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This laser keyboard for iPad/iPhone is amazing (and cheap!). Best gadget for the holidays, hands down.
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That's so twenty first century ;-)
So getting a keyboard with no feel to replace one with no feel is somehow a good idea? Afaik that's also fake.
é esta na hora de jogar fora o bom e velho notbook
Hi How are you like a friend I n Waco of Iraq and I live here again
There is no difference between typing on a iPad or in a projected keyboard besides this: the laser virtual keyboard is $170!
is there any effect of laser on our skin??
Rae O.
I just got an iPad two days ago! Love that keyboard!
hmm not sure I'd replace a virtual keyboard with another virtual keyboard..that costs $170
My vote for the best gadget for the holidays is the Kindle fire, which costs $29 more than an iPad keyboard.
I think they should make iPads with keyboards attached to them. So that you could fold out the keyboard that it could be used as a stand at the same time. 
For iPad/iPhone?!? Haven't this keyboard been around for years!?
A gadget as well as fantastic combination- key pad
i'd like someone for my ipad 2!!
Amber M
Wont your hands block the laser? O.o like, if your fingers on R wont the D and F keys vanish?
like this much..hope @alexander siminitchi give me this one:)
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