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We found this fascinating article on Popsci looking at some possible developments for jets of the future. Their innovative designs could be the shape of air travel to come.

How do you think the jet planes of the future might look?
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I have no idea, more functional, and it could perform better, be lighter and better for the environment and the air.
Hi +daquan bowrin Yes, it's from the PopSci website, but we thought it was an interesting piece to share here too. Thanks.
Be more economical so we can fly more easily..
Hopefully planes be will designed to allow passengers to see more outside whilst in flight. Boeing have something lined up similar.
Today's aircraft are beautiful, they are as they should be. The aircraft of the future look too sci-fi and no longer have wings as we know them :( 
As right as you are +Aivis Indans , These new designs could promote multiple factors such as fuel consumption and speed loss.
Looks cool! if its green then i am impressed
id say if you got all the money you could one day get a
ba airbus with 2 floors!
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