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Since I'll be out of town for the rest of the weekend, I just did a fresh build using current CM10 sources. This is mostly so I have a fresh build to run for the weekend, but I might as well let it into the wild as well :-)

The build should have Theme support and a few other tweaks that have been added in the last few days. Same rules as before apply; no promises made... Enjoy, and have a great weekend! - 2300a0f005f12d4c617554a520ab4066
Since all the cool kids are doing it, I'm releasing a preview CM10 build for my device - the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (toro). I'm sure you've seen the other CM10 build disclaimers: this is not a release build, please do not file bugs on this, etc., etc.; all of that applies here as well.

Even so, +CyanogenMod 10 has been the daily driver on my phone for the last couple of weeks now. A lot (but not all) of the CM9 features are in place, and hardware support (camera, data, nfc, etc.) should all be working.

If coming from any other ROM (including CM9), a full wipe/factory reset is highly recommended. From CM9, you can try a non-wipe upgrade, but that has certainly not been tested to any extent.

Enjoy! (MD5: d03f6d1da6593d7e93aaec5918c1ea74 or 92dbb136ad0e62382678a928683531ce)
I accidentally changed the build part way through the day, hence the two MD5s. No major updates or reason to update, just re-did the build and forgot it would overwrite.

I won't link the Google Apps, but I'm sure you can find them floating around in other places if you'd like :-)
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Thanks! I switched from CM9 to try out a few Jelly Bean ROMs, and none of them were as fast or as stable as I would have liked. They also murdered my battery life. 

Your CM10 build works perfectly! Thanks!
sweet installed and all my apps are being downloaded, w00t!  Thanks man!!!!
Awesome job so far!!!! Lovin the new CM10!!!  Can't wait to see what the updated boot animation will look like when all is ready
been using it all afternoon now and its working GREAT!
Thank you sir. Updated and so far, buttah.
I'm running Vicious Jelly Bean, is this CM10 build better? The multitasking on Vicious is super laggy. Let me know.
Really nice job on this! Thanks for posting.
can anyone comment on battery life on this vs. stock ROM? better or worse or not noticeable? thinking of rooting my wife's phone and installing CM10 on it ... that's about the only risk I can think of since this sounds very stable.
Compared to the stock ROM, if guess about the same or slightly better. Don't know for sure because I've always run LeanKernel. Battery life with LK is fantastic.
Battery seems to me to be pretty good.a little better than stock. 
+Jim Basilio I don't believe it affects battery life. I just got 17 hours on my extended battery with 2 hours of screen on time.
Awesome. Thanks for the comments about battery life. I may try to convince my wife to let me root hers. I know rooting requires loss of all data on the device the first time... but once that's done it'll be much better moving forward since Verizon's support is so lacking.
Does this cm build work well with the stock kernel?
Yes this build seem to work really well with the stock. I have not had the itch to flash Trinity or Franco.
This build is incredible.. It seems like 100% stable.
Could someone post a link on where i can find the mist up to date gapps? preparing to receive my Gnex on tuesday and will be throwing jellybean on it before i even activate it and ive rooted before but never flashed any Rom's ..needless to say im nervous but very excited
The build is working great, but Light Flow has stopped working properly for me. Any other Light Flow users who have flashed this? 
+Draycen DeCator After flashing, did you open light flow and go into the settings so that root access is requested? I had to do that with previous JB ROMs and normally works fine after that...
+Robert Benson Yes, I gave it root access and still had no success. Testing the notifications worked fine, but they didn't seem to be triggered whenever I got a notification, even after rebooting. For now I've removed it and am using the custom color options in the settings, which are working. Still, would be nice to be able to set priorities and vibrate patterns again.
Light Flow is working for me. I did a full wipe before going to this build and am using kejar's gapps since picasa sync works. I have had no issues with my notifications.

Maybe try clearing cache and settings for the light flow app and trying again?
Jay G can you tell me where to get kejars gapps?
Can anyone tell me if jellybean offers location based alerts like those found in siri? that would definitely help me stay on my wifes good
+Jeremiah Nolen I got it off of under roms/xoomdev and then you will see the kejar31 gapps. Just get the one with the newest date.
I am not sure if I can do this link here but if I can here it is . Also all credit goes to kejar31 for making the apps. I am just a messenger :)
+Jeremiah Nolen It doesn't do that out of the box, but there are lots of apps that can do location based reminders. Astrid is one I've heard of. I use Tasker, which is extremely powerful but also a bit more complex to set up. If you search for "location reminder" or something similar in the play store, you should see a lot of options.
+Jay G. I tried that last night without any luck, but I just reinstalled it and restored my settings, and so far it's working fine.

