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Los Angeles and its surrounds are synonymous with the film industry, featuring in many of the movies made there, so why not enjoy some of its finest features while flying with us. Choose what you'd like to watch
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hooo se parece com a cidade de Luanda!
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British Airways

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Are you interested in tech? Maybe you want to learn to code? We've found an app that could be perfect for you
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British Airways

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Executive Club members can now view their personal flights history via our online tool, My Flightpath. Find out how many miles you've flown around the world, how many hours you've spent in the air and which cities you visit most. You can also view a map highlighting locations you've visited, earn badges when you reach certain milestones and share content across your social networks.
Find out more here: 
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+Andrew Warden +British Airways With Google Now integration! Passbook is nice, but show the cross-platform stuff some love too :D
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Benedict Cumberbatch braves Finland's chill for ice driving and playing with huskies in this month's High Life magazine. Check out the full shoot here
Image: Joe Windsor-Williams
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Not the First Officer's Lexus!
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We can chart our history back to 1919, but we only became British Airways
in April 1974 following the merger of BOAC and BEA. So we thought we'd
celebrate turning forty in some glamorous company.

Take a look at what Denise van Outen thinks about turning forty with us and
some great archive footage from our past.

Want to learn more about how things have changed over years for us? Take a
look here
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Oh b best
he. Vvghp90
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We all know about the startup scene in Austin and London, but how about Atlanta? This southern state capital is such a hotbed of innovation that it's been dubbed Hotlanta. You can find out more about it here
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It was dubbed Hotlanta long before startups. Try being there in September sometime and see just how stifling hot the weather is.
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British Airways

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The birth place of Microsoft, Boeing and Starbucks, Seattle certainly has history when it comes to embracing innovation and technology. So what are the latest companies to set Seattle alight with inspiration in your opinion? Discover how to make the most of this edgy city in the Northwest of America with us here
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Attitude capital of the West.
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With an ergonomically designed seat, your own personal entertainment system and a few little extras, like a comfy cushion and a blanket, thrown in, your time on board our World Traveller service will simply fly by. Find out all about it here
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U jelly Ryanair?
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Want an adventure you can't get just anywhere? Vayable lets you connect with locals to explore your own private island near Fiji, or get a pizza tour in Queens. Learn what inspired its founder, Jamie Wong.
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British Airways

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Patience is a virtue, but if you fly Club World with us it's one you can do without, thanks to our dedicated Club World check-in desks, fast track security and priority boarding. What will you do with the time you save in the airport?
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A space to share and talk about things that inspire you about flying

Welcome to our official Google+ page. We hope you like it, as we’ll be doing things a little bit differently here.

Throughout our 90-year history, we have delivered products and services to make travel easier for you, our customers.  We always seek inspiration and explore completely new ways of improving your travel experience. This has led to us being one of the first airlines to introduce both a fully flat bed in our Club World cabin (1999) and a frequent flyer programme, Executive Club (1982) to reward you every time you choose to fly with us.

We haven’t stopped there. More recently, we were among the first airlines to introduce an iPhone app (2008) and by listening to you we now have a mobile app for Android, iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry mobile phones.

Inspiration comes from many places and by sharing this, we’ve been able to develop unique products. For example, our Club World cabin was inspired by the early days of BOAC and Saville Row tailoring, we also collaborate with fashion and textile designers to explore and deliver contemporary new looks that maintain a British style.

Your contribution has been invaluable in improving the travel experience.  As such, our Google+ page will be where you can share things that inspire you every day. We’ll be creating circles you can be part of and reveal exclusive content where we hope you’ll give us your honest opinion.

Thank you for following us and remember to let us know what you’d like to see here.

We like to hear from everyone but would ask you to consider the following information 

We aim to answer all your questions here but sometimes we'll ask you to contact us directly especially if it's a customer service query. If you need immediate assistance, please visit where you can find our contact details

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