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24th birthday-Atlanta
25th birthday-New York City
26th birthday-Miami
27th birthday-Vegas or New Orleans. Where should I go?
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I'll be doing International birthday trips after my 30th birthday, Pankaj. So India it is. Woo hoo!! +Lashon Goins , I already did NYC. Gotta do a new city every age. NYC was fun though.
I think you should do like Houston or Dallas. And wear cowboy (girl) boots. That would be EPIC!
I'm torn but I'm going to say Vegas. Or Chicago, but wait is your birthday in like Jan or Feb? Then scratch that. Vegas it is.
oh ok i miss understood... hmm i say go to Vegas!
+Aimee Kear That's a fantastic idea!! I've never even been to any part of Texas. Shameful, I know.
Thanks to come India after 30th b'day.I am always here to welcome u.Bcos u r my guest and respect them.
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