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This post was typed from my new laser keyboard ;) 
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Is it weird to not have the springy tactile response of a traditional keyboard?

edit: The lack of the little "clicks" would throw me off as well...
Do you like it? Seems like what John said would be my concern.
Wow. Those are not new. We have had them since the 90s.
here goes our technology! i like my keyboard haha
From Avatar film...come true :)
My roommate had one of those my freshman year. They work surprisingly well :)
I've been playing tabletop piano for ages, would be so neat to do that and hear something ferreals
i guess you get used to not feeling the clicks? call me old fashioned but i really like having the ability to get mad and slam the spacebar 
Je Li
Hubby's been drooling over that thing for a couple of years, now. Any glitches?
that is so cool can you really type on that?
Hi Brit, I had a question, could you please answer it? Can you buy it in a store, and if so how much does it cost, and which store? Please post a video of you typing on it!!! I want one too :)! Thanks!
Super cool, imagine projecting it on some interesting surfaces, like cold water etc and typing...:)
lol thats so kool typing on water lol
how does it feel to type?
Its like the matrix ;)
looks cool, but I can see a lot of "fat fingering" and accidental "key strokes".  Let's hope there are not cats or kids around.  :^b
Hmmm...?? I got it! No, wait...

:confused: :D
I think the laser keyboard has been around for some time. I was thinking of getting one way back when I had a Palm Treo.
I think it would be hard to get used to type.
Do your finger tips hurt after a while?
maybe you can buy a soft, smooth wedge so that the keyboard tilts like a real one and has a little bit of padding for your finger tips?
It might also cause you to sing Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Relax uncontrollably.  :^b
I'm too accustom to the feedback of the key depress and clack, don't think I could function with that :-\
extremely cool! Is there a learning curve? do you need to calibrate it to different surfaces? so many questions..
I wonder if it's hard to use. Would be good for buisness trips though
Since I know how to type I don't think the laser keyboard will be as effective as a traditional keyboard since I don't look at the keyboard when I type. Nice gimmick though.
I think the difference between this and the virtual keyboard on my ipad/iphone will be minimal. LOVE IT! Have to get one.
They work fine for touch typists, as well as "pokers", most of them I've found only work well with stable, flat surfaces though. If you want speed with, or without, any surface - go for the finger loops. They look kinda like an archer's 3 finger glove without the tips. The device works by sensing the flex pattern of your hand while you type. Their sensitivity is such that the MIT demo allowed a professional typist, who's normal speed was between 170 and 190 words per minute to jump up to a little over 700 wpm using the arms of her chair as her keyboard.
realy gud na ........its amazing 
That's awesome!!! Where can I get one?? 
hahaha, imagine someone playing MW3 on this keyboard:)
"I have blisters on my fingers!!"
I offen find ghat my cat has walked upon or slept upon my keyboard.~my desk, the only place sacred and only mine, that I don't have to share with children, I often discover has been "catted" left with little bits of fur or would be ever so nice to have a keyboard so easy to sanitize!
That's my dream guys...I really LIKE it...
wait that actually works? thats cool!
Wow! Can I try it?
OMG! Very cool, where do did you buy it?
Why do people keep insisting in this type of keyboard technology. It's going to suck! Really? You want to bang your fingers on a hard surface such as a table? I know it looks cool and easy to do anywhere, but I just don't think is that practical.
+Karlos Ortiz you are right, but it is kinda cool in a neat way. but i wouldn't want to be banging my fingers on a hard table. and there is a possibility of malfunctions
And how much does this technological marvel cost?  Who makes it?
laser?! isn't that kinda dangerous? i mean, can't it have a long-term effect on your skin or somethin'?
Brown 1
That's live !!
can u upload a video please .. much appreciated.
can u found any performance different between normal and laser keyboard?
thats soooooo cool and great for ppl who are new to typing and stuff.
Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad 169 on Amazon
Good stuff, that would be even cooler if it can move to any surface! Since its a laser light projector and is based off of that technology doesn't that mean it will work on soft surfaces as well as hard? Just think a pillow for your new keyboard!!!!!
question: doesnt ur hand block the keys close to the keyboard?
John B
This been out since last year.
No way Cool. How good does it actually function? Is it Laggy?
I've had one for a few months, works surprisingly well. Got mine from for about what was listed above ($170).

