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Missing some of my old friends who are no more my #friends , happy #friendship day , to them wherever they are ..
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ThankYou #SrinathSRao   sir for explanation on #Evolution  of   #Bindu    , #Bindi  , Tilak

#Philosophically :- #kumkum   and #Tilak   were used to mark/ remind/ remember the "Agna #chakra   " and give an upward motion in order to elevate the Chakra's. It is also a "Prayer/ Worship" to the Divine Energies present in our Chakra's or activating these Chakra's.

#Agna   :- resembles the Memory (Chitta), Buddhi (Intelligence) and even Mind Control (Yama and NiYama). Upward movement/ worship's of these chakra's help us to open them and to move towards the Supreme "Sahasrara" on the top of head (10 to 12 cms above top of the head)..

The motto of "Saadhaka" soul is to recognize Sahasrara and reach it.. Its well quoted in many of our scripts/ mantras that "One who leaves this physical body through Sahasrara" will attain Moksha OR will not return to the "Birth and Death" cycles again!!!

All #hindus   (Indian's - can we say this) {Sanathani's might be appropriate word to use}, used to wear Kumkum/ Tilak on their forehead. 

It became a fashion in recent centuries (forgetting its usage) and has just become a ritual now too, is sad...

Many King's/ Queen's/ Wise/ Well to do people started this fashion to show their status and to stand out from the rest!!! Many of our rituals, has reached this stage (including "Upanayana/ Munji")...

Finally, each and every Kingdom (people belonging) started to have their own symbols to represent their families, status and dignities through these "Bindi's and Tilak's"..

To quote one as such :- ISCKON is practicing to wear "Urdhwa Pundra Naama" on their forehead's starting from the tip of NOSE!!! Don't know what chakra will be there on Noses!!! 
P.S :- It should start from the center of eyebrows and should be 1 inch (Anguli Gaatra Naamani)..

There are so many similar things we are missing with.

But, these Tilaks and Bindi's/ Kumkum touch on "Agna" will activate the related glands (If we wear those with knowledge). Else, will just become fashion (OR just resembling the Religions!!!). It will lose its "Philosophical Importance"..

New Modern Bindi's/ Stickers are of no use in regards to "Spirituality"!!! But, who should tie a bell to the "Aggressive Cat"??
{If so :- Can men wear stickers to all those Chakra points or paint or tattoo them as they might be more fashionable. (This might happen in near future).}

For everything, they label us as "Communals" and "Women's Right" comes into picture, highlighting their "Liberty"..


#BrijeshMandrekar   #Indian   #evolution   #hidden   #science   #logics  
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At time #I thought what I know is every thing, but as time passed I realised what I knew was not even 1% of #knowledge & #wisdom others had

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Has word "Bro" replaced words like " #dude " "buddy" ?? Even strangers saying #bro to u is annoying, it will only kill real #relations & their #value ,I observed it with my experience... 3-5 year ago every one use to say , buddy , dude to me (my friends as well ) now suddenly they say bro even if v are not best friends .. Forget real life even on fb in various groups ... People say bro even though we are strangers.... some times 40 year old uncle calls 20 year old kid #Bro   .. so when time demands brotherhood will be expressed ?? #brotherhood
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may be
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Noticed this article on net
The spiritual effect of the moon on man :

All objects including stars, planets and satellite bodies along with their gross (tangible) attributes emanate subtle (intangible) frequencies. These physical attributes and subtle-frequencies affect us in varying degrees at a physical and subtle-level.
The frequencies emanating from the Moon affect the frequencies of the mental body, i.e. mind of human beings. By ‘mind’ we mean our feelings, emotions and desires. The mind consists of the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. Within the sub-conscious mind we have a number of impressions that are embedded that decide our basic nature and personality. We are however not aware of the thoughts or impressions in our sub-conscious mind. These impressions get collected over a number of lifetimes.

These impressions in our mind are the catalysts for all our thoughts and subsequent actions. Both the impressions and our thoughts have their own subtle-frequencies.

The moon frequencies are slightly more subtle (intangible) than the subtle-frequencies of our thoughts but are less subtle than the frequencies of the impressions in our mind. The moon frequencies have the capacity to make the thought frequencies from the impressions in our sub-conscious mind to surface to the conscious mind. Once in the conscious mind we become aware of them. Thus one will be influenced as per the predominant impressions in one’s mind.
Similarly the moon also affects the mind of animals. However as the sub-conscious mind of animals consists of impressions related only to basic desires such as hunger, sex, sleep etc., the heightened thoughts are related to these basic instincts only.

