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These stylish necklaces are made out of two simple materials that you can purchase from the hardware store! Now, that's my kind of "hardware" :)
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Hello..Brit..How are you.Looking Beautiful..
I like beautifully.....
That's soo awesome!!! I may just do these! I want to pin it lol
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Yemen rebel girl
Taiz - Yemen
محرومة من الجنس ..
مطلقة من اربع سنوات
وجسمي كلة يشتعل من حرارة الجنس
بالرغم انني جميلة ، الا اني حظي سيئ
انا اعيش وحدانية ولم اجد من يملئ حياتي
نفسي اسافر اوربا واعيش سعيدة
واستطيع ممارسة الجنس دون قيود المجتمع والاسرة
بنت اليمن المتمردة
تعز - اليمن
very nice looking
so nice attractive and charming
it beautifull, so as to takes the natural snow wide space photos
just a idea but it would be a great contrivence if someone created necklesses which could double as braclets and belts. just some fashion adivce from a metier vista. thanks for reading.
That's cool!! But they look kinda hard to make 😄 what if they were tiny hammers and screw drivers on it (if they made them tiny)!!!!!!!!!
very nice dear
as good and nice as u r
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