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Not a viable option (in the USA) in the configuration you are showing there due to Electric Codes and spacing requirements between line and low voltages
not useful at all, costly to start and implement them.
Useful as long as they support 1A and/or 2A. Older USB chargers from a couple years ago can't even charge new smartphones at the proper speed.
Frustrating, would rather have RJ45 for CAT-5 but nobody knows what that is.
hmmm yah..! but how this pocket maintain the voltage ? which is controled by the cell phone charger
why tempt kids to get anywhere close to 120VDC? Install higher and in adult areas.
Not cool... Technology changes so fast USB could be obsolete in a year or two, then you've paid a lot of money to wire your house with something you'll never use. 
Verry good usb for phones.inteligente.
Not really. I prefer to use plugs that pump out more amps so I can charge a little quicker. 
NOT! Would cost too much to install!
not yet in the Philippines...maybe it's coming with Us. 
Only benefit is that you can still use the socket, just make an adapter plug that adds a couple usb and still has a socket to plug into. No install, removable and useful without blocking a socket.
i like the idea... somethng i would like to see though is wireless charging for many mobile devices... these smartphones and devices barely last 3days
I like the desine of it it is not so useful but looks good 
I have a plug with a USB port on it, which i think is more useful.
I just installed one in my remodeled kitchen and I love it! The USB is for charging only at a rate of 2.1Ahr. So, needlessto to say it charges up my phone pretty quickly.
Tom Z
not useful, you can't take this on a trip with you.
My wireless internet goes through my house wiring. So if a phone is a computer.... plug it into a bathroom socket? But why plug it in with wireless everywhere? Downloads? Great for the obsessed to recharge devices.  
These are going in my house.  every outlet.
Sven T
Very useful!
the Innovation makes the life easier.
Love it! But i need it for Android! :o)
Very much appreciated every where is needed 
Useful. I have one, and use it daily. I have the Leviton version though.
Might as well just use the plug? 
a variety of them are now available...
I bought a few of these, but they haven't been as impressive as I had hoped. The output isn't high enough to charge all phones, and not enough to charge tablets.
Don't they tell you to unplug your chargers when not using them?  Is there a charger built into the outlet that is always on? Something about AC to DC current?  I would not want a houseful of these outlets, with transformers that are always on..
Even the sockets are shocked he is still using a 4S.
Actually good,but it can condemn the phone.
As useful they appear to be, these are in fact hidden chargers plugged in the whole time, which isn't really a sensible thing to do
Yez Di
Don't ask us lame question that you already know the answer for!
To have both a wall socket and usb on one panel? Not at all. Besides, almost every usb charging device already comes with a wall adapter furthering it's uselessness. 
amazing nice and creative thanks
We've got something similar on wall above kitchen counter where all of our devices charge and we couldn't live without it.
Standard electrical plugs and chords are SLOWLY on the way out....
it is useful if u had both,but usb is more mobile
Only if you could find a way to network your entire house with your computer and phone so when you plug into the wall you're plugging into everything
What happens in a few years when USB is out?
Useful but dangerous. Cheap chinese AC-USB adapters use to overheat and blow up frequently (happened to me at least twice) and here we've got them built-in.
Wireless charging and NFC are the future so they say. These are cool, but will be end of life in six months.
wouldn't want a heat producing transformer permanently built into my walls...
It's both possible and practical. The usb in automobiles already are capable of charging. The home version needs only to add a 12v DC transformer, and let the phone regulate the rate of charging.
I use one that plugs in. It gives me 3 ac outlets and 2 USB outlets. Very handy. 
the problem is that a usb connector on the wall needs a power supply always connected hidden in the wall (the same component you usually have at the and of the cable) with an huge waste of energy. So , this isn't a good idea for me.
First thing I did when I brought my last place was swap a number of power points over to one that included USB charging points.
why? if gonna connect it to a wall socket then connect it the usual way, it will charge much faster like that
If the USB power give 5V DC 10A to fast charge my Nexus 7, my Samsung Galaxy S and other devices, and if it is compatible with european devices, shut up and take my money
Can this possibly be UL approved?  They cant' possibly be that stupid.  There isn't enough physical separation between the 120v and the 5v connectors.  Anything metal dropping on between the wall-plate and the plugs and shorting the two is going to make life interesting.
most of ......not use because it is very danjaros....''
As the USB adaptor is pretty ubiquitous already I would say NOT.
definietly useful.. i agree
Yeah because I'm stuck with the normal plug & an adapter at the bottom, They don't last long either because of the constant charging. 
Very good idea USB chargers come with all new device s 
yeah ... it can be very useful for every one .
yeh, like if someone wants to connect their usb and look at images or listen to music :P:P:P:P:P :)
this doesn't need 164 comments, it should be the norm.
No...not useful.....unless your turning lights or appliances on & off with your device...????
This new outlet with USP port or just a photo???
Lutron already sells these check Home Depot! 