Edit: Scratch that, stopped working again
+Brint Kriebel Wanted to say thanks for the nice ROM it is my daily driver since Friday night and things are working nicely.
Has anyone had experience with the new YouTube app? i read where your subscriptions load in the background? my home dsl sucks, so this would be a great thing for me!!
Great ROM. I may just be beating a dead horse here, but face unlock isn't working, it force closes on setup. Other than that, perfect so far.
+Levi Hamilton I'm pretty sure face unlock is a gapps feature. I'll take a quick look and see if there is anything that can be done, but that might need to be fixed in those packages instead of the ROM itself.
Great job with the ROM my daily driver now, I did notice something odd earlier, I rebooted and got stuck at the Google logo, had to do a restore from a previous backup then install the OS again, afterword worked fine for the rest of the day.  Can't wait to see an updated version, and thanks again for all the hard work.
Ok..i know most of you will sicker at this question but I'm a newbie..when i get ready to load the rom and gapps to my phone do i need to extract the files first on my computer before moving to my phone?? thanks in advance
+Jeremiah Nolen no, in the cwm recovery, you choose the zips to flash. I recommend checking out some guides and/or videos before doing your first flash.
Thanks..i have watched several videos but i just wanted clarification from the horses to
FYI, dirty flashing this from the previous build jacked up my contacts and my Google Now for some reason.  Not at ALL a complaint to the OP, just an FYI to those flashing!  Not sure if anyone else had this issue!
Face unlock works properly now. I had the correct gapps version installed, but I reflashed it anyway and cleared the face unlock app cache. Works fine. Thanks for the help!
VERY impressive for an unofficial build! Are we going to be able to update this when Nightlys come along?
Installed it with + (seems to boot faster with this bootloader) and I've had no issues!

Thanks for the release! Keep up the good work!
Can someone please help me..I flashed the ROM and the latest version of gapps everything seems to be working fine but I have no Google apps???? I've already reflashed both twice.. HELP A NEWBIE OUT!! 
+Jeremiah Nolen All you will get is the Google Play store (and a couple of other things). Any items like gmail that can be downloaded from the Play store aren't included in gapps packages. If you have Google Play Store, you are fine - just download the rest. If you don't have that, it sounds like something is wrong with your gapps package.
You may not have all of the gapps, do you have the play store?  You should be using the newest gapps from, and make sure you check the md5 sums that the file was valid.

If you only have the play store, just install the other apps from play store.
Is the navigation bar modifiable in this preview?
+Brint Kriebel Should we expect that to be featured in future iterations of cm10? Not asking for an ota, just wondering.
Thanks +Brint Kriebel I was going crazy thinking I didn't do something right.. I do have those.. question is it just me or does the nexus not have as good of signal strength as other devices? I had good 4g signal in my office with my charge and now I'm barely getting a usable 3g signal.. any suggestions??
+Jeremiah Nolen It isn't amazing, but normally isn't too bad for me. It might be worth experimenting with different radio versions. If you check the forums, there is a lot of discussion about which one is best. Personally, I'm running the latest 4.0.4 radios; but newer may not be better :-)
Wifi tether should work out of the box. Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> More... -> Tethering & portable hotspot. You can also add a shortcut to the powerstrip to turn it on/off.
Thanks +Brint Kriebel !!! I know we just met and all but I have to tell you that I love you!! And thanks for the great JB ROM.. I'm sending this from my new nexus 7 using my WiFi tether :-;
Google now isn't working for me, is it supposed to be included with this build?
No, you have to download the gapps package elsewhere, and flash it via cwm.
I did the gapps and still nothing. I am assuming it works for others?
OK, I installed ICS gapps first then realized there was a newer one for JB. Wiped and started over and now all is well.
Any advice before flashing 4.0.4 radios??
Any chance at an updated build with the new VZW binaries? :)
+Brint Kriebel There are new binaries out from Google are you using those or still running off whatever came with the lastest Verizon build?
Thanks. Just found them. It looks like most of them are the same as what was being used - but there are a couple of minor differences. I'll update them.
Awesome! This build has been stellar. Love all of the built in features like notification light colors. So glad I decided to revisit cyanogenmod again.
Now if you could only wave your Google magic wand and make my radio better ;)
Here's to hoping for a fresh build with the newly released binaries!!
Thanks. They have already been updated for our sources. Don't expect any major changes with the new binaries. It looks like the only change from the previous version was around GPS.
I know I could Google it... :) But +Brint Kriebel, is there a good tutorial for compiling the CM source yourself anywhere?
Thanks. Too bad I don't have Linux available right now. ;p
Has anyone had issues with radio/wifi dropping? Having to battery pull to get a reboot? Flashed on my wife's phone, running MOSTLY awesome but she's had to battery pull a couple times and radios all dropped a couple times too.

Heard 4.1.1 seemed less stable than 4.1.0 but just anecdotes from a friend who ran both and is having these issues with 4.1.1 (not on CM10).

I'm getting nexus to replace my droid X tomorrow and will be flashing this build on it as soon as it's active. w00t w00t!
why I have status 7 error, any one can help me out?
I have already done double wipe, use the latest CWM version, but still get in the error of status 7....anybody can tell me what's going on? Thank you!
seems I flash the wrong ROM...god damn it
^ Lol I did the same. I'm an idiot I kept commenting here and the build I flashed wasn't this one, it was the 7/24 one on XDA. I dirty flashed Brint Kriebel's 8/4 over the other one. I would have wiped had I known but no issues so far.
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