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10 clever guestbooks that look nothing like guestbooks -- perfect for any event!
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yuan yu
Morning? I  am in afternoon. Hooo
Hi happy to meet you and congratulations for your activity
Best regards - Michel
Hello! good Morning. looking is nice one.
hai i am ashok your new friend
nWhat can I say? I am from nowhere and from everywhere, a cultural and ethnic mix, and wherever's my hat there's my home. Feel most alive when I am in the following situations - playing at beach, writing poems and notes, painting , sketching, dancing to the beat, tearing round in a little car scared witless and secretly thrilled because the maniac person driving me (who, to be fair, drives very well) thinks we're on a motorino, watching people create their own parking spaces where none existed or could be imagined to exist previously, eating huge plates of food with good friends and family, star gazing, ghost hunting and cow tipping with my friends, being roasted into oblivion on the beach, vodka - my favorite, acting, late-night comedy TV, reading different types of books, dancing (preferably to contagious electro, house music, techno /dancehall reggae anthems with sublimely mindless lyrics;p) alternative, classical, rock blues. psychedelic rock (but it all depends on my mood), having cocktails (preferably at painfully trendy places), taking pictures, road trips, mutual advising with friends, playing with kids, playing with animals, socializing, studying psychology, love weird things, fighting with my obsessive, impulsive, overly-conscientious yet sometimes undisciplined nature, watching the sky, stars, rainbow, chasing butterflies, laughing at 'ahrt', myself, and various other funny things, having the giggles.
hai i am ashok your new friend please add me
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