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Bridget Spitznagel

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reminded by the psalm that I should look up how the debate last night went.
Or not. I'm sure discussion of current events will be unavoidable.
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I have been shocked by how relevant the Psalms seem to the current election cycle. I realized that a lot of those prayers make so much more sense if you are in politics.
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Bridget Spitznagel

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Before the big Clinton/Trump debate:
Cognitive bias cheat sheet plus links - Because thinking is hard.

Cheat sheet for the cheat sheet:
4 problems:
1. Information overload sucks, so we aggressively filter.
2. Lack of meaning is confusing, so we fill in the gaps.
3. Need to act fast lest we lose our chance, so we jump to conclusions.
4. This isn’t getting easier, so we try to remember the important bits.

4 truths:
1. We don’t see everything. Some of the information we filter out is actually useful and important.
2. Our search for meaning can conjure illusions. We sometimes imagine details that were filled in by our assumptions, and construct meaning and stories that aren’t really there.
3. Quick decisions can be seriously flawed. Some of the quick reactions and decisions we jump to are unfair, self-serving, and counter-productive.
4. Our memory reinforces errors. Some of the stuff we remember for later just makes all of the above systems more biased, and more damaging to our thought processes.
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Bridget Spitznagel

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I have no point here, I just like* saying "gourd terminology".

* probably because I've had to look up two words already today while reading a book and it's not even lunchtime.
"Additionally, the USDA is fairly lenient with gourd terminology in general, which is why it’s perfectly legal to label a food product as “pumpkin” when, in reality, it’s made from a different variety of squash. So it’s all good now that there’s an explanation, right? NO. It’s not.

What I’m telling you is, you’ve basically been eating butternut squash pie, squash bread, and drinking SQUASH FREAKING SPICE LATTES this entire time."

h/t +Tim Johnson
My favorite season is closing in on us (and by closing in, I mean temperatures here in Alabama are still in the 90’s, but I’m sure fall is coming ...
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I am okay with eating squash pie. It is delicious.

It does make me want to buy a cooking pumpkin and have a pie-off to see how the flavors compare. They are really similar vegetables (OKAY, FRUITS) anyway so there might be no noticeable difference after the spices are added. 
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Bridget Spitznagel

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I see a bunch of people saying "there's a meme going around" about choosing three characters to represent you (so, now it's sort of a meta-meme.) Been there, cosplayed that.
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Wouldn't be a challenge.
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Bridget Spitznagel

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Ennio Morricone's classic
By The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
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Well, Friday needed that!
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Bridget Spitznagel

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it's gonna be a jongleur kinda day, I can see that right now.
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Dress funny and beg solicit donations for a charity, essentially (in the cafe lunch hour.)
It's a long & internal story that all made sense at the time that I planned it.
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Bridget Spitznagel

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back to rereading 7 Storey Mountain, where I do not have to look up words, except no, that is wrong.

So... there is a pivotal moment (for the author in college) near the start of Book 2 where the author pulls out "aseity" from a back pocket and then quotes three bits of a medieval philosophy book. The first time I read this ... Well, I really have to have this stuff Explained Like I'm Five (Summa of the Summa is barely ELI5 enough and with a leg up from reading half of that and knowing what it probably means, I can mostly parse it now), so in fact, I ran completely aground on "aseity-whatever-that-is" (it is explained in situ, but not like I'm 5) and the first quoted bit, as though ramming a sandbank on a spring tide. I think I must have just launched into the next entire page in exasperation without even google-translating the Latin at the end of the second bit (it would have meant nothing to me then anyway so it's just as well.)

this is probably how some, or most, people feel about math. #theologyishardletsgoshopping
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Well, this is probably also how some, or most, people feel about theology...
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Bridget Spitznagel

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RIP Jack Garman, whose quick thinking ensured Apollo 11's landing, and who helped bring Apollo 13 home.
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Bridget Spitznagel

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#chatstatus increasingly sympathetic to the degree of confusion that results in letting mules make decisions.
(neither political nor work-related.)
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Bridget Spitznagel

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Haven't watched it...
Make Mark be naked. Register to vote. (I just registered in Washington State today).

I'm not getting naked though.
Joss Whedon has assembled one of his largest casts ever to speak out against Donald Trump, “a racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society.” The Avenger…
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right, they playing themselves as characters are pulling the audience's leg by pulling the character Mark's leg while the actor Mark is of course in on it.
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The INPOWER intro course exceeded my expectations as a practical training for recognizing and dealing with self-defense situations. Thumbs up.
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Understaffed; super slow at mealtimes. Not the staff's fault.
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Surely you already know what to expect from Chuck E. Cheese: noise (on the weekends), a system to make sure kids leave with the adult they came with, expensive food, token-operated toddler rides, a lofted tunnel/slide that kids can climb to (like a fast-food indoor playground), and games of chance-or-skill. The staff at this one care about whether your birthday kid has a good time at the party (which is vital if you have a kid who will be crushed not to catch the 1000 ticket in their new-ish "blows tickets all over your kid" booth), and you are not cleaning up, and no one will lose their kid on your watch, and at the end of the day that's what matters. Would I set foot in it other than for a party? Pretty much no, but your mileage may vary.
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Friendly, gentle, thorough routine dental cleanings (I've never needed any other kind of dental work so that's all I know about.)
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I went there looking for sock yarn - they have a great selection and friendly staff.
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