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The foundation of #Equality is the premise that #gender does not determine capability for a given task.  Women may have to do it differently, but they are still capable of completing any task a man can.

A foundation point of #Chivalry is that women are less capable beings that require the protection of men.  

Do you disagree with my #perspective thus far???  If you do, why???

If you agree thus far,  do you see how Chivalry might undermine the image of a woman as a full equal to a man??? 

Today we have a society that has women as Police Officers, Marines, and Jet Fighter Pilots. These are the roles of protector and warrior.  Is it appropriate for women to be in these roles???

How is a male police officer/soldier to believe a female police officer/soldier can be counted on to watch his back??? 

A woman is either an equally capable human being or she is not!!!  Which is it to be???

My point is that a woman reading this needs to fully understand the dynamic of Equality and take responsibility for how their decisions effect how all women are perceived.  Do you think this unfair???  Whose responsibility do you think it is to create an environment where women are respected as full equals??? 

We can change laws to help women, but the truth is that true respect as an Equal can only come from Women Stepping Up & Demonstrating their Ability to Communicate as Equals 24/7/365. 

When women complain about the lack of Chivalry, they are basically asking to return to the mindset of inequality. 

So women have a choice.  They can make decisions that continue to demonstrate an association between women w/ being "weak & afraid" or women can make decisions that grow the association between women w/ being "strong & brave."  Which do you think will better lead to the mindset of women as true equals??? 

Then again, perhaps women prefer this halfway treatment. Its only resulted in the opinions of women to not be taken as seriously as men's and as a consequence of that, getting paid less for non-union represented work.

I Love Women and it hurts me to see them not live up to the Equality I was raised to believe in. 

In other societies across the world women are still treated as property and have very little rights, if any.  Don't sleep, our society can still tumble backwards.  Even now there are those plotting to take away a woman's right to choose what happens with her own body.  What are you doing to help secure women's rights over their own lives???  Your daily decisions matter. 

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Honestly, does this surprise anyone?
The World Airline Awards recognize the best airlines based on millions of passenger reviews.
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When we found out one of the KBB experts is moving this weekend, of course we decided to test the cargo space of the Honda Fit! Still room to spare. #movingday #newcar #HondaFit
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The reality of lethal, autonomous machines is much closer than we might think.
Forget the battling T-800s of "Terminator: Genisys" -- the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots warns that the lethal machines of the future are more frighteningly close to home.
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Celebrate #summer with a #BBQ. Discover ideas for entertaining on Pinterest: #4thofJuly
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Just discovered (via Laszlo Bock's Work Rules) a fabulous essay by Henry Ford explaining why it's important for businesses to pay employees well. He writes:

"Paying good wages is not charity at all it is the best kind of business.

"The man who comes to the day's feeling that no matter how much he give it will not yield him enough of a to keep him beyond the margin of want not in shape to do his day's work. He is anxious and worried and it all reacts to detriment of his work. But if a man feels that his day's work not only supplying his basic .need but also giving him a margin of comfort enabling him to give his boys and girls opportunity and his wife some pleasure life then his job looks good to him and he free to give it his very best.

"This is a good thing for him and a thing for the business The man who not get a certain satisfaction out of his work is losing the best part of his pay."
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Sacramento State University will be Building a Tiny House for SMUD's Tiny House Competition - October 2016

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Is this even real??? Why would the EU government want to make taking vacation photos and posting them to social media a legal matter??? Protecting intellectual property needs to have limits, because making an issue of taking pictures of public places from public ground is going too far.

I just signed the petition, "European Parliament: Save the Freedom of Photography! #saveFoP @Europarl_EN."

I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here's the link:


On 9 July 2015, the European Parliament might destroy photography. The Freedom of taking photos in public places is under attack. Until now, in most countries in Europe you were safe to take and publish photographs that are taken from public ground – This is called Freedom of Panorama. When you were on vacation, you could take a photo from the London Eye and share it with your friends on Facebook*. If someone wanted to pay you for using this p...
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I didn't realize, though I should have, that their is open source software to run your own mobile phone cell tower.

OpenBTS is free software, and importantly a community of hackers building it out.

From the webpage... "The OpenBTS software is a Linux application that uses a software-defined radio to present a standard 3GPP air interface to user devices, while simultaneously presenting those devices as SIP endpoints to the Internet. This forms the basis of a new type of wireless network which promises to expand coverage to unserved and underserved markets while unleashing a platform for innovation, including offering support for emerging network technologies, such as those targeted at the Internet of Things."

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