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A transplanted Crazy Englishman living in north Texas
A transplanted Crazy Englishman living in north Texas

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+Glenn Hughes
Nice result for your boys today Glenn knocking the "Red Scum" out of the F.A. Cup

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This miserable year just gets worse.

Status Quo's rhythm guitarist Rick Parfitt has just passed away from a heart attack!

Many many hours of my younger years were spent listening to them.
Fantastically popular in my country the were unable to sustain their momentum in the U.S. after their 60's hit "Ice in the sun."
For the American reader please enjoy some of what you have missed over the last 45+ years.

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This has been an awful year R.I.P Andrew Sachs.

You will always make us laugh.

You would think that after 16 years of living in this country that I would become somewhat used to racial abuse.

Somehow you never do.

I understand it less and less each day especially with what is going on in this country lately. Worse; this happened to me from someone who should have known much better....A security guard on a college campus in a suburb of Dallas!

I won't name the company concerned.

I suppose I should count myself fortunate, I'm white and English so it doesn't happen too often. Even if it shouldn't happen at all.

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After a recommendation, I have just seen the "Brexit" piece by John Oliver that apparently aired on HBO.
This idiot is biased which I could stand if he was even remotely funny!

Obviously he was made to surrender his sense of humour and objectivity to the E.U. as a condition of entering the U.S.A..

For the record: I have no solid opinion on whether Britain should "Remain" or "Leave" as long as they take this idiot with them.

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"The Greatest" Mohammad Ali Passes.
A man who surpassed boxing and became part of my "childhood soundtrack."

Anyone find it ironic that while one country is celebrating the longevity of its queen, another is mourning the passing of its prince?

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One of the originators of the sound of rock music has passed.
Often known as "The Fifth Beatle" Sir George Martin has left us aged 90.
More than most his contribution to modern music is inestimable. 

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Seems I only come on here to mourn the passing of my youth these days.

I am saddened to report the passing of the wonderful British actor Frank Finlay.

2016 is rapidly becoming a horrible year and it's not even a month old.  
This coming hard on the heels of the death of Sir Terry Wogan.

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Sad to hear that "The John Terry Era" at Chelsea football club is coming to an end.
Chelsea will never see another player like him again and it's just as likely neither will the Premiership.

Captain, Leader, Legend

+Chelsea Football Club 
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