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No need for a machine -- now you can make your espresso from your stovetop!
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That's great! I like espresso but never, ever can make it by a cmplicated machine
very nice. worth checking out. And I love the price even better.
I have an espresso machine but I'm seriously considering one of these. So convenient, and easy to clean up.
I drink coffee with either ice or cream and sugar
but i still wish i had that on my gas stove
Pssssst this is how the very first espresso machines functioned.
Awesome ppl pls add me!!!
yea looks great but try grabbing that cup handle and see how cool it is then.
Are you aware that this is how coffee was made for years and years before espresso machines existed?
Hard to believe that makes expresso... Cool

Hey pretty angel ,wat a cool pic u hav there
Be careful grabbing those handles.
Don't the cups get a bit hot to touch?
+Mike Minor I don't think they get hot. It heats up the lower part with the water in it.
I have something similar and it does the job well. 
This could be an attachment for my hookah!
That's cool but be sure to turn the flame off before you pick up a cup.
Wow this is about the most awesome thing I've seen in a while. Want.
thats kind of a machine....but it is smaller so still cool!!
Looks like a waste of LPG. Base not wide enough to be hit by flame. :-P
nice! save me time to drink lots..:)
I'd be scared I'd knock it over and kill myself. That might be a little exaggerated...maybe.
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WHY, COULDN'T I THOUGHT OF THAT..... BET it makes millions
That looks really nice but does it work with electric stove?
These kinds of machines don't make very good espresso, which is all about getting incredibly precise control of the process. This one is quite a bit more stylish than the cheap aluminum ones, but it won't work any better.

The minimum-cost machine that will make decent espresso costs at least $450, and on top of that you need a decent grinder in the $200-400+ range. Even with such machines, it takes some experience and no small amount of technique to consistently produce good coffee with one of these. You don't get features like double boilers (one for steaming, one for coffee) and double-walled steam heated portafilter (the thing with the handle that the coffee goes into) for many hundreds more, both of which make it far easier to make consistent pulls.
I've had one of those for camping for years, they definitely do not make very good expresso.
I live in USA.. I'll buy one with crjdent .and put it in the cuppeds.HA HA
I remember going camping with a bag of very finely ground coffee, can of sterno, and some ceramic lined steel cups. Dump in some coffee, add water and heat up over sterno. The peace of the woods, listening to the woodland creatures and drinking some very strong coffee. Seeing this reminded me of that :)
coolest coffee maker that i have ever seen' thankz for the insperation
This is awesome for 3rd world countries where you have erratic power supplies.
I love this! Christmas wish list 2012, for sure.
Better if it uses electric, not gas.
But does that give required "pressure" to the steam??
I ordered this before I read the person recommends using the cut out top or bottom of a coffee can to diffuse the heat on any stove. I will be doing that on my flame stove because the burner is so large.
perhaps it is just the picture here - but that looks like a plastic base and plastic stem on the fountain. Plastic - over an open flame.....not the best combination......just sayin...
I've been making espresso on a stove top all my life. This is just another form of the tried and true.
That is just an accident waiting to happen.
nice but can it be a capachino
The words, "five shots please!" echo in my head when I look at this.
As a coffee connoisseur, that looks to me like an excellent idea. Could possibly produce coffee as great as that comes out of a french press.
woooouw,,,,,,I like it
This is excellent for my dad!....
espresso is typically served in small cups.
lol now ya talkin. What a gift this would make
Get a presso instead much cooler looking and no need for a stove!
I NEED one!!!!! My diet consists of.. espresso!!! Awesome!!
u always shares the best ....... i like a lot ur sharings.....and this was awesum ...)
this looks brillant and I don't even drink coffee
Looking good but your profile picture is very nice
The cup handles always get to hot in that style of machine
Please have a moment of silence and provide enough information for myself to expense enough monetary to acquire such contraption, in that order.
+Danny Lampron interesting contraption! One guy up there mentioned the MyPressi. I have had espresso with that and it is not bad at all!
looks kinda fiddly and inefficient
Idk know about this. Looks like the porcelain handles would get extremely hot!
that's not espresso, that's mocha. To make espresso you must have pressure of 9 bars!
so cute...............
+Salman Adam Of course we need espresso.... :)
This "caffettiera" does not make espresso, though, it makes coffee, normal Italian coffee: they were rather common in Italy when I was a child.
The reviews aren't great. One cup gets a greater share of the goods!
I wonder if it works with an electric stove.
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