On new moon day, the non-illuminated, i.e. dark side of the Moon faces towards Earth. Darkness emanates Raja-Tama predominant frequencies. Hence compared to when the illuminated side faces Earth, more subtle basic Raja-Tama predominant frequencies are transmitted towards Earth.

Alternatively, on a full moon day there is a decrease in the Raja-Tama because of the increased illumination. However on a full moon day as the moon frequencies are more active, a heightened activity of the mind is observed as explained above in point 2. Depending on the types of impressions from the sub-conscious mind that are activated, the heightened activity can range from heightened random thoughts to heightened mind activity of specific thoughts.

For example, a person who is a writer and is focusing on some book that he is writing is more likely to get heightened thought activity mainly pertaining to the book and creativity in writing style. These types of thoughts will arise out of the talent centre. Hence he may find that he can write prolifically on a full moon day.
However for most people the thoughts are random. If there are a number of dominant personality defects such as anger, greed, etc. then they too may surface and dominate our thoughts during this period. For example an alcoholic will get more thoughts about the need to drink alcohol on this day.

It is also possible to awaken thoughts about Spirituality that lie inert in the sub-conscious mind of a spiritual person by taking advantage of the heightened mind activity and by increasing spiritual practice on a full moon day.
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Oky someone tell me how many #planets are there in our solar system ? 9 or 10 ? I remember #Pluto was excluded because they had discovered some other, but now news says Pluto is back , again counted as #planet in our #solarsystem , #galaxy #star 🌟 #milkyway
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#Vegetarian vs #nonvegetarian #sage #sadhu #dream
One strange dream ...
Me & my friend sitting on bike outside his restaurant ... One young saddhu/sage like dressed person was passing in area asking for bhikasha (food 😋) ... He came to us & my friend offered him chicken & alcohol 🍗(may b as a joke to make fun of him ) ... Sadhu said he is vegetarian ,he don't want to eat or drink something that is considered tamas guna & divert his mind from dhyan & God friend said you must try everything in life , even non veg if u getting it as bhiksha , wat u wud hv done if v didn't told you what it is & u ate it with out knowing its non veg dhongi baba ...?
Sadhu smiled & said yes son , you are right , can you bring me glass , plate & sharp knife 🔪 to cut it ??
My friend said that's the sprit
He went in & gv him empty glass, plate & knife 🔪 chicken was in front of him ...
To surprise us sadhu cut small flash of his skin and & collected few blood drops in glass ..
He put flash in his plate & offered it to my friend & said eat this & drink my blood , you must try everything in life, even raw human flash ...if you want I will cook this for you, so delicious 😋 that you won't even know its human flash...
From that day my friend is vegetarian...
Note: All this just dream & I don't identified friend who was with me ..

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Last Monday, Baljit Singh, a brave Punjab police officer dared three terrorists who had entered the police station in Gurdaspur to come out and face him man to man.
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+Google+ i cant upload photos on #GooglePlus  from mobile browser , I am using #windowsphone  8.1
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these days i can see too many #rainbow  in #sky   #monsoon  
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It's alwys in d 'End' of sumthn dat maks us realis hw beautiful ws d 'Beginnin'...!
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I had few questions in my mind on #meditation   #Dhayana   #Mind    , what is meditation & #Shiva   as yogeshwar .. found few of  my answers in one group answered by Sir Srinath S Rao , #SrinathSRao   thanks to another member who had asked him similar question , here i am posting his direct reply without questions from other person & editing it ..
+Suyog Vaze 

