (nevertheless vegetable based) with 'modern' additives like coconut oil, fish oil, kale or some other 'super-food' but the additive percentages are typically so low, that these form of treats should truly be used in moderation.

The honest truth is that meat costs money to produce, a LOT more than grain. And that reduces the margin that dog treat makers can make, if they have to price the product low enough for people to afford a lot.

As Australia exports more meat and farm companies become rich, Australian humans and dogs have carelessly decreased their meat intake. Unfortunately after decades of being convinced that grain biscuits are good for dogs, its become easy for owners to be convinced that its true and save a few bucks. Many people honestly believe that a carnivore dog actually deserves highly processed vegetable products?!

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The value of WHOLE meat dog treats? Natural teeth cleaning!

Big dog food companies don't like adding meat to their dog food or dog treats, it takes away from their bottom line and advertising dollar. This is how you end up with the ridiculous situation of dog owners being sold 'artificial tools' (dental sticks) at vets and supermarkets. These tools are compressed green vegetable rubbish called 'dog teeth cleaning' tools.

Before I get into the WHOLE meat dog treat version of 'teeth cleaning' more, you should consider why a dog teeth cleaning tool is necessary for dogs at all. Because if in fact the description that a few dog food makers provide that dog pellets 'scrape the teeth clean', then surely you wouldn't need another one of their products to follow that up.

The truth is, that dog food is full of carbs, and carbs are sugar, and the little artificial food grains from dog food pellets or wet food get stuck to the dog's teeth. That is what causes dog teeth issues and cavities, let alone providing NO exercise to your dog's jaw.

What happens to most dogs that just eat commercial dog food

Most vets will tell you that you will need to brush your dogs teeth. But most people will not follow this ritual that regularly. This like in humans will often lead to tooth decay or gum issues. Because you have not regularly brushed your commercial dog food fed dogs teeth regularly you will then probably be advised to or spend a few hundred dollars regularly getting your dogs teeth professionally cleaned by a vet.

This all makes sense until you realised that it was mostly the commercial dog food diet that caused the whole dog teeth problem in the first place. This whole unnecessary cycle means you should probably fork out more for having your dog's teeth cleaned. Or perhaps you should consider regularly giving WHOLE meat dog treats for your dog to chew?

How WHOLE meat dog treats help teeth and gums

If you feed your dog a WHOLE MEAT dog treat (100%) it has a natural teeth cleaning structure to it. It wasn't created in a lab, and doesn't try to imitate nature, it is nature. It holds together itself without artificial binders and gum like in most artificial vegetable based products, and it will NATURALLY clean your dogs teeth as they chew.

read more here:
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yes, the perfect day for winter play - thank you Atlas and Chops ! #vizsla and #bulldog
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Our last article looks at how we ranked our range into dog chewing ability from small to medium to large.

While that solves many owners problems, we decided to go MANY steps further and re categories our already very extensive range into other functional categories.

We have done this because of the last seven years of emails have often asked us about specific specialty treats and rather than just answer emails individually, we now provide these categories permanently on the left hand side of our site.

These are the niche functional areas that our healthy dog treat range can be categorized into:

Other specialty Dog Treat Categories


This is by far our one of our largest email requests. Dogs that are obese, sedentary, diabetic or have pancreatitis ALL NEED low fat dog treats. As we mention in several LOW FAT articles, these are NATURAL low fat treat levels - not artificially rendered down.

For us low fat is typically 2-4% ANIMAL fat levels. And they are mostly from the Kangaroo and Fish categories, though not all fish are low fat. So if you are looking specifically for low fat treats, SINGLE WHOLE INGREDIENT MEAT healthy dog treats, then this is of major value to you.


Offal (organ meats) typically have a bad name, because they are very misunderstood. In raw feeder circles owners understand the vital part that offal takes in the mix of a dog's daily diet. They are rich in nutrients and so takes up a small proportion of a total dog diet. However it should be noted that muscle meats like lungs and heart are not super rich nutrient laden so can be fed as regularly as regular meat treats.

These other offal meats such as beef and lamb cube provide a fantastic light entertaining crunch for dogs and being so low density you can of course feed many more without giving too many extra calories/ KJ.


The king of dog training treats are beef liver treats, however there are many different options. Mostly you want them to be small and irresistible, but some people require several chomp training treats rather than single chomp. This category gives you other options to consider.

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The fantastic Atlas #vizsla and Pippa #golden play sessions ! #dogs #melbourne
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