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Bruce Carroll
Author of "Acting: From First Audition to Final Bow"
Author of "Acting: From First Audition to Final Bow"
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BOOK REVIEW: Adventures in Funeral Crashing
Book by Milda Harris Review by Bruce Carroll Adventures in Funeral
Crashing is an exciting read with all the intensity of a thriller and all
the passion of a teen romance. Kait is both a well-developed and memorable
character, and the fact she cannot see th...

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BOOK REVIEW: Silver Cascade Secrets
Book by Rachelle J. Christensen Review by Bruce Carroll Silver Cascade Secrets promises to be a “romantic suspense novella” and it delivers in all three
categories. Christensen kept me turning pages (well, digital pages), and I
can’t say if I was more deter...

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BOOK REVIEW: Secrets Above
This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. If
you enjoy visions of a dystopian future such as Ira Levin ’s This Perfect Day or the British sci-fi
television programme Blake’s 7 , you
will love Secrets Above . It is the story of Amelia – Lia t...

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Author's Choice Awards 2016
2016 is nearly over, and in that entire year there was only one winner of the Author's Choice award. Congratulations again to Reagan Colbert for her stunning novella, The Hidden Soul . You can read my review HERE . Sign up for my
newsletter and get a FREE D...

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Guess Who?
by Bruce Carroll The following is a biographical piece about a real person. I did take liberties with some of the minor details. Still, you should be able to figure it out. Think you know who she is? Leave your guess in the comments. It was a short walk fro...

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The Day I Gutted Everybody
I was fed up, the day I gutted everybody. Fed up with the
sick hypocrisy that is part of the human condition. So I snapped. I gutted everybody. I laid their entrails out for them to see. Racism. Greed.
Hatred. Fear. Sins too loathsome to name. I kept nothin...

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BOOK REVIEW: Meeting of the Mustangs
by Cathy Kennedy Review by Bruce Carroll This is a clever and uplifting story about a wild mustang.
It is an easy read, but it may not be suitable for young children as it does
include heartbreak, hardship, and death. The story is somewhat episodic, but som...

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An Interview With Me
by Bruce Carroll From time to time I publish interviews with authors and others. Today I decided it was time to post an interview with me. I've answered the same kinds of questions I ask others. I hope you enjoy it. Describe your
childhood home. Does your c...
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