It is really tough to convey about Meditation through words as it is a "pure experience within"!!! 
Is Meditation yoga ? 
 Answer:- The main essence of (today's) #yoga   is Meditation. In other words, "Meditation is the innermost essence of Yoga". If a person tells that he do "Yoga" and do not know about "Dhyana", then he is not "Yogi"!!! 
 Sadly, today we have 1000 and 1000's of Yoga Classes and Coaches teaching people about "how to do Yoga". They are merely showing how to do exercises in the name of Yoga and it is not "Pure Yoga" (Not even Yoga:- as per Patanjali {There is Maha Yoga/ Sadhu Yoga before Patanjali too, which is still followed})!!! These pseudo "Yogi's" will not even touch the topics on importance of Breathing, Breath Controls, Breathing Methods on each and every Asana and the "Real Pranayama Tricks and Tips" that should be followed while doing any Asana!  
 So, Asana (Bodily Controls) and Pranayama (Breath Controls) are the basics (we may call them as Pre-requisites) to go towards/ to do Meditation!!! 
 If the main concern of any person who practices Yoga and Pranayama is not Meditation, then Yoga and Pranayama too becomes useless. Hence, Yoga and Pranayama are too important to get into Meditation (They are like 2 wings of a Bird, which we may call as Meditation)!! 
 Now, coming to  question on :- What is meditation? 
 It is a process that is to be followed to attain "Pure Bliss" which is Sourceless (Meaning, No external materialistic sources), Senseless (It is not experienced through our 5 senses and all the sense organs are to be controlled), Endless (Tending towards "Infinity") and having different stages while attaining the Final Stage called "Realization"!!!  
(P.S:- This can be explained more and more but I'll stop here as one should experience it:- else he/ she will become "Psedo (Theoretical) Trainers" on Meditation). 
 Is it to sit & empty mind totally or to think only one thing at time ??  
 1). To Sit - is called "Asana" - There are 4 base "Asana's" to Sit comfortably - They are "Padmasana, Vajrasana, Veerasana (Left or Right Veerasanas)"! 
 2). Why this sitting pose is important to Meditate? 
 Meditation is like "Maintaining Pure Milk". If the vessel (Body) is not stagnant/ rest, then the milk (Mind/ Intelligence) is Disturbed (Creating unwanted "Wants" and "Thinkings").  
 If the vessel (Body) is stagnant, and the "Air Flow" (Breathing) is not "Controlled":- again the Milk (Mind) will be distracted.  
 Hence, Yoga-Asana and Pranayama are most important things that helps us to Meditate!!! 
 Once, the Body and Breath are controlled, then we may think and try to "Rest Mind" in order to provide "Focus and Clarity"!!! 
3). Emptying Mind means :- To clear out any other thinkings that are related to Past, Present and Future that keeps on influencing the Mind always and in all the ways. Yes, this requires lot of practice, passion and perseverance. Also, most importantly:- there are certain Hyms/ Mantras/ Chantings that are to be recited which helps us to take to the new heights on "Clearing the mind to provide CLEAR Mind"!!! These mantras are called "BeejaAkshara's"!!!  
 BeejaAkshara's are powerful mantra's for which the related "Divine Forces" [Abhimani Devatha's] will become "Super-Active" and help the reciter, immediately creating and providing the perfect environment, vibrations, energy and blessings 
 NOTE:- Without these Divine Blessings, it is highly impossible to Meditate!!! 
 4). Once chanting these BeejaAkshari's with specific principles, pose, breath controls, discipline, concentration and regulations for certain time and times - It gives us a "Clarity" on what to focus and how to focus on... These focuses might change to person to person but finally lead us towards the "Ultimate"!!! 
 This also answers  question - How its possible to make mind empty & not think anything?? 
 (NOTE:- Different "BeejaAkshara Mantra's" works in a different way here in providing "Focus and Strong WILL", as different Divine Forces are provoked 
 P.S:- Also, once elevating the Mind:- There are many hurdles to test the "Saadhaka" too..  
 For Ex:- Some "Siddhi's" can be acquired (where lot of ineligible people stops proceeding further). They try to exhibit these "Siddhi's" to show Miracles to Common Man in order to Gain or to exploit the Society.. These people after some time (Show Time) loses those energies and could not even proceed starting from the scratch as the "Divine Forces" will never back them again!!!) 
 5). Now, we have understood the basics and essentials to do Meditation. 
