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A new app called CraftStudio by none other than Martha Stewart lets you create and share virtual scrapbook pages in minutes. Full review here:

The app is free until July 8th, at which point it will cost you $5. Download now if you want to try it!
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thanks for the tip.. specially the free part!
This app is useful,thx for sharing it~
Nice though thank you mARTha, we have somethINg common→RI.
Why no android love, or how about my laptop? Not everyone can afford high priced crApple products. Excuse me while I pout...
Hi Brit, love your Postings. Great finds
And innovations! Thanks!
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thankyou but i cant becuse i work in elitch gardens so i take a break right now a 3 hour break so i am so sorry
hi jacke dont mind we have to work so hard to meet our life style enjoy.
thise is nat wery good  love
i dont like him papppu why are you saying that
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