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Brood 9 Martial Arts

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A little fun on Friday! Like Comics? Did you know that for a time there was a Brood 9 Comic in production? Check it out!

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Brood 9 The Comic?
A COMIC...? Yes, Brood 9 as a Comic Book!  Brood 9 in spirit and name and culture has been around for
over 20 years.   This was born and bred
from a group of young kids that were outcasts at the time. Our love of Martial
Arts and everything in what people c...

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The Water Detox
The 5 Day Water Detox Detoxing your body is all the craze nowadays. There are so
many different ones that it will make your head spin trying to figure out which
one to do, or really even if you should.   You body has a built in system that already detoxes y...

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Make sure to check out our very own Coach Anthony on the Awake & Alive Podcast! He'll be doing another one with them very soon! :)

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How are you keeping up with your motivation? Here's some ways to help!

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Ways To Keep Your Motivation
3 Ways to Keep Your Motivation “Life is 10% what
happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”   - Charles R. Swindoll It’s the New Year, and you set goals, you set Resolutions
and are Gung Ho all about it when the year starts.   Than Life Happens!    Things...

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Learning to Fall is an important skill to have, so start 2017 with learning something that will help you in all facets of life!

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Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

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A Thought On New Years
A Thought on New Years! How was your flight into the New Year spent?   How was your last inkling of the year before
played out?   Was it with family? Friends?
Droves of people you don’t know on the same party path as you?   Someone special?   The answer is ...

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Finish the year STRONG and use code "brood9" while you do it! ;)
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