You'll find that your hands are trained already to use it; the keys are exactly where you'd expect them to be. Not being able to feel them doesn't really inhibit you.

Does need a smooth and opaque surface to work properly; things like glass tables or pillows won't work super well.

Much easier to travel with this than pack around a keyboard and mouse (it has a "mouse mode" too, which turns a surface into a touch pad - very handy.
150~190 wpm? I can only do 80. 700?! I call shenanigans.
700 - See Arcadian? I brought more fingers than you.
I was wondering when this technology will be available to the public. That's pretty rad.
pretty cool. i was just wondering if performance is not affected by bright ceiling lights.
it does look awesome! saw my first one at work, my boss had one in 2008
never you'll be worry about to  clean your keyboard
+Sarah Nisbet its real, you should research arond a bit more before posting stupid comments...just saying
D Burck
I would love to have one...if i could find one!
Technology is taking over the f***king world... 
so.. the next question where can I get one?
Technology is taking over the f***ing world.... 
yup. sure is. itll b like terminator before we know it!
New Gen input voice activated input everything else will be obselete like siri in iPhone iris and voice in Samsung android
waiting for a device that has virtual screen and keyboard. whole laptop that you keep in pocket
seems uncomfortable...
u can just as well carry around a mini keyboard and not that contraption 
yooo. how in the heck? that's crazy cool!!!
Just like use using a touch phone, no clicking or springs. Very cool and think of the space you save when keyboard not in use
i think for playing cs that keyboard is not suitable :)
how did you do that?? i mean how did u get that laser keyboard??
where did you get the ketboard from and where did the laser light come from
 is this the new way !!
i wanna get one as soon as possble!!
it is great. do not send numbers try this n it genuine 7878338857
i cant belive no one else will answer the 
where did you get it question...
Think Geek
its 179.99 before shipping
and sooooooooo totally not worth the cash, unless your Retarded and just have money to throw away, but hey why attempt to cure aids or feed starving children, or i dunno cure cancer, if you want to be a totally vain douchebag its a great toy
Wow! that must have cost a fortune! 
I want it but would definitely go back to the traditional ones.
Are you a fool .. this is fate guys!! Dint you ever go to school? 
OMG that is epic my bro plays lazor harp
Virtual keyboard nice. . .
These have been on ThinkGeek for at least five years. Why just now finding out about them?!
Can I buy it off you?!?!
OK. That was a joke.
I think.
Don't buy this its causing a strange irritation in figures which is leading to cancer.
Emad M.
Really :O , can u give us so info. About it :-)
Saint Paul/'s gotta get a better Bingo board...
This is the kind of keyboard I always think about.
Sal PN
I had seen this on sale 3 years back.
Plz tell me ware u got it and how much it was it will brighten up my homework and recerch 
Post it on my wall if nesersry but if not coment on my pics
By that I mean how much it was and ware u got it
amazing laser, so easy to use seems key pad is no use,,
dear me
amazing...... lots of hands to those who found it... :-)
Brit, this keyboard is good but
does it pass health standarts? (W/cm)
i mean resonation, the hole time in net, in front of IRda sensors
Ben Rio
wont your hand go through its weird
awes. i say no more.
do your fingers hurt if you type a lot / ?
I've seen these before. I've always thought they were cool, and always have wanted to try one. :D
get me one how much does it cost, I guess its not available in India yet.
hi brit, its great ..could you pls name this product...
Awesome technology on wherever you want ;) lols
For those who prefer a tactile keyboard, just project the laser onto a real keyboard that isn't connected.
where do you get one of those? thats just too cool.
zain butt
really interesting........
Oh Yeah Brit Morin Is Interesting / Hit me Up Girl^^^
Uk S
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