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i wish i had more hair.....
My hair is long but not like this. This is beautiful!
she has done all the style thats cool
Ilike long Hair they look beautiful
all styles are cool but for styles you need hair
Taimur very good observation...I'd like to share this page but can.t figure it out. My hair grows too slow just at shoulders over one year now.

Finally something that has nothing to do with Apple vs. Samsung or a cat falling into a piano ;-)
Looks pretty and for experienced long hair people, easy peasy...
wow thats cool and good amazing!!!
i hate girls who make their hair so perfectly, even i cant make a ponytail..
very  nice  i  will try it  thx....❤
Very very nice wish I could do that to my own hair.
I love braids, thank you so much! xx
Teach me please :) How did you did these?
yah ua cretivity iz super fab.. de hair stylez r rather beautifully.. congrats coz they look xo nice!!!
i actually wish i could do that to my hair..
if u say u don't like it, then ur just jealous, get over it
o ho new new haistyle..................
AWESOME ..................................
You can do A L O T of stuff eith your hair :)
Long hairs can be made beautiful " Podavunna kurulu etu malachina andame " it's an old saying in Telugu language.
I like the top right hair style
nice but can't be done by own....... i mean need assistance.....
awesum hairstyls....jus luvd it....must try fo sure...
Nice hair styles.I would like to try these.
I love these new styles, & I'm not a person who cares about braids!
VRY USEFUL.................
so awesome. i wish my hair were longer to get it braided.
my hairs so long id get tiyerd arms trying to do these styles 
very cute...will show my girls who really enjoy creating new styles. 
know what to put my hair like today its down and dripping wet right now
WOW!!!   like it...
the look is awesome. makes cry 'cause I just cut my hair :(
Po L
The Waterfall Braid is my FAVORITE!!
Yeah I can't do tht... I can barely do a braid!! 
This.not hair style did mase the hair
this is nice but i cant' doit
I try more then one time and my fingers get tired.
dont be lazy gabriella,u can do it jus keep tryin nd one day u wil get it
I am rubish with hair! But those look nice!
OMG how did u do this. need these styles in my life. beautiful :)
but these are not for long hairs by the way nice:P
Wow thats a really cool photo. I wish i knew how to do all of those
THESE R JUST AMAZING..............
How about a video tutorial on how to do it?
cool, pink hair! i wish i had some...
I wish I had an extra hand or two! Lovely styles! Thanks!
i have long hair but got no clue how to do this style..... guess ill youtube it lol
Too bad I don't have enough hair for that...too thin and fine. :(
cool hairstyles but we can not do them by our own!
heyy honey my names lana i just wanted to know if you could show me how to do a fish plait?
mudiyundenkil chaayichum charichum kettam.
could you give a tutorial on some of these?
whats up with ur smile in the 2nd picture ?
such a beautiful woman with a gorgeous smile. yeah..
lve tht braid thts goin up n the bck cuuute!
trust me dont want curly hair...i have curly hair and its so hard to deal with!!
Luv ur ideas! I'm rlly into braids right now... I'll b sure 2 try some of these ideas out!!!
See this kind of thing from pinterest all the time haha
There are some girls out there which should learn from you!!

Would this mean the messy hair look is in?
HAHAHA looks stylish and great :D
ahhh i dont understand about hair style but really your hairs so nice and beautiful and your its great
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