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  • The Brow Horn Orchestra
    Musician, 2009 - present
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Brown Whorn Orchestra, Aaron Rutter & The Soggy Crutons , Brow Horn Orchestara, Brownhorn Orchestra
Genre Confused Pary Vibes
The Brow Horn Orchestra are fast becoming one of Australia's most in-demand party bands. The high-energy brass n’ beats five-piece play genre-defying, dance-demanding electronic/hip hop/pop music laced with an irrefutable energy and a heavy platter of global sounds.

Having shared stages with some of the world's best acts and played some of the country's best festivals (Big Day Out, Peats Ridge, Pyramid Rock, Southbound, Groovin the Moo, Future Music to name but a few), their live show simply cannot be ignored! Why wouldn’t you want to join the infectious rhythms of multi-award winning party proliferators The Brow Horn Orchestra?

In the Brow swag to date: A bunch of WAMI's and Perth Dance Music Awards (Best Live Act three years running / Best Hip Hop Act), a new EP "Two Fires" and a whole lot of radio love. Distributed by MGM and booked / managed by gods.

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Now there's a horn section to nod your head too.
- Brendan Maclean, Triple J

This band are what showbiz is all about.
- Miguel Cuevas, Drum Media (Perth)

That was real fresh, reeaal fresh!
- Speech, Arrested Development (USA)

Impossible to dislike.
- Ben Watson, Xpress Magazine

Beautifully arranged and featuring sweeping keyboard lines and horn stabs, 'Fade' by Perth outfit Brow Horn Orchestra is a real pleasure. Reminiscent of blissful summer nights, its soulful and funky melody instantly elevates your mood. Great fun.
- Alicia Sim, Wire Mag (West Australia)

These guys are going to slay on the festival circuit and on summer radio. But you should see them first, so you can tell all your friends you did.
- Lachlan Williams, Drum Media (Sydney)

This new track is a real beast. You've managed to pack a lot into this three-ish minute tune including a creamy, smooth opening, some stomping production, charging horns and a twisted rap bridge. All hail Brow Horn Orchestra. (On single 'Fade')
- Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

Brow Horn Orchestra's laid back but cheery rock-pop is a warm, fuzzy ride of good times, no responsibilities and a jolly brass section
- Ellie Freeman, Rave Magazine

The Brow Horn Orchestra certainly know how to make some quality noise. Every Single Day demonstrates the band's diverse musical talents with its eclectic mix of brass and rapping proving that they're remarkably good at exceeding all expectations by keeping their sound fresh
- Naomi Dollery, Drum Media (Perth)

This EP shows that The Brow Horn Orchestra are well on their way to being a prolific player in the Australian music industry. Can't Afford This Way Of Life is a tremendous effort and sets the exceptional benchmark of energy and musical talent the band brings to their performances. The next best thing is to see The Brow live.
- Chela Willams, Xpress Magazine

I thought I'd play you a song that I really enjoyed, it started off with a language warning and I thought oh here they go with the swearing but I found myself really enjoying it and I think the actual language in it is a bit of a Cee-Lo Green reference, so have a listen out for it. The band is called The Brow Horn Orchestra and the tune is called Every Single Day.
- Alex Dyson, Triple J (Breakfast banter)

They're one act you should go out of your way to see live!
- Travis Johnson, Xpress Magazine

This party jam is big, brash and...well, Goliath really.
- Caz Tran, Triple J

They should be seen live by everyone. Again and again and again.
- Anne Johnsen, Fasterlouder

I am no doubt repeating every other Perth music writer who has seen them by saying they have the potential to be big. Really big.
- Simon Clark, The AU Review

By the time the WAMi award winning Brow Horn Orchestra took to the stage, Riverside was well and truly chock-a-block as the incredibly young and talented 8 piece group had the dance floor trembling late into the night.
- Jane Kennedy, ABC South West

This band have picked up a swag of awards over the past couple of years; best live and hip outfit at the Perth Dance Music Awards; the best funk act and best music video at the WAMi awards and Drum Media in Perth has marked these guys as the next big thing so I reckon it's fair to say that their debut EP is pretty hotly anticipated.
- Dom Alessio, Triple J

Managing to catch the tail end of Perth's own Brow Horn Orchestra owning their opening spot on the main stage, we were treated to funky instrumentals, decent vocals and their popular number Goliath.
- Kristy Symonds, PerthNow

They are essentially the type of mythical triangulation that forty years ago Kim Fowley (yeah I know. One of those days.) would have tried to conjure by throwing a bunch of jailbait in a van and keeping his eyes on the prize. They're youthful, professional and they smile a lot. There's some brass, phat beats and lyrics which fly out so fast I can't really pick up on them after a drink or three. Are they the Los Campesinos! of festival-friendly fistpump frictivity? Is the sky the limit? I don't know, but with maybe a few more knockout songs, probably. This is the kind of stuff that, with the right money (or youth-focused government-funded radio station) behind it, could be on the playlists of schoolkids nationwide, sandwiched in between Pendulum, Pez, the Kings of Leon and The Hilltop Hoods. Girls with Australian flag beach towels should go and see them at the Big Day Out. Faustina Agolley should be asking them "what's with that name, guys? a hurr hurr" on a Sunday morning at Circular Quay on Video Hits. If that sounds critical, it shouldn't. Cynicism might be easy with these guys, but ultimately it's entirely unnecessary. If you can, you should be singing, dancing, and playing with their omnipresent beach balls. If you can't, you should probably just get out of the way.
- Alex Griffin, Life Is Noise
Bragging rights
Sky fainted on stage mid solo, banged his head and was back playing by the end of the set at a show in Sydney. Is that a bragging right? Pfftt
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Fremantle, Western Australia
A very bubbly personable and wonderful lady to have worked with. I couldn't imagine anyone better to help you tie the knot!
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A completely 360 degree change in the way of the record store in Perth. Warming open vibe that allows you to explore and celebrate vinyl rather than in and out customers.
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reviewed 2 years ago
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