Sean S
I've seen these at Lowe's.
Great, and I have an idea why the larger wall sockets look so afraid: Nobody will use them, now that no separate USB charger is needed anymore
With lots of devices I cant find much sockets for charging...
This will come in handy...
While Coopet Industries, Pass & Seymour have these devices on the market, this one looks like a fake. Why are the line voltage sockets not Tamper proof? A requirement of the NEC.
Soon everything will go to wireless charging. So this doesn't seem like it will last very long. Plus, most chargers have a plug at the end of the chord anyway.
great idea, and wireless charging technology is still miles from being effective. This would be cheap, and nice to have, ill take 6
+Michael Grierson yep wireless charging is here no need for this just install a charging system that is wireless throughout all homes along with wireless internet. Each home has a code to unlock for use.
Just USB only sockets about desk high, out night stand high will work.
Would be good in hotel rooms.
Bluetooth charging or Wi-Fi charging would be a better idea
well, it is useful if it could insert a USB mass storage there. HAHAHA !! LoL
Works great and you always know where it is 
Not great at all, so many different phones and Power differences.
it has it's uses, office environment
The problem is there must be a transformer behind the wall plate in order to adapt to 5V DC, and I presume there must be one behind every socket outlet because low DC voltages do not travel well through long lengths of wires. This means that at all times there would be a whole load of transformers buzzing away wasting energy when a lot of them would not be in use.
Very useful... where do I
buy them.. do they come with gfi
Heck yes!!! I run a home automation company and have not seen this this morning Im looking for this wall plate and quickly put it to retail.heck and can use this myself.

Definitely useful, but also situational.
actually my idea is to have all the electrical equipment run by USB say it AC,GRINDERS,COFFEMAKERS,FANS.LIGHTS
Not useful. Why use usb when the wall socket is right there?
Cool if std not many ppl who dont own a device with a usb port
useful !! great money saving on adaptors for traveling ppl
A wireless alternative would be much more useful and cost effective.
While What jason it saying has some reasoning to can get a filtered transformer or better yet a regulated power central station if you plan to upgrade your home to this neat feature....also it would be nice ran as a network usb through out a compound a university, hospitals,hotels exct. "I would not advice to try and mess with high voltage if ur are not an electrician". IT will shock You!!! Romex its not nice to untrained hands.
I think that's for people who doesn't have computers. Nowadays, who doesn't have a computer?
No need.. I rather stick with my powerbank .. :) 
Working for an electric supply co I'd have to say yeah. We move quite a few. The USB ports are in the middle of the two outlets though. 
Very useful. We use up a lot of outlets in our house for phones, tablets, ipods, etc. 
It is easy for using so it is too useful in our day today life 
Extremely useful! Just one tiny sign that shows technology is advancing lol
yes extremely useful, codes will be modified like they were when we added phones and cox, easy to cost justify, apple cube costs 30 bucks!
I would have included them in my new house had I known they were available. The electricians in my small area are still trying to sell pot lighting. 
Rich Gillian. Try 5 VDC. Not 120 
No.. USB charging is slower than adapter charging almost every time.  And get this right next to the usb port is a very useful port for your charging adapter!
As long as it has enough current to charge an iPad and not just an iPhone!
CJ Roe
Well +Tingting Peng, the voltage inverter would be apart of the socket, instead of being plugged into it. So thw distance between high and low voltage is the same. Plus they already have similarly configured outlets here in USA. And technically 120vac is classified as low voltage per NEC.
No, the power supply will add 24/7 phantom loads, maintenance and replacement is an issue too.
Very handy. I have some in my surge protectors.
I'm more drawn to how upset the sockets look by you not using them anymore.
Seems a good idea. Are they coming the uk
Am sure it will already be standard practice somewhere in the world
As long as it's putting out 2amps. Very useful
If standard USB cords were 6 ft. long and the cost of manufacturing was low, it's an entertaining thought. 
wow! nice charging slot or fake
Against code to have low voltage and high voltage together
I have the AU version here. Makes my desk much cleaner.
I've seen these in Australia. Like the idea, not sure about practice.

I'd prefer them standard on my surge protector or power board. 
Leo Lee
USB Power outlet is useful, but iPhone is not useful.
hell yea we need im tired of looking for that little box thing
Extraneous is the word I believe I would choose to describe this.
Good idea in theory, awesome idea for hotels when traveling?..
Why does it have to be an Apple product always in these type of images..... Should have taken the blue pill!!
Ryan Ng
The USB cable doesn't have to be connected to a charging phone or a tablet. It can also be connected to a computer mouse, monitor or keyboard...
Ash Ash
Yeah it's Best as much as we can bring new Tech :P
Useful until new type of cord is invented.
Why ask such an obvious question?  Your small-mindedness leads me to block you.  Goodbye
I have a few I put into my house. They are great, especially since all I need is a micro usb cable to charge most of my devices.
in this day and age yeah very useful!
..... That would be lovely 
would be useful for my mp4 player.
