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Brion Salazar
Nothing I have to say should change your life.
Nothing I have to say should change your life.

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New design - Iceberg Lounge, Gotham City

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Are you Bankok Ready? 

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BGS S01E13: "Fuck a can of soup." Snowbound Sal builds an ice fort and delves deep into safe spaces, being an asshole, Tilda Swinton, Harry Potter, Japanese bullies, international idioms, self-defense from Florida Man, USAvengers, Westworld, Bicameral Minds, Venture Bros., CW, Arrow, Fan Art, shippers, Bad Little Children’s books, censorship, marxism, why representation is important (but not a solution), Motor Crush, discrimination and amazing Aussies.

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S01E11: Electile Dysfunction

Sal gets politically incorrect this week and explains how and why America elected a reality tv show host as the leader of the free world. When he’s not sobbing over the election he also talks about masturbation terms from around the world, Sarah Lee’s creepy banana bread, viking cats, Stanley kubrick’s boxes, Jon Ronson, Wizard World, Chinese movie laws, Gal Gadot’s casting couch, Codename: Rocky, Cosplayers getting a free pass, platitudes, intolerance, and the celebration of hoarding. Welcome to the beginning of the end.

Art by Bill Sienkiewicz

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Big Geek Show S01E09: Censorshipwrecked

On this episode we find out if Fredric Wertham was right as Sal delves into Batman #9 by, Black Widow #7, Black Mirror Season 3, the Iron Man controversy, censorship, social justice, pandering to vocal minorities, Romani justice, running our of female directors, Jessica Jones, Captain Marvel, and the precept of being a creepy old man and the passing of Steve Dillon.

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New Big Geek Show - S01E08: STFU Miley Cyrus

Better late than never. Sal ponders the cutie-fication of psychotics, if Elon Musk is a super villain, Kill or Be Killed #3 by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, Reborn #1 by Mark Millar and Greg Capullo, what’s more offensive than the Washington Redskins, Bronies getting Browned, Iron Fist and reverse-white-washing, and the under-representation of serial killers in Hollywood.

Intro: ManTrap by Syd Dale

Let’s play “Cripple the librarian”
Real Fantastic Four
Top of the Stack

Reborn #1
Kill or Be Killed #3
Geek Gear

Star Trek Long-Sleeved Tech Shirt
Nerdrage of the Week

Gamecocks, Muff Divers, and Dangerous Negro – Oh My!!
Bronies get Browned by MLP Creator
STFU Miley Cyrus

(I) Iron Fist isn’t Racist but Rob Liefeld might be?
(M) Misrepresentation of minorities
Mental Health In Pop Culture Panel
Outro: Sorcerer by Big Band Katowice

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New Big Geek Show EP05: D is for Diversity

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