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Thank you to everyone who is connected to us here on Google+. It's great to have you on board.

Did you know we also have a 'Test Pilots' circle? This is where we share exclusive and inspirational content with its members.

If you'd like to be one of our Test Pilots, let us know here and we will add you to the circle.
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Hi, please add us to the 'Test Pilot's' Circle, Thx
I'm intrigued, would love to be added please!
sorry, but i think it's a Thai flag on your plane tail. :D
I'd love to be a content test pilot!
Hi everyone. For us to add you to Test Pilots, you need to add British Airways to one of your own circles first. Thanks.
I would love to be a test pilot but I cannot fly a plane, is that still ok?
my son Isaac, was born 2 be a Pilot however he is an Actor & Writer in N.Y. he would like 2 Test Pilot
I ll be glad to be one of your test pilot.
Hey facebook is more better than googleplus
What a wonderful looking Machine almost Graceful like...very nice
i think you are the best! Traveling with your servis it's realy good servis
I fly a Cessna but would love to be in the discussions that Test Pilots have. Please add me if you can. Thx.
Hi there, I assume you aren't talking about test pilots literally! If not, I'd love to be added
Hello everyone. Don't forget, before we are able to add you to our circle, you will need to add British Airways to one of yours. Thank you.

Thanks alot for the addition for test pilots circles I really appriciate.

Be blessed everyone who is connected with British Airways.

We wish you safe journey.

You are welcome, BA....Kindly add me in your circle...Thanks
you see,this is British,how it can be italien?
Am interested in this offer. It'll definitely make my year if choosing.
mee, too! Could you please add me to your Test Pilot Circle? Thank you very much!
what a wondeful company, British Aeroplane
Add me please...your services are so nice!!
Hello, would love to be included in this circle, thank you!
Looks like Thailand's flag on the tail.
For less noise, could I just +1 this article to join this circle?
Where is info about transit visa requirement at London airports and the procedure to obtain the same?
hi want to be trained to be a pilot i will be indeed happy if i can be the part of the team british
i will be much happy to have that chance to be trained as a pilot please i am ready count me as well
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