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Libertarian Amnesia

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Libertarian Amnesia

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Libertarian Amnesia

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an undiscovered talent here!
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Ding Ding. #sorendrier  Thanks for making a  short clip of copenhagen of #stuartwilde 
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Libertarian Amnesia

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Being Kinder to Yourself

Question: Can you talk about how we go about cultivating compassion so that we start to become kinder to ourselves and to others?

Ram Dass: We’ve lived our lives with negative images of ourselves, from childhood on, and we’ve built upon those images, and built upon them, and they became very heavy weights. These thoughts about us are a part of our ego, and they’re manifested through our roles of child or husband, wife, breadwinner, all of those roles. They’re built upon the thoughts of, “I’m not truthful” or “I’m not likable”, “I’m not good” – all of those negative images. Once you identify with...
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Libertarian Amnesia

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standup night. nice.
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Libertarian Amnesia

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I dont want to share this rt now but interview just happened.... Someone come back me up and tell me this is good stuff. share with the people from my old account cause I cant post from my phone to the pages. It aired 15m in ago. I'm not interested in this topic tonight. I felt my duty as an American, or human or something with feelings to stop and record! Ugh. I'm celebrating an UPDATE tonight! So dont ask me about this. now I just got home from work and signed in on this silly account I pay for to watch movies and shows on. Then this show popped up and I was like half watching but then had to go back and record. I really am having a good day. BACK TO CELEBRATING MY UPDATE. I SHOULD OF POSTED THIS ON ANOTHER ACCOUNT. IT's good stuff. I know. Jay Weidner and George Noory. 30 sec mark-60 sec mark #chemtrails can i get a tagger
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Lately I'm horrible at returning emails now and I actually would rather you go to and leave me a voicemail instead if it's important. I have to much SPAM mail currently to read my inbox.

Bragging rights
Again, I'll leave that to others cause I could say anything! lol
  • Southern Methodist University
    Psychology, 2001 - present
    People who drop out of school in highschool or sooner are my heros Minor in religious studies.
  • Personal Trainer
    NCAA certified & more, 2006 - 2009
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Ron Paul Girl, DJ Brookie B
Personal Trainer, Balance Specialist, Child Therapist, Writer, CEO Birth Mom Missions
I shouldn't have to name them, let my SKILLZ be known by word of mouth.
  • Self- Employed
    Personal Trainer, 2003 - present
    Certified by Cooper Clinic NCAA with emphasis on nutrition
  • Birth Mom Missions
    Manager Non-Profit, 2010 - present
  • Ron Paul Girl, 2009 - 2013
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