 One more important point is :- If a person without any "Knowledge" (SuGnana) do Meditate, then what will happen? 
 Ans:- Without the basic knowledge on Sanathana Dharma, entire Meditation is "Useless"!!! At least, one should try to understand the "Theme and Cream" of "Sanathana Dharma" (even though he is NOT a Great Scholar). Else, his Meditation is merely "Waste of Time" making him Inert and confused!!! 
 (Without knowledge, person's focus ends!!!) 
 These people without basics seems/ pose to be "Real Meditator's" but they distribute "Ignorance" becoming "Gurus"(Of course Pseudo, again)!!! 
 Now, we may call it as :- "Knowledge is Bliss" instead of- Ignorance is Bliss!!! 
 6). Next steps of Meditation are to make "Mind Seize" once getting the Full Utility from Mind and "KNowing the limitations of Mind"!!! Meditator or Saadhaka starts to think that "Mind is a mere instrument" in the hands of "Self"/ "Spirit" or "Soul"!!! So, he/ she starts/ practices to think from "Soul" directly, stopping the Mind's Functions. Again there are few "Hymns/ Mantra's" that help him/ her to get rid of "Mind"!!!  
 (Note:- Mind helps in meditation upto a certain extent [which we understood now, about How to Control Mind through Body and Breath] . To go towards "Ultimate" Realization, One should go beyond "mind" as it is having its own limitations!!!) 
 7). Here comes "Intelligence" and "Memory" (Buddhi and Chitta) as "True Faculties". Again, some hurdles are there to deviate a person providing "Fantastic Siddhi's"! Saadhaka should never use them as using them means - He/ She is blocking their own ways to achieve "Success"! 
 8). Going beyond "Intelligence and Memory", one can even control them and providing links once he starts/ focus to think from "Self"!!! 
 Here comes "Real Powers" to a "Saadhaka" where he can link and re-collect the "Memories and Intelligence" of different "Janma's" (Re-Births). 
 By this time, Saadhaka is Matured and usually NOT gets diverted by these "Wonderful, Miraculous Siddhi's" and starts to think from "Self" to understand "Self"!!! All the Divine Forces of the world are seen within and take Him/ Her towards showing the "Self" to "Him/ Her"!! 
 (I know it is quite confusing to understand the above points without being sensitive or experienced or without knowledge). 
 9). Finally, after all the difficulties to understand "Self" - Knowledge on "Himself/ Herself" showers taking out (opening) the "Curtains" which were "Barriers" in attaining "Meditation"!!! This stage is called "Swaroopa Acchadika"!!! 
 Again at this stage, Saadhaka will be blessed with "Ashta Siddhi's"!!! 
 He will be knowing what is meant for, now! What he should do to Society (if any or in case of pending things) OR to People in these ways!!! 
 He can immediately concentrate on anything from anywhere and in a minute he can understand any secrets behind any objects/ worldly things!!! 
 To be in this stage is the "Real Bliss" which we had discussed as "Sourceless, Senseless, Endless!!! That stage is really Great to be elevated to Such Heights!!! 
 But, He/ She after sometime (enjoying the Blissfulness being "Self"):- starts experiencing that they are NOT Independent at all!!! 
 10). Then they will start to focus again thinking through "Self" in order to find their "Dependencies" through which they are getting all these "True Bliss"!! 
 [Note:- This is again a big step/ stages involved which I am not going to discuss or disclose here as it takes years to explain all these things smile emoticon ]. 
 Finally, They Reach "HIM" as "True Independent Source" who influenced him/ her from "Anaadi"!!! (That means, He/ She was totally dependent on "HIM" (GOD) for all these years, centuries, Janma's (Re-Births) and again now!!!). 
 This particular phase/ stage is called "Deva Acchadika" in our Sanathana Dharma!!! 
 I have minimized my explanation as much as I can on this "Eternal Truth". 
Coming back to your questions :- Y Shiva wear tiger cloths ? Did he killed tiger to protect him from clod in kailash ?? Or its shown coz of sensor board?? 
 Shiva is one of the most important "Mano Abhimani Devathe" (Mind Controlling Divine Force) who helps all the Meditator's to Meditate and to Contemplate!!! Without his Blessings, nobody can "WILL and WISH" to do good deeds, read good books (we have lot of books in world, but to get and read good books and to understand we need these Divine Blessings. Mainly, all our interests are controlled by Shiva).  
 [FYI:- there are many other Devathe's like Indra, Chandra(Soma) etc who controls mind. But, among all of them:- Shiva is Ultimate Controller}... 
