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A really cool new company called KEES let's you design and customize your own phone case online. Check out the case I designed below and follow the link to learn more about how to create your own!
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Wow, I absolutely love this, it has this arabic, bowie, high-tech feeling.
this the first and i think will be the last
Oh, that's awesome. Too bad they don't make cases for the Nexus. :)
It's of course very easy to design, but production is a little bit difficult. Because you need some money about few thous and euros for the template of the cover. I am sorry for this info -:(
If you'd like to produce this design cover in different colors a lot is possible of course -:)
When you need my help for low cost e mail:
hey,i have that thing's from my brother!
hi dear when will u pnline?
i m like this dessign.. i wanna blue color... hmm i hope someone who production it... hoho
ohh i can't... sorry hahaha...

about picture design
Dear KEES Autority;
I can produce it for 20 USD. If the quantity is 400 pcs. The unit price might be lower and lower than 20 USD, if the quantity is higher and higher -:)

We are the manufacturer and or supplier of every kind of materials for low and competitive prices. We just need your project or description of technical datas. Low and competitive price, good quality and quick delivery are our bussines !!!

Enver Bey Selam. O şehir aynı zamanda benim de. selam olsun.
yukarıdaki cep telefonu kılıfına harika diyorlar. 65 Dolardan da satıyorlarmış. Harika olan bu. Bana birkaç bin adet sipariş verseler tanesini 6,5 dolardan üretip, satardım.
skinit does that already.
cool, but that design is a bit, well weird!
Mike Li
One of the much better ones for iPhones I've seen so far, VERY NICE
That's very nice and cool. How can i get it in Cambodia
Did the phone fall in a bottle of pepto bismol?
ok finally worked out one thing I could use a 3D printer for.
its some more stuff you can buy.yawn
lam anh
oh!so great!i wish i had one
What is the idea of a slim, beautiful phone, when you have to wrap it in a centimetre of padding to protect it?
My trusty HTC Desire have been dating the floor (and side walk) far more often than I'd like, and it has nearly no marks to show for it.
wow!!!those phones r gogious i tel u...
Valei adorei isso, pois e bom ter amigos mesmo distantes
cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like it~~~~~~~~~~~
Color is not good hot pink it will looks better in grey or black i think:)
That's awesome! I would so make a techno theme case.
Complete Garbage!!! Little faggots like Zack make me sick.
mani S
checked out yourkees ,and 3D printing has really made it possible to have whatever design u want, i liked white and Grey shades . but they r limited to Iphone 4 only. so i will be .
sonyc cell phone dear....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow so cute and nice, really
Exactly what the iPhone is missing: The Flash! (ah... no pun intended?... ok... nevermind)
I love it. can it be imported to Nigeria in Africa
what website is it on again?
show us some more designs
i want to be a distributor in GHANA
great, but I really love this site here you can design "all" devices if anyone what to try or have a partner site of your own, let me know:)
That is so cool and a really good idea.
on the first time I saw this, my mind said "oh! this is great!"
makes it as thick as an old nokia lol
good .......................night///////////////////////////// dear
alt tarafı bir telefon kılıfı yaa bu kadar yorum ilginç hakikaten 
Tooooooo Nice Covering.......n Protection with cool fashion.
the case is cool not the phone
Tim KH
It would be cool if they had one for the GS2
its guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud
Theres no cure for this! :))
Can one get a Cheerios cover like this one for a tablet
Yes i like pink slip on cover or the full deal 20 20&my bike name ronda with a pink set it red n black n sliver qick er v65 cam phon mattick ngs nate collegd would lady jump up n down office tool s bob n the build er s gadget s 
T G.
Great idea!!
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