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These pills text you when you forget to take them. We live in the future!

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wow now thats moving into the future fast
Li Sa
like button?
Dalia M
that is a great idea but what happens to the chips?
what round are your do white?
What reason are your do?
no man is indispensable after-all...
Right Brit...TRIX R NOT 4 Kids
If you are gifted with a very good life partner/caring friend- be it any sex, do you think such reminding sort of technology is required anymore?
yoh this is really exciting!Where are we humanbeings going to end up?
We in fact were told to never die in the future..
very very true, now just wait for glasses which text us to drink water
Are those chips on top digested or are they secretly government tracking devices?! Ok just kidding...maybe...
it probably can tell that the pill isnt being digested
Be alert and know that the time of the mark of the beast is close at hand.
Matt B
do these chips get digested or do we become living cyborgs ?
Ooooooo is this a chip such a small one....can I know the capacity of it.
I rather they invent something that will make me better memory than encourage me to forget things. I used to remember all the phone/ mobile numbers by heart and now I can barely remember my own
omg it's the future already?! I'm not ready yet!
shows how far technology has come
What if the chip is swallowed??????????
digestible chip..........
it might text you to not forget to shit it out lol
No more "cheeking" pills!
cant imagine the cost those would be? my guess is anyone who cant remember to take their Meds wont have a clue how to read a text? Total waist of money! besides they have watches that do the same thing but with an alarm instead of a text.
Pretty creative, but all those hard flat angular surfaces......can you say ECHO...Echo.......echo
"ingestible event monitors" (IEM) are harmless sugar pills with a microchip implanted inside taken at the same time as your daily medication. GOOD ONE
Wow - need those as the old memory
and what if u dont forget...they go inside ur tummy...and keep texting u missed calls....:)
Freaky... I won't want to pay premium for this... I would think it'll only be useful when compliance is of utmost importance... like antibiotics... or in certain types of patient groups... psychiatric patients maybe...
Umm....what happens if one get stuck in your digestive track??? LOL
what is that???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
its obv a pill bottle with a chip on the top to txt you when u dont take them lolz :P
funny. and scary too when something will control us :)
i would so not be taking that pill... there is need to make something that is inanimate animate in real-life.
Hahaha, you thought your privacy was being invaded now...
no way I'm swallowing that :P
Next we will put mechanical legs on syringes so your medicine can hunt you down and dose you whether you want it or not, or maybe we can make the pills can fly around and just zip down someones throat when they yawn.
wait how does this whole thing work it would disolve is that healthy or relaible
I guess those pills are for very unhealthy patients...
I don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me...
and what happens to the chips, attached to what computer? Insanity ...
I'm waiting for a pill to take phone calls for me and order out occasionally.
Now what if we did this for women's birth control? I bet there would be less accidents...jk.
Well.. at least you would get "wired" so that your government/pharma corporations not only can poison you with the pills but also see where you case they do not dissolve but stay in your body! :D
Hello. In the company I work for the pharmaceutical industry Do you have information in the pharmaceutical industry??? And what are these pills that are talking about? Thanks
Uhh there's something for that already. It's a task manager.
there always something else better to take
Will they yell when your kids take them for "recreational" use?
They'll get inside themselves one-day in the future!
if my pills text my phone whenever i forgot to take them then id be turning my phone off all the time
Certs mints w/ a microchip in the middle
Mai Anh
I don't understand what that means!!!
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