What is the Aquaponics Google+ Community All About?

A Place for Aquaponic Growers: Beginners & Experts

This Google Plus Community is for anyone interested in growing crops using the aquaponics production method that combines aquaculture (fish production) with hydroponics (soilless plant production).

By combining the two, commercial and hobbyist aquaponic growers alike are able to grow healthier, fertilizer-free food or flowers while indirectly growing fish. 

A Place for Troubleshooting
Aquaponics can be tricky at times. While it may seem rather simple up front, successful aquaponic production requires an in depth understanding of a variety of factors that can be confusing at first glance (e.g. ammonia, nitrification, dissolved oxygen, stocking densities, etc.). 

This community is a place to get questions answered and to engage in healthy dialogues about improving system performance, health and overall productivity. 

We hope you'll join with us in making this a spam-free place for beginners and experts alike to contribute to the larger body of knowledge we have about aquaponics and more sustainable agriculture/farming/gardening practices.  

Glad to have you!


Chris & The Bright Agrotech Team

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