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I took this photo one night taken during our African Photo Adventure in Namibia.  The next big adventure was just announced: The Venice Photo Adventure over at — pop over and jump on the Alternate List if you're interested!  
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Bruce Achterberg

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Google has a new CEO and a new parent (holding) company

Larry Paige, former CEO of Google, is now the CEO of Alphabet, a new company that owns Google (you read that right). Sundar Pichai is now the CEO of Google. 

Alphabet, led by CEO Larry Paige and his business partner Sergey Brin, will not create products, but rather, companies--companies that focus on things Google previously had going on, such as the self-driving car stuff, and I imagine the +Google ATAP  and  Google X projects. 

So, it's mostly just a restructuring. But a curious one. 

Google's announcement:

The Verge talking about why this happened:
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Bruce Achterberg

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Clean your toilet without a brush

This is a pretty nifty Kickstarter project. It uses a jet of water that can penetrate into water. 

3 days left to fund it.
Calan Horsman is raising funds for Loogun: The modern alternative to the toilet brush on Kickstarter! The Loogun is a hand-held motorised device that cleans above and below the water in a toilet using nothing but a sharp spray of water.
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Bruce Achterberg

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Made with Creative Commons: A book on open business models

To quote the Kickstarter page:

"With your help, we are going to identify and select a diverse group of two dozen businesses, creators, and organizations from around the world succeeding with business models made with Creative Commons. Then we're going to dig deep into how they work to show how using Creative Commons can produce economic and social value. 

Our goal is not to identify a formula for business models that utilize CC, but instead to gather fresh ideas and dynamic examples that will help spark new, innovative models that build on what is already working. 

We want to spread this knowledge far and wide to inspire others to use what works for them. At the end of the process, we'll publish an ebook that puts together everything we learn and create an interactive online tool to help others build their own CC-made business models.

Other good things

* "Everything created through this campaign including the book, tools, models, discussion, and analysis will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license."

* Tax deductible " Creative Commons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. CC will issue tax receipts for all donations exceeding $250."

9 days left to back it. (as of this writing)

Creative Commons is raising funds for Made with Creative Commons: A book on open business models on Kickstarter! Let's write a book that shows the world how sharing can be good for business.
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Bruce Achterberg

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St George's Day London 2015 - 03

Sharing 3 photos I took at the St George's Day celebrations at London's Trafalgar Square last month. In this first one, they've turned St George into a hoop-throwing game.
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Bruce Achterberg

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BattleCON Online: a cross-platform, card-based fighting game simulator (4 days left to back it)

To quote the Kickstarter page: 

BattleCON, short for “Battle Connection Fighting System”, is a card-based duel between two fighters. BattleCON gives you a wide variety of unique tactics, and you'll combine these with strategic play to take down rivals in fast-paced duels.

It's similar, but different, to Yomi: Fighting Card Game by David Sirlin:

About BattleCON online

Their goal is for BattleCON Online to be playable via:

* the web       
* Steam (Mac and PC)        
* Android (yay)         
* iOS          

They say:

All devices are included in a pledge, and your progress and unlocked characters will be shared across multiple devices.

 In addition to being able to play anytime, anywhere, with anyone in the world, we want to bring you an exciting roster of characters, special costumes, and new play modes that bring the game and the world to life, including the long sought-after story and solo dungeon modes.

Here's an interview someone did with David Brad Talton, the creator of BattleCON:

The interview description:

> Brad chats with us about how he brings the physical fun into a virtual space, where mobile card games are headed, hats, and much more.


As of this writing, there's 4 days left to back. So don't dally if you want to back it. 
David B. Talton Jr. is raising funds for BattleCON Online - The Fighting Card Game, Now Online! on Kickstarter! BattleCON is one of the top-rated board games of all time and plays like Street Fighter for your tabletop. Now let's play it online!
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Bruce Achterberg

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Game development course bundle for Unity, HTML5, and no coding –pay what you want, 10% of sales go to charity

Ends in two days.

You can get it here:

About the bundle:

"All three bundles come to you from the experts and industry pros at Stone River eLearning, who know that there's more than one way to create your own games. Choose your own adventure:

* Make your own games using HTML5. Instead of learning a different programming language for every platform you want to see your game on, HTML5 programming allows you to code the game once and then deploy it across any device.

* Make your own games using Unity 3D. Create 2D and 3D animations, explore sound design, add special effects, and make your games mobile-friendly using this powerful game-building engine.

* Make your own games without learning a line of code. No time to dive into learning a programming language? You can still make your game idea a reality by using the Stencyl and Construct 2 intuitive software platforms drag and drop features into your game.

Pay What You Want: Game Developer Bundle, Go from Gamer to Game Coder with Stone River eLearning's Complete Training!
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Bruce Achterberg

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More Photos and Tutorials by Ray Bilcliff.

Taken mid afternoon on my favourite beach at Whitley Bay in England. Shot with my Sony a6000 at f5.6 and ISO-100 for a 1/60th second exposure. Lens is my 16-50mm set at 1mm

More Photos and Helpful Tutorials on my website.

#LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins +Kevin Rowe +Toshi Nakamura +Bill Wood +Tony Phillips +Jeff Beddow +Krzysztof Hanusiak +Dennis Hoffbuhr +Dave Gaylord +Doug Hagadorn +Eric Drumm +RJ Wilner 

#themagicoflight +The Magic of Light Curators +Ray Bilcliff +Hamid Dastmalchi +Paul Stein 

#paintography +Paintography Curator is +Ray Bilcliff
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Bruce Achterberg

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Looking for a budget phone?

The new Moto G is worth considering
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Bruce Achterberg

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Elon Musk reveals the likley cause of CRS-7 rocket explosion

What they do to find the issue makes PC troubleshooting look simple! :) 

I heard Elon say that they had to analyse data from multiple sensors and the video feed, and plot it on a timeline--which isn't easy, since there is different latency for each, so it's not simply a matter of plotting it on a timeline 1:1. 

Interesting point from the video: launching a rocket requires a 100% passing grade; there's no chance to load up a patch or do a recall. It works as it needs to, or not. 

Also interesting how they call it an "overpressure event" (PR doublespeak) rather than what it was (which I think it was an explosion). That's a bit disappointing; usually Elon is quite candid. 

The video has timestamps, so I suggest watching it on YouTube.

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