 Our ancients had  observed the positive vibrations of almost all the objects in this world and had identified which are acceptable and which are NOT! We call this as "Madi and Mailige" in Kannada and Vowla and Sowla in Marathi! 
 (I dont know what they call the same in Hindi).. 
 Those things in this world that provides positive power and energy to Mind are all Acceptable/ Madi/ Yogya/ Upayogya! 
 And those things which drives Mind crazily or feeds mind with Negative Energies are grouped as Unacceptable/ Banned/ Mailige/ Ayogya/ Anupabhojya... 
 Ayurveda re-iterates these things if we study it deeply. It's a common thing in Vedas which tells about Usable and unusable things. 
 NOTE:- Those objects, food, flowers, vegetables, fruits, crops etc might be providing good energy to body, but might NOT be for mind, then all those are Unacceptable/ Banned. 
 For Ex:- In Vedas, it is said to NOT to eat "Onion or Garlic"! 
 "Na KalaNDa Bhakshayet| Na BalaNda Bhakshayet||" 
 These statements are made by "Vedic Rishi's" who were "Full Time Meditator's"!!! Simple reason behind this is :- These 2 vegetables diverts, deviates Mind from Meditation - doesn't allow to focus deeply and sensitively. Even though they are good for body (sometimes) they are to be Left from Food Preparation (at all times). 
 Now, they are the most common Vegetables in our country without which people don't know how to cook food!!! 
 Similarly, out of Dead bodies only 2 animal skin's were considered (tested) as "Most Acceptable":- 1). Deer Skin (Krishna Mruga's - Dotted Deer) and 2). Tiger's (Vyaghrajina). 
 1). About Deer Skin (Krishnaajina) :- Deer's skin is having a special feature to avoid Negative Energy from Earth/ Place and also to provide Positive Vibrations that helps to Meditate sitting on that "Full Focus and Determination". It also provides "Submission (Bhakthi) towards Supreme". Amazing thing is :- A person who do meditates on Deer Skin can achieve "Kundalini Jagruthi" (Sexual Aversion) in a shorter time than that of any other objects. Also, Once he is back from Meditation then he can lead a Normal Life with natural Sexual desires. Thus it is highly advisable to "Married People" to do Dhyana using Deer's Skin (if available)... There are certain other conditions too which are applicable on "how to get the deer skin" from a dead deer... It is not at all acceptable to Kill the Deer (Murdering it) to get its skin!!! 
 ( Thankfully, all our Govt's have banned killing deers either for its skin or for its meat!!! ).  
 2). About Tiger Skin (Vyaghraajina) :- Tiger Skin also has a specialty while performing "Meditation"! One who sits on this and Meditate will "Always" have "Kundalini Jagruthi". It is very hard for him to be back to Normal activities, if he focuses on Meditation with a Strong Desire! This is the reason behind advising "Sanyasi's/ Seers/ Saints to sit on Tiger Skin!!! and NOT advisable to "Gruhastha's" or even to "Brahmachari's"!!! 
 Shiva :- Initiator and Provoking Force to help Meditator's only are worshiped with Tiger Skin! as it is the best material that helps them. We worship, pray and even offer GOD with those things that we feel that are precious!!! Same in case of Shiva too!!! This is the best way to Worship too - by offering what we use and what we need (SaKaama Upsana)! 
 Did he killed tiger to protect him from clod in kailash ?? 
Shiva being a "Destructive Force" too, kills everybody. That is why he is also named as "Laya Karana"!!!  
 (When he kills all, what is big deal in killing 1 Tiger?? 
 Cold in Kailash to Shiva ? - All the Angels/ Devathe's as per Sanathana Dharma will be in "Linga Deha's" which doesn't be affected from Cold and Hot climates. He is the Protector to all and do you think he needs to be protected by Dead Tiger Skin?  

please note this might be his personal view & I am ready to hear views from others 
#BrijeshMandrekar   #BrijeshBMandrekar  
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I love to know.. I love to know what I don't know , be my friend if u don't hate too many questions.....😊😉
I love to know.. I love to know what I don't know... Hence I ask too many questions.. My interests are technology, latest gadgets, mobile os updates, spirituality, ancient religions ,myths , legends, history, evolution, nature, & study people,by their behaviour , their replies,moon & sun signs , observation, solve some mysteries, get some answers, act like detective, & all these just for my satisfaction, pleasure ,fun ...
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