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Setting Priorities For Good Dental Health

Many people have bleeding gums, and they don’t think twice about it. They view it as a minor inconvenience. If you were bleeding from any other part of your body, you wouldn’t hesitate to see a physician. If you lost a body part you wouldn’t hesitate to have it replaced. We have 32 teeth - they are all body parts.

While we may not need our teeth to live like one needs a heart, we need our mouth to be pain-free and functional to enjoy a good quality of life.

But like exercising, dieting or anything that requires a routine, many of us fall short of a sustained effort to accomplishing long-term results. Why do we run out of toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes vitamins, etc. when we know their importance? Why do we have problems maintaining an oral hygiene regimen? Perhaps, we don’t make the answers priorities.

We in this dental office believe in the philosophy espoused by Dr. F. Harold Wirth who said, "The mouth in its entirety is an important and even wondrous part of our anatomy, our emotion, our life; it is the site of our very being. When an animal loses teeth, it cannot survive unless it is domesticated; its very existence is terminated; it dies. In the human, the mouth is the means of speaking, of expressing love, happiness and joy, anger, ill temper, or sorrow. It is the primary sex contact; hence it is of initial import to our regeneration and survival by food and propagation. It deserves the greatest care it can receive at any sacrifice."

This is our passion. Make it yours and the rest will fall into place. Call and ask us how we may help you achieve your oral hygiene and health goals and ensure a greater quality of life.

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Get it Straight!

Your smile is the first thing people see. And as we all know, first impressions are crucial. So if you’ve ever wished for a straighter smile — braces might be for you.

But braces don’t just improve the look of your teeth; they also keep your teeth healthy. When your teeth are straight, they are easier to keep clean. Flossing, brushing and mouthwash are much more effective when your teeth aren’t overly crowded.

At our office, we have different options to fit each patient — come in for a consultation and together we’ll decide what’s right for you.

It’s never too late to straighten your smile. Adults and teenagers alike can get the smile they’ve always wanted. Call us today and improve your face value!!!

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According to the Academy of General Dentistry, the average person only brushes 45 to 70 seconds a day. Brighter Dental recommends two to three minutes per day. How much time do you spending brushing your teeth each day? #brushyourteeth  
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