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Google released data today on workforce diversity. I'm proud of this transparency and hope that it sparks continued conversation and action across our entire industry about how we can aggressively source, develop and grow diverse talent.
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Bridgette please contact with me. I have great Idea for Google. 
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Entrepreneurs aren't all dorm rooms + hoodies. Challenge your idea of the average founder. #40forward
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Rethinking the Gender Gap in 2 minutes! Check out our most recent #40Forward  Hangout in bite-size form. Give it a watch and share with your friends :)
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Great to see +Kate O'Neill represent! I think we'll continue to realize closing the gender gap creates whole companies that can solve big issues. 
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+Campus London will be livestreaming a great event tomorrow, offering free trainings and instructional courses on a range of Google products including APIs, Google Cloud and AdWords. Learn straight from Google experts in this day-long exclusive event! #startups  

Sign up here:
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Am Proud Of Yr Team And Thanks For Yr Developing Ideas.
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Join me tomorrow for a conversation not to be missed! Feel free to add questions to my G+ page for the panel!
Join Google's Bridgette Beam for our #40Forward  Hangout next Tuesday! Bridgette will be joined by leading entrepreneurship organizations and founders spanning San Francisco to Israel to discuss how we can rethink the gender gap in the startup ecosystem. RSVP Here:  #womentechmakers   #empowerment   #WOW   #WTM   #gdgwomen   #women   (Cc: +STEM Women on G+) 
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Will this be recorded ? Or live ?
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Love our support of this! 
Competition is heating up nicely for Startup Weekend's Global Startup Battle Champion's Circle. Check out the competing entries and place your vote!
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Why you should shoot for the moon, with a healthy disregard for the 'impossible' #moonshots
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Throughout March, we talked about creative ways to have more diverse startup communities. March is ending but the work of our partners is just getting started! Let's all keep moving #40forward   
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will there be a campus opening in New York, or is there a similar community there at the moment?
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New research shows that diverse groups do more than simply offer new ideas, they trigger more rigorous debate and processing of information. It's the friction of different opinions that produces a better outcome.

Read all about these interesting findings here:

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Hi, I, am european woman entrepreneur passionate about technology, development, media, and striving to create access to opportunities for young talent woman in Morocco. I wish to invite Google entrepreneur to creat with me a "Pink  Coworking" project to help woman entrepreneurs in a start up stage. Our network in Marrakech would appreciat very much Google`s support. How can I contact you?  All the best! King Regards.
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So proud of my team! Let's move #40Forward
Google for Entrepreneurs is partnering with 40 startup communities to rethink the gender gap. Throughout the month of March, we'll be talking about the current state of entrepreneurship, the work our partners are doing in this space, and creative ways to rethink the gender gap. +1 if you’re with us and follow #40Forward here on G+ and on Twitter.  *Let's move #40Forward ! *
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Greetings! As a former Chaplain for the U.S. Air Force, I have seen the success Americans have had in helping the homeless overseas and would love to see the same happen in our country as well. My organization, Turner Ministries International, Inc., a 501 c(3) non-profit, is committed to showing God's love to young adults headed for homelessness. As we give his love on the streets of our city, we witness these teenagers who've been "bumped" out of foster homes, group homes, and shelters and are suffering the trappings of the streets, because they have "aged out" of the foster care system. 
In Oklahoma, there are over 10,000 children in the system, with more than 500 aging out (turning 18) every year. Compared to other youth in the U.S., those who age out of foster care are less likely to complete high school or receive a GED, more likely to be unemployed and live in poverty, and often have mental health issues. Statistics also show that nearly 40% become homeless and 25% will be sold into sex trafficking or will trade sex for survival. In the words of Frederick Douglas, "It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." We believe we can help these young men and women before they set out to begin their adult lives and help them acquire skills they need to be self-sufficient and successful.

Our desire is to provide a home that doesn't look like a shelter or institution on our 10 acres of land. We'll serve 60 young adults with housing that includes 30 double-occupancy bedrooms, separate dormitory style bathrooms, kitchen with fellowship hall/dining room, and a living area. Recreation and other activities located within the property include basketball & volleyball, a walking/jogging trail, and organic gardening. Through partnerships in our community, these young adults will have access to employment opportunities and evaluation of career interest. Additional services my team is ready to provide are: assistance with daily living and money management skills; educational and community resource assistance; counseling; and Cross-Race mentoring. Just one dollar at a time, from people like you going out of your way to host a charity event will help make a remarkable difference in the lives of these youth people. TOGETHER-we can make this happen!

We are so grateful for the donations we have already received from local vendors in Oklahoma that include doors and windows, lighting fixtures, cabinets, tile/flooring, and paint! However, we're still working to secure funds for the house itself. We made attempts to involve the universal church by contacting over 100 of the largest churches in America. Unfortunately, here are the two reasons we've run across; they only provide help to those who are affiliated with their denomination, and/or they feel like these kids are already "messed-up & unsavable"! This mindset is unacceptable when the bible says in Psalms 68:6; "God puts the lonely in families..." I believe it is only the caring people who have the hope for these children to experience a real family off the streets! I am appealing to you- would you please consider helping us? I'm praying that God would move upon your heart to consider my "mission proposal" to have you host a charity event to help us raise money to establish The Turner House for at-risk youth. Unlike most beautiful children, not all children can get to have a wonderful mother and father even through adoption-please help us be a family to the few we would like to rescue from the streets. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you so much for your time today and I thank you in advance for any help you can provide in making this dream come true to bless teens in getting off the streets and into their very own home!

Sincerely Yours,
Rev. Dr. Jan Turner
Co-Founder, Turner Ministries International, Inc.
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We have exciting news this morning....Check out this video about our partnership with +blackbox for a sneak preview!
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Hi! - I would like to contact you in order to share with you a new project in Mexico, the object of it has to do with promote innovation and startup ideas development, where could we send the project sheet? the basic idea is create partnership with you and with google. Thank you very much!
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Aims to contribute positively to the daily lives of ordinary people in extraordinary ways.
I am an outgoing, energetic person who loves the outdoors, the sun, learning, a challenge, singing, dancing, debating, traveling, economics, and experiencing new things. I love to travel and see the world, although I believe you don't have to go far to find an adventure. Life's really more about who you travel with than where you go. 
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