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Animator vs. Animation IV (original):
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Upgrade Your Storage- Win a DS415+!

Simply share the image below and enter to win. Winner will be randomly chosen from those who share, good luck!

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-Contest ends 10/6/14

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Art in a game format

Dear Esther is not really a game, it's more like interactive highly visual poetry. A story unravels that remains just out of reach. The narration and music are beautiful throughout the game and the visuals are truly stunning.

At first the story in the game will seem hard to follow. The narration is part story, part poetry and part delusion. Give it some time and a couple of playthroughs and you'll find that the story is actually a deeply emotional tale of a man looking for a way out.

The dialog changes on every playthrough and you keep learning new things about the story. I can't really say much more without spoiling things, but rest assured even after you hear all there is to hear and see all there is to see, what's really going on in this game is still grounds for insightful discussion. I guess true art is open to different interpretations.

This one comes highly recommended for anyone who is intrigued by what I've written about it or the trailer I linked to. It's also 1.99 on steam for 22 more hours! But trust me, it's worth the 7.99 as well if you don't get it in time.
#DearEsther   #game   #story  
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+Shannon Morse mentioned in another comment that Coding 101 isn't meant to take the place of your college classes. But I think that is a good thing.

I like that the bar is low enough for pretty much anyone to jump on. These first two episodes won't scare anyone with an interest in coding away. It's a simple start that will get anyone to actually work with code.
I think there is a huge gap between people interested in programming and those with a college education in that field. You guys fill that gap perfectly.

I'm not a very experienced coder, but I've done my fair share of programming in a variety of different languages, so for me this is still too basic. But I'd love to come back here and help people with questions from time to time. The more challenging questions will probably already be a learning experience for me as well.

I hope this community will grow into a collaborative place of learning. May I suggest pointing people here primarily? Twitter really isn't a great place to collaborate.

Keep up the good work. I'll be checking in from time to time to see what's going on!

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For everyone out there who wants to learn how to program. Join this community and watch the show at
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