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Many of us knew this was the case, but Twitter's Social TV Lab and Starcom MediaVest Group just did a great study that proves Twitter can further amplify your brand and voice when used in conjunction with TV. Clients are often on the fence about whether or not social media impacts TV... well, here's your proof! 

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Seriously one of the best things I've read in a LONG time. Well done.

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+Sitewire has fun in the Google photobooth!
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Adorable video by a friend of mine. Check it out!

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It's really as simple as this. Happiness is most definitely a choice. 
Good morning everyone! Happiness is probably a choice. Choose happy!

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Aww. This is amazing. I think I need a dog like this one...
A family dog saved a toddler who fell into a backyard swimming pool in Michigan.

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awesome home maintenance service. whatever you need done...he does it.

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Great points, +Kim Hand! It's incredible how fast Instagram has grown and become lucrative to the very FEW people actually working there. I'm thinkin we need a million dollar idea or app.
Last week, while everyone was buying lotto tickets, the guys from Instagram were cashing in their winning tickets. A couple of guys were able to turn an app into a billion dollar investment. How they did it seems simple now, but is often difficult to replicate.

Part of their success comes from creating a product that solves a problem and perfect timing (the iPhone's camera was finally decent quality). But another key element was the social integration. They made it simple to use and easy to share. People were already taking pictures with their phones, but now they could take even better looking photos and share them with their friends.

The best part about Instagram was it didn't have to teach people how to use their product. People already knew how to take pictures. Instagram just enhanced this experience.

I've heard a lot of people threatening to leave Instagram. While I understand their gripes, it seems that the buy indicates Facebook's strategic long term thinking. Instagram was able to create a billion dollar mobile app only on the iPhone. Those are a bunch of people that I'd like on my team. Who knows, maybe this will mean a better mobile app for Facebook, but that's probably just wishful thinking.

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Way to go, +Travis Unwin! All fancy on that roster n everything!
Sitewire presenting at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Marketing Summit on April 5, 2012.

Is your organization in need of a marketing makeover? The Marketing Summit is the solution for you! This half-day conference will inform you how to shape your brand, generate media hype, cultivate leads and effectively monitor media feedback from your consumers. Each session is tailored to marketing professionals and small business owners looking to create and maintain a strong brand and media presence.

Among other great events, +Travis Unwin, our Director of Media Strategies, will be in the panel discussion Social Media – What’s New and What’s Around the Corner?

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