I got one for Christmas. It's awesome. Took 15 minutes to install. 
Very useful. In fact, I installed one last year, and will be installing a couple more in my new place next month. Definitely worth the $30.
+Michael Grierson you can pick these up for under $30 on amazon. All they do is replace your current power outlet. Takes 15-20 minutes to install. 
except it wont work with most devices they use the data pins to tell the device what its connected to. not as simple as providing a 5v supply
You want to pluge .or you need some one to put on the outlet .

Do want. Except for the scream-mask-esque wall sockets ;-) We really are better of in europe in that regard.
Not useful if you are charging ifukphone....hehe
Looks and sounds like a great idea .
Excellent idea and you can buy these today online. Very Useful. How could in not be. I've seen power bars with similar configurations.
I have mine installed near the bar area that separates my kitchen and family room. It's great when guests are over. They can just plug in right there and charge up. No hunting for old AC adapters for them.
Might as well go back to land line telephone systems...People will just lay their phone on the bed side table plugged in all the time..this is silly- well actually kind of they bury the the power converter in the wall?   What you really need is a type of antenna for those who have no signal - who live in basement that is a money maker----5% for my get on it.
Very much useful. I have them installed in my home. Use them all the time. 
Definitely useful, but not so environment-friendly. It's like having your phone charger plugged in all the time. It's "Vampire Power" and it's wasted energy
Clearly fake, nobody uses old Iphone's any more!
It depends on how many devices you have compatible with the setup it can be an amazing space saver in certain cases e.g if u have at every point were you normally take your tablet or phone it can certainly reduce your load to a mere cable in recharge department.
Lol look at there fucking face hahahahhahaha I'm so retarded
Yes It might be useful but I still don't give a s@&% about it 
No cause people trip over that crap
Yes it is if you loose your charger
Pretty handy if your home has a complete surge protection package. 
+Alec Bachlow They already make these repeaters. They look like little wireless routers but they boost cell phone coverage for a small area.
Useful for sure but I would just buy the power strip that have them built-in now
alot of DIY electricians will FRY alot of usb devices if they don't know what they are doing.
plug socket will vanish & replace it with USB port for all electric device
depends on how much it will cost AND whether the power supply BEHIND the plate consumes power when nothing is attached. We have to really start thinking about vampire devices...
Your electrical box is gonna need a serious up grade to handle that 
I would do it only in certain area of my home.Although, you can already buy surge protectors that plug right in and sit on top of current AC Outlets.
That could be a selling point for Hotels/Motels . 
I think this is useful. But it has to have 2A and 1A outlets, for larger vs smaller devices. It's this discrepancy why I have yet to buy one.
Vineet, thigns like tablets really need a full 2 amps to recharge correctly. desktops/laptops don't give that.
+Roger Holmstedt and how much current do they use when NOT in use??? just think about that... the ac/dc converter is on ALL the time 
A great idea -- as long as one can be assured it will not damage devices.
surely this will blow up your phone or start a home fire!
Lol why not fit a power point on computers while your at it. Dumbest thing I have ever seen.
Dan Lee
+Jonathan Neufeld or CAT-6 maybe Ethernet over HDMI too. Why do they use the iPhone to show USB, if it was up to Apple they would replace it.
Not a good idea. Not for me. We have a charger for that. Nothing impressive here. Brit M...Do you got other better idea here? 
Great idea as long as it can cover the power requirements for all devices starting from nano's to ipad's without damaging them.. 
No for me. 
I guess its a bit dangerous, specially if you have kids at home.
At least it's the exact same USB everywhere in the world. Unlike wall sockets with their myriad, incompatible shapes and voltages.
Certainly this is useful for usb charging.
Very useful, when you don't have your wall plug. 
Not really, when most cords are less than a meter long.
it is use full and some people at work already install some in their homes but socket piece at the end of the USB piece on the iphone allows the phone or ipad to charge faster.
i have one. it's really handy. and a much cleaner look on my kitchen countertop than some wall wort.
That could be useful. Takes up less space so you can plug more stuff in.
It just moves the bulky bit (step down transformer) onto the bottom of the phone 
Some time something make me great and also some time some thing make me a looser
why?? most mobile chargers can now plug usb socket into charger then into the wall
I give it a 8 out of 10 for good idea.
like ron said the USB piece for MD's and ipad's have that capability already. Since it plugs into the outlet it would most likely charge quicker.
Similar versions are available in the US and cost about the same as a gfci receptacle. I have one installed and use it all the time.
I already have some similar outlets. They are code legal in the US. From reading must of the comments here most people don't have a clue of how electricity works. There is a circuit board and transformer on the back. I think I paid about 15USD each and just put them where I normally charge not everywhere.
This is brilliant! This should be the standard of every new home!
Especially if it's over the kitchen counter - or behind a bedside table!
will be very useful in trains where at a time only one charger can be connected due to socket design ..especially in Indian Railways..
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